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Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. Updated: September 2, 2018
Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?

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Dogs love to sleep with their beloved tutors, because they feel more secure when it comes to enjoying a healthy sleep. Therefore it is not uncommon that animal’s often choose to sleep with or at the feet of their guardians. Animals will take any opportunity to receive affection, and this act of sleeping with or near us is simply just another way of them showing their devotion to us.

However, many owners wonder whether this sleep pattern is a bad habit or harmful to health. In some cases this behavior, if excessive, can be a sign of stress or anxiety. For this reason, in this AnimalWised article we aim to discuss reasons why your dog sleeps under your bed, if it is in fact bad and what does it really mean?

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  1. Why does my dog want to sleep with me?
  2. Why do dogs like to go under the bed?
  3. Is it bad to sleep with your dog?
  4. Why is my dog hiding under the bed?

Why does my dog want to sleep with me?

Do you wonder why your dog sleeps on your feet? pillow? Or literally on top of you? As we mentioned before, your dog will always try to sleep near you. This helps it feel more secure. Dogs feel calmer knowing that they can protect you, it also allows them to dream with more security and serenity. In addition, sleeping with their owner releases happy endorphins making it happier and more relaxed.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed? - Why does my dog want to sleep with me?

Why do dogs like to go under the bed?

Some dogs really enjoy sleeping at the feet of their guardians, others prefer to be right next to the bed, and many prefer to be accommodated under beds. But why is this place appealing? This area for dogs is a kind of shelter or "burrow", where they feel more secure than if they were exposed. If a dog sleeps under the bed, it also offers them a more quiet and peaceful space where they feel they won’t be bothered by light or cold.

Is it bad to sleep with your dog?

Many people wonder if sleeping with a dog is a bad or unhygienic habit, but this is not necessarily the case. Sleeping with your animal helps to form a greater bond between you and your dog. This greater bond results in a greater release of happy hormones which relaxes both the human and the dog. As long as proper hygiene measures are taken with your animal, this sleep pattern shouldn’t be a problem. Whether your dog sleeps under your bed or not, you should make sure that your pup is following its deworming and vaccine schedule properly. In addition, brushing its coat daily will help you maintain cleanliness of your home and avoid the concentration of hair under your bed.

If you notice that your dog likes to sleep under your bed and you don’t mind, you will need to reinforce the hygiene of this area, to avoid the accumulation of dust, impurities or mites. It is also advisable to ventilate your room (and the entire home) daily and ensure that it receives good lighting during the day. Remember that smoke, dark and poor-hygiene environments favor the proliferation of numerous allergens and / or pathogens, such as mites, bacteria, ticks, insects, fungi, etc.

If you find you cannot sleep well with the movement of your dog, this can also affect you negatively. The human body needs at least 8 hours of sleep a night to remain energized and healthy. Some people can sleep perfectly fine with their animals, while others struggle due to the movement of the dog, so this depends on the person.

However, some guardians do not like the idea of ​​sharing their room with their pets. And this is not a bad thing either. The only thing we you have to do, is make sure that your dog has its own bed in a safe environment. There are different training methods you can follow to get your dog to sleep in its own bed.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed? - Is it bad to sleep with your dog?

Why is my dog hiding under the bed?

If you have recently adopted a puppy or adult dog and you notice that it is very scared and spends long hours hiding, it can be an indication that it has suffered physical or emotional abuse. In these cases it is advisable to be aware of this type of behavior and treat this situation with sensitivity and patience. In addition, we recommend consulting an ethologist or dog educator to help carry out a process of re-socialization and reeducation based on specific guidelines.

On the other hand, some diseases can negatively impact the behavior of your dog. A dog that experiences a lot of pain and/or feels vulnerable, for example, can hide under the bed for long hours to protect itself from any outside environmental threats. Therefore, if you notice that your dog's behavior has changed or that its sleep routine has changed, do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian as soon as possible.

Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed? - Why is my dog hiding under the bed?

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Hi there I have a jack Russell 10 yrs old' he's our family member he's happy' we have 2 properties 1 suburb
and 1 country' Jazz'' loves both he has a couple of beds'
he's been been sleeping or laying under our beds why is it so ? regards Bill
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Bill,

We go into detail about possible reasons in the article. Have you considered all of these possibilities? If you have and still don't know why, a canine ethologist or behaviorist will be able to help.
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Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed?