Advantages of Having a Mixed-Breed Dog

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: April 24, 2018
Advantages of Having a Mixed-Breed Dog

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Having a mixed-breed dog often has many advantages. What's more, in many cases these dogs are very beautiful, intelligent and good-natured.

Some pedigree dogs have not been bred or brought up in the correct way, and some breeders produce inbred litters. This impoverishment in their gene pool greatly affects pedigree-bred dogs; their breeders have wanted to establish certain family phenotypes, at the risk of multiplying the chances of hereditary diseases.

Nowadays, German Shepherds are a clear example of this. They have been bred into two different categories: the line dedicated to attractiveness and dog beauty contests, and the line destined to work.

If you continue reading, this AnimalWised article will highlight the various advantages of having a mixed-breed dog.

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What are the advantages of adopting a mixed-breed dog?

What does "mixed-breed" mean?

First of all, we should clarify the terms we're using. "Mixed-breed" refers to any dogs descending from two or more different breeds. However, in this category we find "mutts" or "mongrels", born without human intervention or selection, and "crossbreeds", who have been bred on purpose.

"Crossbred" or "designer" dogs have been selected to get particular qualities or appearances. Labradoodles, for instance, are bred to get the Labradors' easy temperament and the Poodles' hypoallergenic coats.

Mixed-breed puppies

Litters of mixed-breed puppies can be found in virtually any country in the world. Un-neutered dogs are a common cause of unexpected litters. You probably know someone or have friends who have had puppies in their home. There are also many puppies abandoned in kennels and you can even find a large number of these dogs up for adoption online.

The advantage of adopting a puppy is that they are very easy to socialize and they get attached to their family "pack" immediately. If there are children in the family, it's very nice for them and the dog to grow up and play together. There are plenty of mixed-breed puppies ready to liven up your homes.

Advantages of Having a Mixed-Breed Dog - What are the advantages of adopting a mixed-breed dog?

Adult mixed-breed dogs

The big advantage of adult mixed-breed dogs is that they can be adopted from countless animal protection centres. These centres allow you to choose from various sizes, ages and physiques, and they are often more attractive. One very important factor is that they have a defined personality, which means that, unlike puppies, you already know what they are like. This way, you can choose a quieter dog, or a more active one, depending on your lifestyle.

These dogs don't cost anything to adopt and they are already vaccinated, dewormed, neutered and micro-chipped. This is a great advantage of choosing to adopt an adult mixed-breed dog.

Advantages of Having a Mixed-Breed Dog -

The main advantage: Health

Mixed-breed dogs are, in general, much healthier and live longer than dogs with a definite breed. Mixing two different genetic codes is enriching for the overall health of the dog.

Furthermore, the chances of hereditary abnormalities are decreased and have little effect on mixed-breed dogs, unlike in dogs of certain breeds. This is because in order to create a genetic line with desirable qualities, cousins, siblings and even mother and child are sometimes bred together.

Advantages of Having a Mixed-Breed Dog - The main advantage: Health

How to choose a dog to adopt

If you intend to adopt a mixed-breed adult dog you have to be proactive when choosing the right one. First of all, do some research online. Then, get to know the possibilities in person.

If you dedicate a few weekends to voluntarily walking dogs in animal rescue centres, you will become fond of the dog which is most compatible for you. You will be able to choose the most suitable from its size, affection, intelligence, or looks.

Animal shelters will be able to properly inform you about the dog's history.

Advantages of Having a Mixed-Breed Dog - How to choose a dog to adopt

Why not adopt two mixed-breed dogs?

The fact that adult dogs up for adoption have already been spayed or neutered means you can adopt two dogs instead of one. Keep in mind that in many cases these dogs have been abandoned, which was a very stressful experience for them.

This is why they don't like to stay at home alone, and they prefer to have the company of another dog. Given that these dogs are neutered, they won't be territorial and there won't be any conflicts. Therefore, living with other pets under the same roof in their new home will be much easier.

Advantages of Having a Mixed-Breed Dog - Why not adopt two mixed-breed dogs?

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Advantages of Having a Mixed-Breed Dog
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Advantages of Having a Mixed-Breed Dog

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