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Letter From an Adopted Dog to Her Owner

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: November 1, 2017
Letter From an Adopted Dog to Her Owner

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When we speak of acts of love, adopting is certainly one of them, but not just for our species. Sometimes, we can tell what dogs are feeling, of course not with words, but with a glance. When we go to an animal shelter and look at their faces, who dares to disagree that they are saying, "adopt me!" ? A look can really portray the soul of an animal and their needs or feelings.

AnimalWised want to put into words some of the feelings we observe from the eyes of a dog that wants to be adopted. We know this will make you smile. Enjoy this beautiful letter from an adopted dog to her owner.

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Dear owner,

How can I forget that day you entered the shelter and our eyes met? If love at first sight exists, that must be what we had. I ran to greet you with 30 other dogs, and between barks, grunts and caresses I wanted you to choose me among all. I kept looking at you, your eyes were so deep and tender... But soon the others made you take your eyes off me, and I lost hope like so many other times. Yes, you will think I am like this with everyone, I like falling in love and falling in love, again and again. But I think this time something sparked in you that had not happened before. You came to greet me down my tree where I took refuge whenever it rained or I felt sad. While the owner of the shelter was trying to direct you to other dogs, you walked in silence towards me. I wanted to make myself interesting and to not move my tail so frantically, as I discovered this sometimes scares people. But I could not, it did not stop turning like a helicopter. You played with me for 1 or 2 hours, I do not remember how long, but I was very, very happy.

All good things come to an end they say, and you stood up and walked to the little house where food, vaccines and many other things come from. I accompanied you up there bouncing and licking in the air but you kept saying, calm ... Calm? How could I be calm? I've already found you. It took you a little longer than I expected in the little house ... I do not know if it was hours, minutes, seconds, but for me it felt like an eternity. I went back to my tree where I hid when I was sad, this time with my head turning from the door you disappeared through. I did not want to see you go out and go home without me. I decided to sleep to forget the magical moment just happened.

Suddenly I heard my name, it was the owner of the shelter, What did she want? Could she not see that I was sad and did not feel like eating or playing? But as I am obedient I responded to the call and there you were, crouched, smiling, you had already decided that I would go home with you.

We got home to our house. Our home. I was scared, I did not know anything, I did not know how to behave so I decided to follow you wherever you wanted to take me. You spoke so sweetly that it was difficult to resist your charms. You taught me where to sleep, where I would eat and where you would. I had everything I needed, even toys so I did not get bored, how could you think I was going to get bored? I had so much to discover and learn!

Days and months passed and your love grew at the same time as mine. I will not delve into discussions of whether animals have feelings or not, I only tell you what happened to me. Today, at last I can tell you that the most important thing in my life is you. Neither the walks, nor the food, not even that handsome dog that lives on the floor below. It is you, because I will always be grateful that you have chosen me among all.

Every day of my life is divided between the moments that you are with me and those that you are absent. I will never forget the days you got tired of work and with a smile you said: Are we going for a walk? Who wants to eat? And I, selfishly did not want any of that, just to be with you, no matter the plan.

Now that I've been feeling quite unwell for a while and you are sleeping next to me, I wanted to take this opportunity to write this so you can take it with you all your life. No matter where I go, I can never forget you and I will always be eternally grateful, because you are the best thing that ever happened to me.

But I do not want you to be sad. Do what you did before, choose a new love and give them everything you gave me. Others deserve a owner like the one I had, the best!

Letter From an Adopted Dog to Her Owner - Dear owner,

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Letter From an Adopted Dog to Her Owner