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Benefits of Slow Feeders for Dogs

Eduarda Piamore
By Eduarda Piamore, Expert in canine and feline psychology, education and training.. July 23, 2023
Benefits of Slow Feeders for Dogs

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A slow feeder for dogs is a type of dish which helps the dog to eat more slowly. Sometimes known as anti-voracity feeding dishes, they make access to the food more difficult, but not impossible. For dogs that eat too fast and too greedily, slow feeders can help pace their meals in a way which is better for their overall health. This is not the only benefit of slow feeders for dogs. Using these types of feeding dishes can help the dog in various ways which promote physical and emotional wellbeing.

AnimalWised provides information on the benefits of slow feeders for dogs. We also investigate the different types of slow feeding bowls for dogs and help you choose the best for your dog.

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  1. What are slow feeder for dogs?
  2. The benefits of slow feeders for dogs
  3. Choosing a slow feeder for your dog
  4. Best slow feeders for dogs

What are slow feeder for dogs?

A feeder is a dish or bowl from which dogs eat their food. Whether it is dry or wet food, a standard dog bowl is adapted for the dog to eat easily. The sides are open and flat so the dog can lick up any food that remains at the end of their meal.

Slow feeders for dogs are another type of dog dish which is made in such a way that obstacles to accessing the food are created. The design is usually such that food falls into hard-to-reach places. The dog will have to work harder at accessing the food, meaning they eat smaller mouthfuls in a longer period of time.

Other slow feeders for dogs are made in such a way that the dog has to overcome a challenge to access the food. This could be in the from of solving a puzzle or moving parts of the feeder until the food is exposed. These types of slow feeders have the dual function of being a type of intelligence toy for dogs.

Benefits of Slow Feeders for Dogs - What are slow feeder for dogs?

The benefits of slow feeders for dogs

As the name suggests, the main purpose of a slow feeder is to slow the pace of a dog's eating. However, different dogs may need to eat more slowly for different reasons. The benefits of a slow feeder for dogs will depend on the dog's needs. We look at these benefits of slow dog feeders in more detail:

  • Stops overfeeding: dogs have a reputation of being voracious eaters, but some can be especially greedy. Some dogs are morphologically adapted to eating quickly. If they have a large mouth, they might be able to eat their entire daily food ration in a matter of seconds. Despite having the calories they need for the day, they may feel less satiated and want more. This can be problematic and frustrating for the dog, so a slow feeder helps them eat in a way which is better suited to their appetite.

  • Stops indigestion: a dog eating too quickly can also cause significant gastrointestinal upset. By overloading the digestive system in a short space of time, the dog can develop various problems such as gastritis, diarrhea or abdominal pain. Slow feeders help the dog's digestive system adapt and can relieve the symptoms of indigestion.

  • Prevents choking hazards: eating too quickly can also cause a dog to lodge food in a way that becomes a choking hazard. If your dog has something stuck in their throat regularly due to eating, a slow feeder can help them eat in a way which prevents this occurrence. Learn more with our article on dogs choking while eating.

  • Prevents gastric torsion: also known as a twisted stomach, gastric torsion in dogs occurs when the stomach is overstretched to the point it rotates in the abdomen. This causes gases to accumulate and the dog's belly to become hard to the touch. It is a potentially life-threatening condition which can be causes by eating too much too quickly. Slow feeders help to prevent this condition.

  • Improves cognition: since many slow feeders for dogs require the dog to think about how to extract the food, it improves the dog's cognition via mental stimulation. This can help dogs which need more mental stimulation than others, but it can also help any dog relieve boredom, become more engaged or even overcome anxiety.

Anti-voracity feeding dishes are particularly good for young dogs which tend to be more gluttonous in general. Not only can it prevent indigestion, but it helps them with their development. By being mentally stimulated every meal time, it can be a part of their training and education by informing how they approach problem-solving tasks. This will help their overall health and wellbeing.

Choosing a slow feeder for your dog

The guidelines to take into account when choosing the best slow feeder for dogs are similar to choosing any dish for your dog's food. These include the following factors:

  • Size: we must ensure that the size and format of the container are appropriate for the size and morphological characteristics of our dog.

  • Materials: another factor to take into account is the material from which the feeder is made. Many cheaper feeders are made from materials which can be irritating or even toxic to our dog. This is especially the case if they have a sensitivity to the material, often resulting symptoms such as dermatitis around the dog's mouth. We also need to choose a material which is practical for our needs. Although ceramic feeders are often a good material for some dogs, their brittleness might make them a hazard for very boisterous dogs. For these reasons, stainless steel and food-grade silicone are some of the best options.

  • Design: the design of the slow feeder should be appropriate for the dog's specific needs. For example, if a dog only eats wet food, the relief of the design might make the feeder inappropriate. The same can apply if the dog only eats dry feed.

  • Preference: we also need to choose something which our dog will enjoy using. This may take a certain level of trial and error, but the benefits of slow feeders for dogs will be lessened if the dog doesn't enjoy using the slow feeder.

Choosing the right slow feeder for your dog can be difficult simply because there are many options. For this reason, AnimalWised provides the best slow feeders for dogs in the section below.

Best slow feeders for dogs

To help you in the task of choosing the best slow feeder for your dog, we share brief selection of the best-rated products:

Pecute slow feeder bloat dog bowl

The Pecute brand offers this versatile anti-voracity feeding dish for dogs. It is a combined water and food bowl, meaning you don't have to buy two separate dishes. The water dish is a simple stainless steel bowl, but the feeder is a food-grade silicone mat which is incorporated into the non-slip base. It has ridges which make eating more difficult and it is made in various sizes according to the needs of your dog.

You can purchase this Pecute slow feeder with the following affiliate link: Pecute 3-in-1 slow feeder.

Edgeless slow feeder mat

This is a slow feeder option for dogs that is quite versatile. It has a very modern look with its edgeless sides. Rather than a bowl, it is a flat mat with sections built into the middle. It can be placed almost anywhere and its size makes it good for traveling. It is also made from food-grade silicone, making it safe and easy to clean.

You can read more about its characteristics and investigate the different opinions on Amazon by clicking here: Eforlike Machao anti-voracity feeder without edges.

All for Paws slow feeder with 2 mazes

It stands out for containing two interchangeable mazes that make the feeding experience more fun for the dog, stimulating their intelligence and reducing anxiety levels. It is also made of highly resistant ecological material, not containing PVC, BPA or phthalates. It is washable and dishwasher safe.

All for Paws offer a money-back guarantee in case customers are not satisfied with the product. For more features, values and refund terms, check out the product on Amazon: All for Paws slow feeder.

Ito Rocky interactive bowl + dispenser for anxious dogs

The Ito Rocky brand offers one of the best anti-voracity feeders for dogs. In addition to the reliefs in the food bowl that slow down their intake, it contains a small dispenser on the top that turns it into a kind of puzzle. This both helps reduce anxiety at mealtime and stimulates the dog's intelligence. It is not an automatic dispenser, but the dog must figure out how to get the food out by turning it.

This product is made from sustainable materials and can be purchased in different sizes using the following link: Ito Rocky interactive slow feeder.

Patterned slow feeder for gluttonous dogs

This option is highly recommended for dogs that eat too quickly and tend to choke. The pattern inside prevents the dog from taking very large bites at once. The material can vary depending on the brand, but it is best when they are made of polypropylene, do not contain toxic materials and have non-slip suction cups on the bottom.

You can also purchase this type of slow feeder with the following link: Freefa slow feeder dog bowl.

Ceramic slow feeder

If you prefer to opt for a ceramic slow feeder because it is the material you like the most for this accessory, you should know that you can also get it with the classic relief on the inside that will slow down their eating. If your dog is very anxious to eat and you think it could hurt itself, we recommend opting for a less brittle material such as silicone.

We highlight the Pawaboo feeder for being resistant and presenting smooth and rounded reliefs, something to take into account in this type of material. You can get it on Amazon: Pawaboo ceramic slow feeder.

Anti-voracity accessory for dogs

It's not a slow feeding dish as much as a raised accessory that you can place inside a traditional dog food bowl to slow down your dog's eating. You can also use it as an environmental enrichment resource for dogs to keep them entertained when left alone and prevent behavioral problems associated with separation anxiety in dogs.

Check out this type of slow feeder for dogs with the following link: Keegud slow feeder dog bowl insert.

Elevated slow feeder

There are many advantages offered by elevated feeders, such as preventing health problems related to poor digestion and those derived from poor posture. For this reason, within our list of the best slow feeders for dogs, we also show those that are supported at a certain height from the ground.

If you already have a raised feeder, we advise you to opt for the previous accessory to be able to take advantage of it and transform it into an anti-voracity feeder. However, if you have not yet tried one with these characteristics, we recommend looking for a resistant one that allows you to adapt the height of your dog and that is made with materials that are preferably respectful of the dog and the environment.

On Amazon you will find several models, but we recommend this one made of waterproof iron and stainless steel that is also made by Pecute: Pecute elevated slow feeder.

Benefits of Slow Feeders for Dogs - Best slow feeders for dogs

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Benefits of Slow Feeders for Dogs