Choosing a Cat Scratching Post

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: January 14, 2018
Choosing a Cat Scratching Post

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Scratching posts are essential items for cats because they are animals that need to wear down their nails regularly. It is something innate in their curious behavior. They are also very necessary to stop pussies from wrecking your furniture.

On this fabulous AnimalWised article, we will discuss the various types of scratching posts and the way of choosing a cat scratching post too.

Discover innovative types or other classics such as the carpet, trees or those fabulous accessory types. Finally, we will add a section on home scratching posts so that you can create one at home.

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Where is the ideal place for your cat's scratching post?

While some cats soon understand where they should sharpen their nails, others take longer to understand the concept. In the same way, some prefer a type of scratcher and others feel more comfortable with other models. It depends on your cat.

If the cat has already casually assaulted some of your furniture, you might already know what the ideal scratching post should look like. If your pussy is always clawing at the brand new carpet perhaps the most appropriate thing is a "carpet type" scratcher or instead, if your cat mauls the arms of the sofa, then you should get one that is "tree-like".

Choosing a Cat Scratching Post - Where is the ideal place for your cat's scratching post?

Carpet type scratching posts

The carpet type scratching posts are great if you are not sure what is the most appropriate model for your cat since you can place it in different positions. There are even models that can be bent or curved. It is a type of scratcher that is very economical and you can find in most shops.

They can be made out of cardboard or string. We advise you to purchase a string version as it will last longer, though if you want to experiment with the position of the scratcher, you can purchase a laminated cardboard one, though you should bare in mind it might make a bit of a mess.

Choosing a Cat Scratching Post - Carpet type scratching posts

Tree type scratching posts

The tree type scratching post is the most popular and well known, it is also usually the most accepted by cats in general. It is the perfect scratcher for cats that enjoy filing their nails from top to bottom. Some have little toys hanging from them, a scratcher base or a small bed on top. Although it may seem simple, it is the most common option.

When purchasing a tree type scratching post, make sure the trunk is totally secured to the base, especially if the scratching post has more than one level as your cat may reject the scratching post if it does not feel stable whilst perched on one of the post's floors.

Choosing a Cat Scratching Post - Tree type scratching posts

Homemade scratching posts for cats

A great and very economical option is to make a scratching post for your cat. Discover more here on AnimalWised and learn how to make a homemade cat scratching post. In this article we explain the necessary materials and how to make it step by step. It is a perfect choice to incorporate different types of scrapers including a one small hideouts which your cat will enjoy indeed.

Choosing a Cat Scratching Post - Homemade scratching posts for cats

Does your cat not know how to use the scratching post?

At first your cat may not show any interest or may not not know how to use the scratching post. It is totally normal. Before getting a different scratcher or making your own at home, find out how to teach a cat to use a scratching post. Follow our advice so your cat will learn in no time.

Choosing a Cat Scratching Post - Does your cat not know how to use the scratching post?

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Choosing a Cat Scratching Post
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Choosing a Cat Scratching Post

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