Common Diseases of Siamese Cats

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. October 25, 2016
Common Diseases of Siamese Cats

Siamese cats can be very healthy pets as long as they come from ethical and responsible breeders and there are no problems of consanguinity or other negative factors. However, some Siamese cats up for sale or adoption are victims of these practices.

Siamese cats live longer than other cat breeds, reaching a high life expectancy. It is in their senior years when ailments of old age begin to appear. However, there are some diseases or abnormalities that are commonly apparent in young individuals.

Continue reading this AnimalWised article to get informed about the most common diseases of Siamese cats.

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  1. Breast cancer
  2. Behavioral and mental disorders
  3. Vestibular disease
  4. Eye disorders
  5. Curly tail
  6. Hydrocephalus
  7. Deworming
  8. Upper respiratory tract infection
  9. Porphyria

Breast cancer

Breast cysts often appear in female Siamese cats when they are older. Most are benign, but some become cancerous.

For this reason, your vet should monitor any cysts that appear, analyse them and proceed with surgery if they are malignant. A visit to the vet every 6 months is enough to prevent this problem and catch it early if it occurs.

Behavioral and mental disorders

Siamese cats are gregarious pets that need the company of other pets or humans; even better if they can cohabit with both species simultaneously. Excessive loneliness can induce behavioral disorders stemming from boredom or anxiety, waiting for their owners to return.

This is manifested in compulsive behaviors, most often over-grooming. An anxious Siamese cat will constantly lick itself, causing baldness. This condition is called psychogenic alopecia.

Indirectly ingesting hair can also cause intestinal problems such as hairballs or trichobezoars. For this, it is advised to give the suffering Siamese cat some malt.

Common Diseases of Siamese Cats - Behavioral and mental disorders

Vestibular disease

This disease is usually caused by genetic problems. The vestibular system is the one that allows balance and spatial orientation, and it is found in the vestibulum - the bony labyrinth - of the inner ear.

Vestibular diseases cause dizziness and loss of balance in the cat. Usually it lasts for a short amount time and will heal itself. The disease should be treated by a vet if it persists.

Eye disorders

Siamese cats can also suffer from disorders that are not actually diseases, but deviations from the standard functions of a cat. An example is strabismus. The cat sees perfectly, although its eyes are orientated in different directions causing it to be cross-eyed.

Nystagmus is another disorder of the optic nerve, similar to strabismus. This disorder causes an oscillation of the eyes from right to left or up and down. It is not common, but it can occur in Siamese cats. If you notice that symptom, go to your vet as soon as possible; it may be a sign that your cat suffers from some type of kidney or heart disease.

Common Diseases of Siamese Cats - Eye disorders

Curly tail

The genetic abnormality called "curly tail" has practically disappeared. In these cases, the tail of the Siamese cat is short and twisted into a kind of corkscrew shape, similar to a pig's tail.


This is a genetic alteration of the hy gene in Siamese cats. The accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain presses against the brain and can cause irreversible damage. An obvious symptom is the swelling of the head. The vet should attend to the cat immediately.

You will have noticed that the vast majority of common disorders of Siamese cats are due to deficiencies in the genealogical line of the cat. This is why it is important to adopt kittens from breeders or shelters with guarantees and a good reputation.

Common Diseases of Siamese Cats - Hydrocephalus


Always keep in mind the importance of deworming your Siamese cat, especially if it regularly leaves the home. This will prevent intestinal and external parasites such as fleas and ticks.

Learn about home remedies to deworm your dog or cat at AnimalWised.

Upper respiratory tract infection

Some young Siamese cats suffer from episodes of respiratory problems like URI, short for upper respiratory tract infection, which is comparable to the flu in humans. They may also suffer from nasal and tracheal inflammation. A vet should keep an eye on these temporary episodes of bronchitis.

Such infections are not too common because Siamese cats love staying at home, and they don't usually roam the streets. As they grow older, they are no longer at risk of URI.


Porphyria is a genetic metabolic disease. It isvery complex and difficult to diagnose, as it can have varying degrees of severity and affect different organs. Porphyria alters the enzymes that biosynthesize hemoglobin.

There are countless different symptoms that may be observed when a Siamese cat has porphyria, including red urine, skin disorders and convulsions. However, it can also be asymptomatic. Only a competent vet will be able to perform an accurate diagnosis.

This article is purely informative. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are suffering from any condition or pain.

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my siamese cat has watery diarhea for 5 days dont no what to do ?
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Hi Wendy,

Please take them to a veterinarian for accurate diagnosis as prolonged diarrhea is a sign of various illnesses and conditions.
tf take that cat to the vet
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Common Diseases of Siamese Cats