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Cutting a Dog's Hair

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: February 22, 2018
Cutting a Dog's Hair

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Don't know how to cut your dog's hair yet? In this AnimalWised article we will show you everything you need and what steps you must follow to cut their hair efficiently. To many, this is a practice that is not simple to carry out. So we're here to help.

The type of cut, finish or hairstyle will vary depending on the dog and their physical characteristics. Are you ready? Keep reading and discover how to ensure your dog is the best looking in town.

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  1. Types of dog hair
  2. What you will need to cut dog hair
  3. Bathe your dog
  4. Brush their hair
  5. Start cutting their body hair
  6. Then cut around their face
  7. Don't forget their legs
  8. Dry their whole body with a hair dryer

Types of dog hair

Before you start to cut your dog's hair you should know what type of hair they have as caring for their coat will vary depending.

    1. Course hair like on for example, a Westy, will require electric razors and you must avoid softeners or oils.
    2. Curly hair is characteristic of Poodles among others and requires a special moisturizing shampoo. The cut must be done with scissors in certain areas and with clippers in others.
    3. Short hair is typical of breeds such as the boxer or pitbull and does not need any cutting, except for medium-long hair specimens that are uncommon. For this, we can review some areas with clippers. Do not use moisturizing products or oils.
  1. Long hair, like on a Yorkshire, does require a softening treatment and a cut with scissors.

If you have a Maltese Bichón, you must know they require a cut that cannot exceed 4 centimeters. If we cut them excessively their coat could become very curly.

Cutting a Dog's Hair - Types of dog hair

What you will need to cut dog hair

Once you have identified the coat of your dog you will have to decide what type of cut they require and therefore, what products and preparation is needed. If you have doubts about how to make the right cut you can go to a dog groomer for the first time. Or, you could watch some tutorials to guide you - then you can do it yourself.

In order for this process to succeed and end with a spectacular result you should follow some basic tips. Start by identifying the products you need:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Dryer
  • Clippers
  • Scissors
  • Small scissors
  • Brush
  • Adhesive tape
  • Others

Before starting to cut the hair to your dog you will have to prepare a bath with the specific products for their coat including conditioner if they have long hair. It is also important that you prepare a cutting area in a quiet place. In many dog hairdressers you will notice they have tables with an extendible arm in order to tie your dog there comfortably and facilitate the drying process.

1. Bathe your dog

To begin with we are going to bathe the dog to eliminate all dirt. We will dry them with a towel and leave the hair damp and ready to be cut. This way it will be easier to identify the length of the hair.

Remember that it is convenient to use a pet softener or conditioner for dogs that have hair like the Afghan hound, Yorkshire or Maltese bichon.

Cutting a Dog's Hair - 1. Bathe your dog

2. Brush their hair

Before cutting you must thoroughly brush all the dog's fur by eliminating knots and entanglements. This way you will clearly identify how much you need to cut and spot any uneven areas.

As you know there are different types of brushes, special for each type of hair and according to their characteristics. You will also find mini size brushes special for small areas of your pet such as the face.

Cutting a Dog's Hair - 2. Brush their hair

3. Start cutting their body hair

The first areas to cut are the loin and hind legs. Then repeat the process on the neck, chest, forepaws and belly. Look at the areas that have fur as they are the ones that you must cut first with a pair of scissors. If you are going to match the length with the electric razor it does not matter if it is uneven.

Take your time to cut. It is preferable to go little by little selecting the areas in detail so as not to make a mess. In addition, if we are relaxed we will keep our pet relaxed and the final result will be better.

Once you have reduced the volume of hair you can use the electric razor, always in the direction of the coat. Be gentle and do not apply too much pressure, thus avoiding the shackles.

If on the contrary you are only going to cut with scissors and the help of your fingers and a suitable comb, you must achieve a uniform result.

Cutting a Dog's Hair - 3. Start cutting their body hair

4. Then cut around their face

You must not forget that you need specific tools to cut the hair on their face. You can buy delicate adhesive bandages to hold back their fringe and ears.

The hairs around the eyes can cause discomfort and they also need to be cut. Sometimes, when they get inside the eye, they cause a constant tearing that dyes the hair of our dog. Discover how to remove tear stains from your dog's hair. Do not use the electric razor for this area.

Cutting a Dog's Hair - 4. Then cut around their face

5. Don't forget their legs

Hair also grows between the toes of the dog's legs and must be trimmed. This area is especially sensitive and dogs tend to move with restlessness when we are in full process, so we recommend caution and care. Finish the entire cut by also examining their nails.

Cutting a Dog's Hair - 5. Don't forget their legs

6. Dry their whole body with a hair dryer

Once the cutting process is complete, it is important that you dry your dog's hair with a blow dryer while you comb them. If you do not have one specifically for pets (it makes less noise) you can use any one. This way we can remove excess hair and leave them flawless, shiny and smooth.

Pay attention to the legs because in cases of extreme humidity you can notice the appearance of fungi between their toes.

Cutting a Dog's Hair - 6. Dry their whole body with a hair dryer

We hope this guide has been useful to you. Remember that you can share your photo to show the AnimalWised community your result.

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Cutting a Dog's Hair