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How to Make a Yorkshire Terrier's Ears Stand Up

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: March 10, 2022
How to Make a Yorkshire Terrier's Ears Stand Up
Yorkshire terrier

Animal file: Yorkshire terrier

It usually takes a while for a Yorkshire Terrier's ears to stand up. In some cases, their genetic makeup may mean they will never stand fully erect, there are some ways to encourage the process. If you're looking for tips on how to make a Yorkshire Terrier's ears stand up, you've came to the right place. At AnimalWised, we provide you with some ideas which may seem ineffective at first, but will provide good results in the long run.

Read on and discover our best tricks to help a Yorkie's ears stand up. Remember that implementing this tips should never be done if it will in anyway harm the well-being of the animal. Whether their ears are up or down, their health and happiness is paramount.

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  1. Shave their ears
  2. Surgical tape for dogs
  3. Food supplements
  4. Should I make my Yorkshire Terrier's ears stand up?

Shave their ears

The first trick to get a Yorkshire Terrier's ears to stand up is to shave them. We can use a set of specific dog grooming clippers, although we can achieve a similar effect with scissors. Be very careful when doing it so we don't harm them. Their ears are very sensitive and they may jerk out of the way due to noise. If you don't feel confident, go to a professional groomer.

The reason this can help a Yorkshire Terrier's ears stand erect is because hair weighs them down to the extent that they cannot stand up on their own. It's not necessary to shave all the way down to the base, although doing so with a Westie cut can look really cute!

There are many haircuts for a Yorkshire Terrier - find out which best suits your best pal at AnimalWised.

How to Make a Yorkshire Terrier's Ears Stand Up - Shave their ears

Surgical tape for dogs

The second trick to make a Yorkshire Terrier's ears stand up is by using surgical tape. In specialized pet shops you'll find a product specifically designed for dogs that doesn't damage their fur in the slightest.

Using surgical tape is very simple. Without bending them, gently wind the tape around the base of their ears. Use the tape to fix them in place. You must ensure that you're not harming your pet, and that they feel comfortable with the procedure. You can apply the tape every other day, allowing the skin to perspire properly.

Under no circumstances should you use tape with a strong adhesive. The special tape used to help Yorkshire Terrier's ears stand erect will not pull out any hair or cause them any harm. Using a strong adhesive will put out ehir hair and could cause permanent injury since their ears are delicate.

How to Make a Yorkshire Terrier's Ears Stand Up - Surgical tape for dogs

Food supplements

The third trick for getting a Yorkshire Terrier's ears to stand up is by giving it food that helps to strengthen the cartilage.

You can find specific dog joint supplements on the market, which can be really effective in enhancing cartilage nutrition for increased firmness. It can also be helped by small portions of cheese and gelatin (containing no additives or preservatives).

However, you should consult your vet before considering giving your dog any of these supplements. Only they will be able to give you advice on the best products for your Yorkshire Terrier.

How to Make a Yorkshire Terrier's Ears Stand Up - Food supplements

Should I make my Yorkshire Terrier's ears stand up?

As we stated above, a Yorkie puppy's ears should stand up eventually on their own. This generally occurs between 3 to 6 months of age. In some individuals, it can take a little longer. It is also a process which is gradual. The ears won't become erect in one day, although it may appear that way since it may take time to notice the difference. If your Yorkshire Terrier is under 6 months of age, then exercising patience is usually the best course of action.

For some, you may notice the Yorkie's ears are not standing up, but the dog is also displaying symptoms of sickness. If a dog has one floppy ear or neither ear stands erect, it is possible they have an illness. Otitis is an inflammation of the ear which can be of parasitic, bacterial or even traumatic origin. This can affect either one or both of the ears at the same time.

Yorkshire Terrier puppies have naturally floppy ears, but they are also very vulnerable to disease. This is because their immune system is not as strong as more developed dogs. Although a pathology, parasite or other medical condition can be the cause, their immune system can be weak due to improper care. If we don't provide the right level of nutrition for growing puppies, their body will be affected and their growth stunted. This includes their ears.

For these reasons, if your Yorkshire Terrier's ears are not erect, you should take them to a veterinarian. They will be able to determine if there is an underlying cause and can treat it to solve the issues. In a minority of cases, a healthy Yorkshire Terrier's ears may not stand as erect as others. In these cases, it can be fine to leave them as they are, as long as no harm comes to the animal.

How to Make a Yorkshire Terrier's Ears Stand Up - Should I make my Yorkshire Terrier's ears stand up?

This is where our tricks to make your Yorkshire Terrier's ears stand up come to an end!

Do you have a better one that you'd like to share? Do you want to show us the results? Share your picture with the AnimalWised community and let everyone get to know your pet.

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New Yorkie
Hi,my Yorkie puppy just turned one but I realized he has gotten way more playful but the top of his ears bend , is that a problem?
Administrador AnimalWised

A Yorkshire Terrier's ears usualy stand up in their first 3 to 6 months of life. If they have not stood up after a year, it is possible they do not have the muscules to do so. This in itself isn't a problem. Many Yorkies can live happy and healthy lives with floppy ears. However, you should also ensure you bring it up at the next veterinary checkup in case there are any developmental issues.
Marion Boyle
hi, our yorkie is 11 years old. Her ears have never stood up . All of a sudden in the past two months her ears are standing up permanently. Any reasons why now at this age this would happen ?
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Marion,

We are unsure why exactly your Yorkie's ears will have stood up all of a sudden, but it could be due to many factors. Have they had a trim recently? Have they lost weight? Have they suddenly become happier? Or perhaps they are stressed and are on alert all the time?

To answer the question, you need to have a look at their other behavioral changes and see what makes sense. You should also ensure you look out for any symptoms of stress or even a medical issue.

Have a think and let us know what you come up with!
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How to Make a Yorkshire Terrier's Ears Stand Up