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How To Clean A Dog Without A Bath

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. August 13, 2018
How To Clean A Dog Without A Bath

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The proper hygiene of a dog is of great importance to its health. It is the responsibility of the owner to keep their pet in the necessary and correct conditions. This is important in allowing their pets the opportunity to fully enjoy a good quality life.

However, sometimes, either due to lack of time or situational reasons ( post-surgical recovery), a dog is not able to have a proper bath. Despite what the reason is, it is still very important not to ignore the importance of your dog’s hygiene. For this reason, in this AnimalWised article, we will be presenting you with some ideas on how to clean a dog without a bath.

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  1. Dry dog shampoo
  2. Wet towels to clean a dog
  3. Homemade deodorant for dogs
  4. What not to use to clean your dog

Dry dog shampoo

As dogs are such popular pets, naturally, there are many products on the market which facilitate dogs who cannot be bathed. One of the most popular products is dry shampoo for dogs.

First, it is important to brush your dog’s hair, undoing any pre-existing knots. This brushing will facilitate the subsequent bath. Then, take a cotton towel and moisten it with warm water, spray the dry shampoo onto the towel or cloth, and pass it over your pet. Do not neglect any areas.

If your dog has accumulated a lot of dirt, you can repeat this makeshift bath. Finally, you can finish off this bath by brushing your dog’s hair again, removing any remnants from the shampoo, ensuring that its hair is soft and dry.

Remember, whatever you do, do not use dry shampoo for humans on your dogs. The shampoo that you use needs to be specific to dogs, as it contains specific chemicals and is made in order to not harm the animal.

How To Clean A Dog Without A Bath - Dry dog shampoo

Wet towels to clean a dog

Take advantage of a moistened towel to sanitize your dog. For better cleaning, brush before and after wiping. Although it is not a definitive solution to cleaning fully, it can help, especially if the dirt is located.

Homemade deodorant for dogs

It is recommended to not over-bathe your dog. However, before a rainy day or after a long walk outdoors: you may feel that your dog is smelling extra pungent.

In this case we recommend making a homemade dog deodorant. Mix one part apple cider vinegar with two parts water, add this mixture to a spray container and applying it on your dog's coat.

Apple cider vinegar has multiple beneficial properties, including moisturizing effects and a lovely smell!

How To Clean A Dog Without A Bath - Homemade deodorant for dogs

What not to use to clean your dog

Finally we must emphasize that a dry bath should never replace the complete hygiene of a dog, despite there being excellent alternative.

Be careful of some resources that can be harmful to your dog:

  • Do not use wet wipes as they may contain substances that are not suitable for your dog's skin. This is especially important to remember if your dog suffers from: allergies, skin sensitivity, dermatitis or any other dermis related problem.
  • Do not use any type of dry shampoo that is not specially designed for veterinary use, as it could cause an allergic reaction.
  • Do not apply any type of conventional colony to keep your dog cleaner, this could irritate the skin and damage it.

Remember that when it is possible to give your dog a full bath again, do so with affection and patience so that it does not generate any kind of stress.

How To Clean A Dog Without A Bath - What not to use to clean your dog

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How To Clean A Dog Without A Bath