Standard Schnauzer Hairstyles

By Olivia Grisham, Journalist specialized in animal care. June 25, 2017
Standard Schnauzer Hairstyles

Animal file: Standard schnauzer

Schnauzers are very affectionate dogs that possess a great beauty. They have a characteristic "beard" that gives them an old-fashioned look. Their coat consists of two parts, one softer and one harder, and there are different techniques to cut their hair to maintain their great look.

From 15 months on we can begin cutting their hair to give our best friend the style that we like the most. If you want to know the best standard schnauzer hairstyles do not miss this AnimalWised article!

You will not find the famous stripping technique, used a lot with competing schnauzers. This involves pulling out the dog's dead hair. As this is a painful process we will not promote it.

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The traditional Schnauzer cut

This is the typical cut of the schnauzer: their belly, neck and body have their tips cut off to leave short hair. The hair on their belly is evenly cut and the rest is layered. However, their legs are left a little longer while the head has very short hair. One of the characteristics of the schnauzer is the hair on their snout. This resembles a beard - which people leave long and just tidy up the tips to keep the cut even.

Standard Schnauzer Hairstyles - The traditional Schnauzer cut

Puppy cut

Despite its name, this is not just a cut for puppies, and your schnauzer can look lovely with this style. It's also really easy to maintain.

The hair is cut at the same length throughout the body, so that they look fluffy. We will not leave the strip of hair defined on the belly, as in the previous cut. The hair of the snout is also trimmed, giving the face a rounded shape.

Standard Schnauzer Hairstyles - Puppy cut

Shaved schnauzer

This is another popular haircut for a medium/standard or miniature schnauzer. The hair of the neck, the body and the tail are shaved. The hair at the end of the legs is a little longer, although the tips are cut a little to give it a rounded shape. A strip of straight hair is left in the abdomen. The head and cheeks are also shaved to create a contrast with the beard, which is left long and is arranged by cutting the tips.

Standard Schnauzer Hairstyles - Shaved schnauzer

Natural hair schnauzer

A schnauzer's coat is a lovely one. They have a double coat - the interior is soft and the exterior is tougher and thicker. Many people do not like haircuts for standard schnauzers and prefer to leave them natural.

In this case you will have to brush them daily. We suggest reading our informative article on how to care for a schnauzer's coat. Remember that it may be necessary to trim a little the hairs on their face so they do not get into their eyes.

Standard Schnauzer Hairstyles - Natural hair schnauzer

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Love this article! Now I know what to show my groomer for next time. My baby got a typical cut and while she's still precious, it just doesn't fit her. I love the "puppy" and "natural" cuts!
Administrador AnimalWised
So glad we could help!
Your grooming articles are a joke!!! Get an actual professional groomer to write these articles. I wish you knew the type of hell you are putting owners, dogs and groomers alike thru with these made up haircuts!!!
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Stephanie,

These grooming styles are what they say they are - standard. They are not some of the more elaborate cuts available, but a quick Google search will corroborate these designs. We are sorry if they are not the names of styles in your location, but please bear in mind that we have a very international readership and we try to ensure these are suitable for as many people as possible.

Standard Schnauzer Hairstyles
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Standard Schnauzer Hairstyles

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