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Why Does My Cat Keep Peeing on My Bed?

Anaëlle Laurent
By Anaëlle Laurent. Updated: March 21, 2024
Why Does My Cat Keep Peeing on My Bed?

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Getting ready to go to bed but seeing that your bed is wet with your cat's urine is a complete nightmare! The reason behind why your cat keeps peeing on your bed can be due to a number of reasons that we will go through below.

Keep reading this AnimalWised article to know why your cat keeps peeing on your bed or clothes, as well as learn how to stop them from repeating this odd behaviour.

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Why your cat is peeing on your bed or clothes

Medical reasons

The first cause that should be ruled out first is medical issues, such as hormonal and chemical imbalances in their body, bladder infections, etc. Before considering other causes, it's best to take your cat to the veterinarian for a check-up. Make sure to tell them about their abnormal behaviour of peeing on your bed or clothes.

Once you have brought your cat to the vet and ruled out any medical reasons, you can now try to figure out what other cause it can be. The reason why we first rule out any medical issue is because these can get very serious when not properly diagnosed and treated.

Litter box isn't comfortable

The next reason is that your cat is dissatisfied with their litter box. Whether it is the sand you have chosen, cleanliness, sharing with another cat or location, your cat doesn't like their litter box.

You'll need to make sure there are enough litter boxes for the amount of cats you have in your home, that the sand is good quality so it won't irritate your cat, the litter box is cleaned regularly and make it's a comfortable litter box. We also encourage you to read our article on how many litter boxes you should have for two cats.

Your cat feels jealousy

Another possibility is that your cat is feeling jealousy. This is common when you first introduce another cat or any other pet to your cat. It can also occur if your partner is spending more time at your home or has moved in. Cats can sometimes be territorial so they will want to demonstrate in their own way that it is their home and you are their family.

Cats are also animals that are comfortable with a routine. Therefore, if someone comes and disrupts your usual lifestyle or routine, your cat will feel upset.

They feel anxiety or stress

Anxiety or stress in cats can be caused by many things. Whether it is a new location, new pet or person in the household or a change in their diet, cats are very sensitive to these changes and may feel upset about it. Another reason, could be that you're leaving your cat alone at home for too long and they're suffering from separation anxiety.

Why Does My Cat Keep Peeing on My Bed? - Why your cat is peeing on your bed or clothes

How to stop your cat from peeing on your bed or clothes

Take them to the veterinarian

As we've previously mentioned, the first thing you should do is take your cat for a check-up with their veterinarian. It's important to first rule out any medical issues as these can get serious when not properly diagnosed and treated.

To avoid more serious issues in the future, it's best you call up your veterinarian, tell them about the issue and book an appointment.

Add another litter box

If your cat is dissatisfied with their litter box, there are certain things you can do to improve it. Take these tips into consideration:

  • Location: calm and private area that is easy to access for your cat.
  • Litter sand: choose a natural litter that won't irritate your cat.
  • Type of litter box: remember to choose a litter box that is comfortable for your cat to get in and out of.
  • Amount of litter boxes: there should be two litter boxes for each cat in the household.
  • Cleanliness: remember to clean your cat's litter box regularly. You should remove their feces at least once a day and thoroughly clean their litter box at least once a week.

Avoid making your cat jealous

This can be difficult, however, it's important to not shock your cat with a big change. Instead, take baby steps towards getting them used to the new pet or person in the household.

If it's another cat, or any other pet, take the time to properly introduce them to each other. First you'll want them to get to know each other's scent through a toy. Then they can meet in a neutral place. Your cat will most likely hiss and go back to “their territory”. Allow them to do so. Then, you can slowly make more steps for them to observe and get used to each other. Read more in our article about how to introduce a new cat to your cat.

If the new element is a person, you'll also need to take small steps until your cat realises that they are not a threat or an invasion but are in fact a new member of their family. Make sure you give your cat lots of attention and affection so they do not feel left out. Try not to change their routine too much. And, you should get the new person to feed your cat once in a while and play with them everyday until they are accepted.

Help their stress or anxiety

If your cat is experiencing stress or anxiety, you'll need to find the cause of this and try to improve their mood. Cats are simple animals. They need a high quality diet, company, toys, play time and health care. Try to observe where the stress or anxiety is coming from. Are they spending too much time alone? Is their diet causing deficiencies?

You can also consult a feline behaviour specialist to help you understand your cat's behaviour. We'll also include our video below about understanding your cat's beahviour!

This article is purely informative. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are suffering from any condition or pain.

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Why Does My Cat Keep Peeing on My Bed?