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Caring for a Dog's Wrinkles and Skin Folds

Janhvi Johorey
By Janhvi Johorey, Psychologist specialized in animal therapy. April 25, 2017
Caring for a Dog's Wrinkles and Skin Folds

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Wrinkly faced pups need extra special care. Pugs, bulldogs and other wrinkly dogs need your love, care, and attention when it involves cleanliness of the wrinkles and ridding the skin of infection around their folds. The skin folds and wrinkles may be adorable in appearance, but they provide the ideal breeding ground for infections such as bacteria and yeast. If the wrinkles and skin folds of your dog's skin appear irritated, reddened or give off a smell, an infection is possible. But fortunately, help is at hand in this AnimalWised article, which will guide you about how to care for your best furry friend's wrinkles and skin folds. Caring for your dog's wrinkles and skin folds has never been easier.

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  1. Why dogs with wrinkles require proper care
  2. Choose the right product
  3. Keep Those Wrinkles Dry
  4. Cleaning Fuzzy Folds with shampoo
  5. Drying the Fold
  6. Time for a Treat!

Why dogs with wrinkles require proper care

Those cute wrinkles and skin folds can be a ground for harboring infections that can impact your dog's well-being and happiness. They don't heal without treatment, so you need to take extra special care to ensure your dog's wrinkles remain healthy, clean and infection-free.

Itchy, flaky and stinky skin, crust buildup, skin fold dermatitis– the list of conditions your pug or bulldog is susceptible to are endless. If the infection has really caught on, heal the skin applying medication for combating fungus, bacteria, bug bites, inflammation, hot spots, dryness of the skin and much more. If you neglect this duty and the skin is undergoing infection, you need to go beyond cleaning the wrinkles.

Though the frequency of wrinkle cleaning will depend on how wrinkly your dog is, it's recommended to do so two to three times a week, though your should do so every day if your dog has lots of wrinkles and is senior.

Choose the right product

Invest in natural antibacterial or anti-fungal balms to stave off the infections. Don't use OTC products or harsh chemicals as this can damage the skin of your precious pooch still further.

The balms and lotions are a good solution for sensitive skin, because they are natural and have skin healing properties. If you like, you can also use natural products to bathe your dog.

Caring for a Dog's Wrinkles and Skin Folds - Choose the right product

Keep Those Wrinkles Dry

Using a soft, fresh cloth to clean the skin between the wrinkles several times in a day. Also keep food or soil particles from getting trapped in the folds of the skin, once your dog has finished his grub or played in wet mud!

Once the dog's wrinkles have been washed with a moist and clean cloth, dry the area completely. The moisture that remains can lead to bacteria and fungus buildup. Wrinkles should be kept clean and made to dry out once in a day at least. For some dogs, the minimum number may even be higher. Some of the signs your canine friend needs help are a smell, redness or irritation of the skin or wet discharge from the folds. If at-home treatments are not working, don't waste any time. Rush to the vet and seek professional help.

Cleaning Fuzzy Folds with shampoo

The pug, bulldog, Shar Pei and other breeds with pushed in muscles need constant cleaning to rid them of debris, odor, and infections so, apart from their daily cleanse, you will periodically have to clean their wrinkles with a special product.

You can use soft washcloths, Vaseline or cornstarch, wipes, cotton balls and other soft material for the cleaning process. Be clear that you need to stay close by and let your pet pooch relax. Then, open the wipes, dip them in a solution of tap water and gentle shampoo. Gently pick a face fold and insert the soft cloth wiping the wrinkle or skin-fold from one side to another. Be sure to be gentle, you don't want your best pal to develop abrasions, do you?

Caring for a Dog's Wrinkles and Skin Folds - Cleaning Fuzzy Folds with shampoo

Drying the Fold

Gently clean the shampoo out and dry the fold or wrinkle using a washcloth. Use soft cream like petroleum jelly or soft cornstarch to lubricate the fold. Make sure you wipe the starch off with a damp cloth gently don't want to create an infection where there is none.

Time for a Treat!

Finally, your best friend deserves either a game or a delicious treat. Why is this important? Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov found that dogs could be classically conditioned into positive outcomes, this means that when using positive association with a certain action, it will lead to a readiness to engage in that activity. So, cleaning can be associated with a positive outcome if you're finding it difficult clean your dog's wrinkles.

Caring for a Dog's Wrinkles and Skin Folds - Time for a Treat!

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Caring for a Dog's Wrinkles and Skin Folds