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Cleaning your Cat's Ears: Step by Step Guide

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: September 2, 2018
Cleaning your Cat's Ears: Step by Step Guide

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The cat is an extremely clean animal that can spend many hours preening itself; it is also an exceptional pet that retains its hunting instinct, and it is an independent explorer on top of it all. For all these reasons you may sometimes think that a cat needs less care than a dog, but this is a serious mistake, as cats can develop many different diseases.

A suitable diet as well as a good hygiene routine will keep your pet in optimal health. Among the healthy habits you must work on, we have to highlight ear hygiene, as it can be the gateway for multiple pathogens. Therefore, cleaning your cat's ears is extremely important.

If you don't have experience in the matter, cleaning a cat's ears can look too difficult. Don't worry - in this AnimalWised article we'll give you a step by step guide.

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Steps to follow:


The first and most important thing when cleaning a cat's ears is to avoid stressing it out; otherwise it will associate this routine as something negative and it will never be an easy task. Instead, you will find the ear cleaning process becomes increasingly difficult both for you and your pet.

How can you reassure your cat?

Begin with cuddles and a gentle tone of voice. Get your cat to interpret your gestures as if it were a game so that it relaxes completely.

Your cat must be in a specific position to begin cleaning its ears. If it is a kitten, place it on your lap; with adult cats, it is better to place it on a bench or table at your height.

Is it impossible for your cat to calm down?

If none of the previous works, you can always opt for a different strategy by using natural tranquilizers for cats.


The second step is to check your cat's ears as it is always very important for owners to be attentive to any signs or symptoms that can indicate the presence of a disease.

The presence of parasites, excessive wax, a foul smell, scabs or wounds may indicate a disease, such as otitis or an ear infection. When faced with these signs it is definitely recommended to go to the vet as soon as possible.

On the contrary, the absence of these signs together with an pale pink ear canal indicates a good state of health.

Cleaning your Cat's Ears: Step by Step Guide - Step 2

To start cleaning a cat's ears, start on the outside. You'll only need one damp towel and the cleaning products that you usually use for its bath. Of course, this must be a specific soap for cats.

With the towel and the soap, clean the external and furry part of the ear, subsequently removing any detergent residue that has been left behind.

Cleaning your Cat's Ears: Step by Step Guide - Step 3

Cleaning the inner ear must be carried out with extreme caution in order not to damage the structures of the auditory pavilion. You will only need some cotton gauze, preferably sterile.

Roll the gauze around your finger and very gently introduce it into the ear canal to remove the wax and clear the ear canal. That's it!

There is another alternative: specific aural cleaners for cats, which possess a comfortable applicator and dissolve the wax.

Cleaning your Cat's Ears: Step by Step Guide - Step 4

To keep your cat's ears in perfect condition you should repeat this procedure once every two weeks. To prevent any complications when you go to bath your cat you should plug its ears with two balls of cotton. This way you will avoid water entering, which could cause damage to the ear canal.

Cleaning your Cat's Ears: Step by Step Guide - Step 5

If you observe any anomalies, it is essential to go to the vet and identify whether it is a disease, or a problem that needs to be looked at. Some signs of health problems may be the presence of dark wax, a yeast-like smell or the appearance of parasites.

Cleaning your Cat's Ears: Step by Step Guide - Step 6

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Cleaning your Cat's Ears: Step by Step Guide