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Cat Barbed Penis - Male Cat Anatomy

María Besteiros
By María Besteiros, Expert veterinary assistant and canine/feline hairdresser.. August 28, 2019
Cat Barbed Penis - Male Cat Anatomy

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A male cat's penis has certain peculiarities which may, at first, appear somewhat shocking to some cat owners. A male cat’s penile is formed in such a way that it allows a cat to fulfill its necessary function within the reproductive cycle of the species.

Keep reading here at AnimalWised to find out everything you need to know about a cat’s penis, as well as how to tell a male cat from a female cat. In addition, we’ll be discussing cat reproduction, male cat anatomy and possible cat penis health problems.

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  1. Penile spines
  2. How to tell the sex of a kitten
  3. How cats mate
  4. Why does my cat push out its penis?
  5. Male cat anatomy

Penile spines

At first glance, due to the presence of a foreskin, it’s difficult to completely understand a male cat’s anatomy, especially in regards to a male cat’s penis. A male cat’s penis is characterised by its penil spines, also known as small keratinized spines, which resemble spikes.

These spines present themselves when a male cat mounts a female cat, and enters a female cat’s genital organ. Cat penile spines disappear back into the foreskin once cat mating is over.

An interesting fact about these spines is that they are not only present on the penis, but also on a cat’s tongue. A cat’s tongue has sharp papillae, which allow it to retain and rip flesh when eating, as well as to help it clean itself. This rough texture is noticable when a cat licks you.

For more, read why do cats have a rough tongue?

Cat Barbed Penis - Male Cat Anatomy - Penile spines

How to tell the sex of a kitten

Before we continue analyzing male cat anatomy, it’s important to discuss how to tell the gender of a cat.

You will first have to lift your kitten’s tail. Both male and female cats will present an anus hole just below the tail. Below this, towards the abdomen, you may see a line that will appear to form an I, this is a vertical slit, and means your kitten is a female. In male cat’s, however, you will notice a round lump which is further away from the anus than a female’s vulva. Additionally, as a male cat matures, you will notice a formation of its testicles.

If you have any doubts about your cat’s gender, we recommend consulting your veterinarian. It is incredibly important to be able to tell the gender of your kitten at an early age, specifically because heat and reproduction will vary according to a cat’s gender. In addition, we recommend neutering your cat before its first heat.

For more read about the benefits of neutering a cat.

Cat Barbed Penis - Male Cat Anatomy - How to tell the sex of a kitten

How cats mate

Cat mating will take place during a female’s fertile stage. Cats are seasonal polyesters, which means that they will remain in heat as long as there is enough sunlight. For practical purposes, cats are able to reproduce throughout the year.

Male cats do not experience heat stages like female cats. In fact, a male’s heat is initiated by a female cat’s pheromones. Cats in heat will meow unbearably, elevate their pelvis and urinate excessively (marking). Cats in heat may also present symptoms such as escape attempts, nervousness and general behavioral changes.

Why do cats scream when they mate?

After the tom cat mounts the female, when it withdraws its penis, the penil spines trigger a hormonal stimulus that is responsible for the ovulation of the cat. In addition, these spines allow the penis to not slip during intercourse.

You may be wondering, is cat mating painful? No. These mating procedure simply triggers a neuroendocrine stimulus.

For more, read why do cats make noise when mating?

Why does my cat push out its penis?

If you notice that your cat’s penis is sticking out on the exterior of its foreskin, this may be a sign of urinary disorder. Urinary infections are common in male cats. In general, you may also notice your cat licking this area, showing signs of discomfort when urinating, and the penis may change purple in color.

If you notice these such cat penis infection symptoms, we recommend consulting a veterinarin immediately, especially if your cat is not peeing at all. A cat urine infection can affect the kidneys and result in kidney failure if not treated in time, which can be fatal.

Cat urinary tract infections (UTI) may require prescribed medication. This infection may also be caused by stress, and in this case, increased environmental enrichment is encouraged.

For more, read why does my cat push out his penis and lick it?

Cat Barbed Penis - Male Cat Anatomy - Why does my cat push out its penis?

Male cat anatomy

Additional reproductive disorders in male cats may include:

  • Cryptorchidism
  • Testicle inflammation
  • Inability to retract penis (paraphimosis)
  • Constant eretion (phimosis)

If you notice anything abnormal in relation to your cat’s testicles or penis, we recommend consulting a veterinarian as soon as possible. For more, read my cat has swollen testicles - causes and treatment.

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Hi my Male cat has been peeing blood.he has had an xray and scan on his bladder and has been taking cystofan and metacam.the results came back clear and he has no infection.he go go for about two weeks with no sign of blood but then it you think he may have damaged his penis or foreskin for this to keep reaccuring??
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Get your cat tested for pancreatitis.
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Cat Barbed Penis - Male Cat Anatomy