Cornish Names for Cats - With Meanings

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By Jane Bertin, Journalist specialized in animal welfare. February 5, 2017
Cornish Names for Cats - With Meanings

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Are you thinking about adopting a cat as a pet? Besides covering all their needs - finding them a food bowl and bed, buying toys, planning their diet - you'll surely be wondering how to name them. All cats deserve unique and meaningful names that match their personality and looks, and they should be easy to learn and remember.

What about Cornish names for cats? If you live in Cornwall, you'll be choosing a meaningful name that pays homage to your culture. If you live elsewhere, you'll find a name that sounds different from all other words and that will help your cat not get confused when you call them.

Stay at AnimalWised to learn about the Cornish language and discover the best way to choose a name for a cat with our guidelines. Read on!

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  1. Why choose a Cornish name for your cat?
  2. Cornish names for female cats
  3. Cornish names for male cats
  4. Unisex Cornish names for cats

Why choose a Cornish name for your cat?

Cornish is the language of Cornwall, a region in the southwestern tip of Great Britain with a unique identity and history. The Cornish language belongs to the Brittonic branch of the Celtic language family, which also includes Breton and Welsh. Irish and Scottish Gaelic, on the other hand, belong to the Goidelic branch.

It is a minority language, with less than 4,000 native speakers, but efforts are being done to maintain and popularize it as part of Cornish heritage. A great way to raise awareness about the Cornish language and culture is, of course, choosing a Cornish name for your pet.

While these names are perfect for all cats, we specially recommend them if your cat is a Cornish Rex. The Cornish Rex is a very special hypoallergenic cat breed recognizable for its coat; these cats have no hair, but they do have a layer of curly down.

In order to choose the best name for your cat, Cornish Rex or not, you should consider their appearance and personality. You should choose a relatively simple name so that the cat can understand you when you call them. It should be between 2 to 3 syllables long.

Cornish Names for Cats - With Meanings - Why choose a Cornish name for your cat?

Cornish names for female cats

As you can see, some of these Cornish names are perfect to suit your female cat's appearance and temperament. Others have very poetic meanings that will match a literary-minded owner, or an owner with an appreciation for Cornish culture.

  • Bennath: Blessing
  • Blejan: Flower
  • Bryluen: Rose
  • Caja: Daisy
  • Conwenna: Cornish queen
  • Daphne: After Daphne du Maurier, Cornish writer
  • Demelza: Place name
  • Derowen: Oak tree
  • Elowen: Elm tree
  • Endellion: Unknown
  • Eseld: Isolde
  • Ewella: Higher
  • Gwennol: Swallow
  • Kelynen: Holly
  • Kerezen: Cherry
  • Kerra: Dear
  • Lethwrek: Milkmaid
  • Lowena: Joyful
  • Melder: Honey-sweet
  • Meraud: Sea
  • Merryn: Unknown
  • Morvoren: Mermaid
  • Morwenna: Maiden
  • My'ternes: Queen
  • Sowena: Success
  • Splanna: Brighter
  • Steren: Star
  • Tegen: Pretty
  • Wenna: White

Cornish names for male cats

  • Arthek: Bear
  • Austol: Unknown
  • Bawcock: After Tom Bawcock, folk hero
  • Branok: Raven or crow
  • Cadan: Battle
  • Carantok: Friend
  • Colan: Hazel tree
  • Corentyn: Hero
  • Edern: Eternal
  • Fleetwood: After Mick Fleetwood, Cornish musician
  • Gerens: Cornish king
  • Gryffyn: Lord
  • Hedrek: Bold
  • Jago: Jacob, "supplanter"
  • Jory: George, "farmer"
  • Kenal: Generous chief
  • Kitto: Christopher, "bearing Christ"
  • Lethwas: Milkman
  • Lew: Lion
  • Lowarn: Fox
  • Lowen: Joyful
  • Madern: Lucky
  • Metern: King
  • Myghal: Michael, "who is like God?"
  • Piran: Black
  • Pasco: Easter
  • Treeve: Town, home

Unisex Cornish names for cats

Some Cornish place names and surnames can actually be perfect names for both male and female cats. Our favorites include:

  • Angove: Surname, "smith"
  • Argall: Surname, "shelter"
  • Baldhu: Black mine
  • Bian: Little
  • Blydh: Wolf
  • Bodwin: After the legendary Beast of Bodmin, a phantom cat
  • Bucca: Storm fairy or hobgoblin
  • Cough: Red
  • Dehen: Cream
  • Diwysyk: Observant, hard-working
  • Gell: Light brown
  • Glowbrenn: Charcoal
  • Gorm: Dark brown
  • Gwavas: Surname, winter shelter
  • Hammett: Surname, summer shelter
  • Helyer: Surname, "hunter"
  • Hendra: Place name, "old farm"
  • Kanel: Cinnamon
  • Kath: Cat
  • Kathik: Kitten
  • Knocker: Leprachaun
  • Laity: Place name, "dairy"
  • Los: Gray
  • Mannbluv: Fluffy, downy
  • Marrak: Surname, "knight"
  • Piskie: Pixie
  • Rosemorran: Place name, "heath of brambles"
  • Wyn: White

Have you chosen a Cornish name for your cat? Which one was it? If you know more Cornish names that can suit cats, tell us and we'll add them to our selection.

If you still haven't found the right name for your cat, take a look at the following lists:

Cornish Names for Cats - With Meanings -

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Cornish Names for Cats - With Meanings