Irish Names for Cats - With Meanings

By Jane Bertin, Journalist specialized in animal welfare. Updated: June 19, 2018
Irish Names for Cats - With Meanings

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Are you about to adopt a cat? You should take the time to research and think over the perfect name, since it's going to accompany your pet for your time together. Too often the problem isn't finding a good name - it's that there are too many good name lists out there.

In order to help you choose a name for your pet, in this AnimalWised article we've compiled Irish names for cats.

The most widely spoken language in Ireland nowadays is English, but Irish - also called Gaelic or Irish Gaelic is also an official language. If you're not familiar with Celtic languages the pronunciation can seem difficult at first, but these names all sound beautiful. Some of them are from Irish mythology while others are more modern, and all of them are meaningful names.

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How to choose a name for a cat: Things to consider

Besides its sound and meaning, there are some practical aspects you should consider before picking an Irish name for your cat. Take our guidelines into account and you'll notice that training your new kitten and building a relationship with them becomes much easier.

  • Names for cats should be relatively short and easy to understand. Cats learn to identify their names just like dogs do, and you can make it easier by choosing a name that's around two syllables long.
  • Choose a unique name. In fact, the most popular cat names in Ireland overlap with popular baby names, and most of them are of English origin. However, Celtic names are less common and calling your pet will feel more special.
  • Choose a name that suits your pet. We've compiled Irish names for cats with their meanings; this way, for instance, you can call your black cat something that means "dark".

Irish names for male cats

  • Abban: Abbot
  • Aengus: Strong; god of love and youth
  • Aidan: Flame
  • Ainmire: Great lord
  • Baird: Bard
  • Banbhan: Piglet
  • Barram: Handsome
  • Buckley: Boy
  • Carraig: Rock
  • Ceallach: Strife
  • Cían: Ancient; Lugh's father in Irish mythology
  • Cillian: Battle
  • Colm: Dove
  • Conan: Little wolf
  • Cormac: Son
  • Dagda: God of agriculture and wisdom; druid
  • Damon: Tame
  • Dempsey: Proud
  • Doyle: Dark stranger
  • Eames: Protector
  • Eimhin: Swift
  • Eoin: God's gift
  • Finley: Fair hero
  • Finnegan: Fair or white
  • Fintan: From Fintan mac Bóchra, mythological seer
  • Flannery: Red-skinned
  • Giolladhe: Golden
  • Godfrey: Peace from God
  • Goídel: Mythologic creator of Goidelic languages
  • Haley: Clever
  • Hogan: Youth
  • Hurley: Sea tide
  • Kavan: Handsome
  • Keenan: Ancient
  • Kieran: Dark-haired
  • Lochlann: Home of the Norse
  • Lugh: Warrior god, father of Cú Chulainn
  • Mal: Chief
  • Mannuss: Great
  • Midir: Mythological hero
  • Morgan: Fighter of the sea
  • Nevan: Holy
  • Niall: Champion
  • Nolyn: Noble
  • Odran: Light green
  • Padraig: Noble
  • Phelan: Joyful
  • Pierce: Rock
  • Quigley: Shaggy
  • Raghnall: Strong
  • Rafferty: Prosperous
  • Ronan: Little seal
  • Rory: Red king
  • Scully: Herald
  • Sean: God's grace
  • Sheridan: Wild
  • Tyrell: Tyr, Norse god of battle
  • Tuan: From Tuan mac Cairill, a mythological figure
  • Ualtar: Fighter

Irish names for female cats

  • Airleas: Pledge
  • Alaine: Beautiful
  • Blair: From the fields
  • Breana: Strong and honorable
  • Brigid: Exalted; goddess of spring, wisdom and fire
  • Boan: Goddess of the river Boyne
  • Caffara: Helmet
  • Ceire: Saint
  • Cessair: Sorrow; mythological leader of the first Irish
  • Ciara: Dark-haired
  • Colleem: Young girl
  • Darcelle: Dark
  • Deirdre: Unknown; mythological heroine
  • Duvessa: Dark beauty
  • Eavan: Fair
  • Ena: Fire
  • Erin: Ireland
  • Étaín: Jealousy; mythological heroine
  • Ethniu: Kernel; mythological mother of the god Lugh
  • Fallon: In charge
  • Fiona: Fair or white
  • Glenda: Holy
  • Gobinet: Brings joy
  • Gormly: Sad
  • Hiolair: Happy
  • Islene: Vision
  • Kelsey: Brave
  • Kira: Black
  • Mairead: Pearl; form of "Margaret"
  • Meara: Merry
  • Morrígan: Goddess of fate and doom
  • Muirne: Beloved
  • Neala: Champion
  • Noreena: Honor
  • Oona: Lamb
  • Orla: Golden princess
  • Padraigin: Noble
  • Quinn: Intelligent
  • Raegan: Impulsive
  • Ranalt: Charming
  • Riley: Corageous
  • Saoirse: Freedom
  • Siobhan: God is gracious
  • Tara: King's hill
  • Teagan: Beautiful
  • Vevila: Harmony

Unisex Irish names for cats

There are many beautiful names of Irish origin that refer to geography or abstract concepts that will suit both male and female cats. We've chosen some place names from all parts of the island because of their sound; if you have Irish heritage it can be a very good idea to name your pet after the place your family comes from.

  • Ambros: Divine
  • Annaduff: From the black marsh
  • Aodhfin: White fire
  • Ardglass: Green height; village in County Down
  • Ballyclare: Pass of the plain; town in County Antrim
  • Bailey: Bailiff; popular Irish cream
  • Branduff: Black raven
  • Breanne: Strong
  • Caomh: Lovable
  • Cory: From the round hill
  • Elly: Torch
  • Fahey: From the green field
  • Finglas: Clear stream; suburb in Dublin
  • Glasnevin: Stream of the infants; neighborhood in Dublin
  • Gorman: Blue
  • Guinness: Popular Irish beer
  • Keely: Beautiful
  • Kildare: Church of the oak; town in County Kildare
  • Loughgall: Cabbage lake; village in County Armagh
  • Macushla: Darling
  • Mave: Joy
  • Shamrock: Clover
Irish Names for Cats - With Meanings - Unisex Irish names for cats

Have you found the best Irish name for cats? Tell us which one it was in the comments section! And if you have more ideas, tell us and we'll add them to the list.

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Lisa Ellis
I am going on my search very soon for 3 ink bkack female kittens. I have chose 2 names from your list...Duvessa and Teagan. But i am at a quarry as to name the 3rd. I was thinking of Baltray...but i don't know the meaning. Can you help?
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Lisa,

We love these names and Baltray sounds great to us, so you could stick with that and be happy. However, since they are black cats, maybe this suggestions can help:
I like the name Magee for a new cream color male cat I will be getting this summer. The name seems to fit him but I am looking for some different spellings Can you help me?
Jane Bertin (AnimalWised editor)
According to BehindTheName, Magee comes from the surname Mac Aodha - which is a bit complicated for a cat's name, isn't it? Some variations include McKay, McCoy (great if you're a Star Trek fan!), McGee and Hughes.

Mac Aodha means son of Aodh, which means "fire" (perfect for a cream cat, then!). Variations of that include Áed, Aden and Aiden, but you lose the m- sound at the beginning. Hope that helps! :)
Thanks so much. We have ordered our Cream Cat and have decided if it is male to be McGee.
Jane Bertin (AnimalWised editor)
Adorable! Glad to be of help. :)

Irish Names for Cats - With Meanings
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Irish Names for Cats - With Meanings

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