Classic Russian Names for Cats - With Meanings

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By Jane Bertin, Journalist specialized in animal welfare. Updated: December 20, 2016
Classic Russian Names for Cats - With Meanings

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If you've ever had a pet, you'll know that finding the right name can be as complicated as training them and arranging the home for them. After all, you want a name for your cat that sounds beautiful and unique, that matches their personality, that's easy to pronounce and that you don't get tired of. Those are a lot of requirements!

Have you considered names from a different language? Cats are passionate and elusive, like the characters of classic Russian literature. What about one of their names for your cat? In order to help you find the perfect name, here at AnimalWised we've compiled a list of classic Russian names for cats.

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  1. Why choose a Russian name for your cat?
  2. Russian names for male cats
  3. Russian names for female cats

Why choose a Russian name for your cat?

All cats deserve unique names. Choosing the right name for your cat is very important, as it will become a key tool in their training. Cats are clever and they can remember different words; your new cat will learn their name in days and always come to your call.

However, you can make your cat's training easier by choosing a name that's easy to remember and pronounce, 2 or 3 syllables long (or that can be shortened) and different from daily words so that your cat doesn't get confused when you speak. If you don't live in Russia, then, a Russian name is the perfect option.

Russian names are especially good for Russian cat breeds like the Siberian cat - with the Neva Masquerade variant - the Russian Blue, the Donskoy, the Peterbald or the Kurilian Bobtail. If you have any other kind of cat, though, you'll realize you can also find a Russian name that's perfect for them.

Russian is the most widely spoken Slavic language, with more than 150 million native speakers. It is understandable, then, why Russian culture is so rich. You can find inspiration in classic Russian names, which often come from Greek or Latin, but also from Russian literature, folklore, traditions and history.

Classic Russian Names for Cats - With Meanings - Why choose a Russian name for your cat?

Russian names for male cats

  • Aleksandr: Defender of men
  • Alyosha: Diminutive of Aleksandr
  • Anatoly: Sunrise
  • Bazhen: Wish
  • Bliny: Pancake
  • Boris: Wolf
  • Chekov: Playwright; character in Star Trek
  • Dima: Diminutive of Dmitriy
  • Evgeni: Well-born
  • Fyodor: Gift of God
  • Gena: Noble
  • Grisha: Diminutive of Grigoriy, watchful
  • Igor: Warrior
  • Ivan: God is gracious; folk hero
  • Koshei: Folk villain, Koshei the Deathless
  • Kostya: Diminutive of Konstantin
  • Kotik: Kitten
  • Kremlin: Government building in Moscow
  • Lev: Lion
  • Lyubov: Love
  • Marlen: Marx-Lenin
  • Maksim: Greatest
  • Milan: Dear
  • Misha: Diminutive of Mikhail
  • Mstislav: Vengeance and glory
  • Myshka: Little mouse
  • Nikita: Victor
  • Nikolay: Victory of the people
  • Pasha: Diminutive of Pavel
  • Pasternak: Author
  • Pavel: Small, humble
  • Pushkin: Author
  • Pyotr: Stone, from War and Peace
  • Rasputin: Historical character
  • Romanov: Dynasty of czars
  • Ruslan: Lion, from Ruslan and Ludmila
  • Rybka: Little fish
  • Sasha: Diminutive of Aleksandr
  • Solnyshko: Little sun
  • Stanislav: Standing in glory
  • Stroganoff: Beef with sauce
  • Timur: Iron
  • Tolstoy: Author
  • Valentin: Strong, vigorous
  • Vladimir: Famous ruler
  • Vladislav: Rules in glory
  • Volya: Will, freedom
  • Yaroslav: Fierce and glorious
  • Yuri: From Doctor Zhivago
  • Zolotse: Gold
Classic Russian Names for Cats - With Meanings - Russian names for male cats

Russian names for female cats

  • Alyonushka: Diminutive of Yelena, folk heroine
  • Anastasia: Resurrection
  • Anna: From Anna Karenina
  • Anya: Diminutive of Anna
  • Baba Yaga: Witch from Russian folklore
  • Bronislava: Protection and glory
  • Dasha: Diminutive of Darya
  • Darya: Possessing good
  • Dunya: Well-pleased
  • Ekaterina: Pure
  • Fedora: Gift of God
  • Galina: Calm
  • Irina: Peace
  • Isidora: Gift of Isis
  • Karenina: From Anna Karenina
  • Katenka: Diminutive of Ekaterina
  • Katya: Diminutive of Ekaterina
  • Kseniya: Hospitality
  • Koshka: Cat
  • Lara: Citadel
  • Lena: Diminutive of Yelena
  • Ludmila: Favor of the people
  • Manya: Diminutive of Maria
  • Margarita: From The Master and Margarita
  • Masha: Diminutive of Maria
  • Mila: Dear
  • Morevna: Folk heroine Marya Morevna
  • Motya: Diminutive of Matrona, lady
  • Nadezhda: Hope
  • Natasha: Diminutive of Nataliya, from War and Peace
  • Nina: Diminutive
  • Oksana: Foreigner
  • Olga: Holy, blessed
  • Pashka: Sweet eaten at Easter
  • Polina: Little
  • Rada: Pleased
  • Rufina: Red-haired
  • Siberia: Cold region in northeastern Russia
  • Slava: Glory
  • Sonya: Diminutive of Sophia, wisdom
  • Svetlana: Light, star
  • Tatyana: From Eugene Onegin
  • Toma: Diminutive of Tamara, palm tree
  • Ukha: Soup
  • Vasilisa: Folk heroine
  • Yelena: Torch
  • Yelizaveta: My God is an oath
  • Zoya: Life
Classic Russian Names for Cats - With Meanings - Russian names for female cats

Have you found the perfect classic Russian name for your cat? Which one is it? Did we miss your favorite? Tell us all in the comments section!

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Classic Russian Names for Cats - With Meanings