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Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots

Marta SarasĂșa
By Marta SarasĂșa, Psychologist. February 22, 2022
Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots

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Although it won't matter in terms of their health and happiness, the color and pattern of a cat's fur can be very attractive. This is particularly the case with breeds that look like their wild cat cousins. Many of these have the common tabby coat pattern which tends to display striped markings on the face, back and sides of the cat. If we look closely, we may see these stripes appear to be more rounded in certain areas. With some cats, they may even display pronounced spots. Due to their relative rarity and aesthetically pleasing nature, many of us find spotted cat breeds to be particularly enchanting.

At AnimalWised, we help you see why these breeds are so highly regarded with our list of 10+ domestic cat breeds with spots. We also provide information and photos of each cat so you can see their charm for yourself.

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  1. Bengal
  2. Egyptian Mau
  3. Ocicat
  4. Savannah
  5. Japanese Bobtail
  6. Munchkin
  7. Burmese
  8. Siamese
  9. Balinese
  10. Ragdoll
  11. Other breeds of cats with spots
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1. Bengal

The Bengal cat is native to the United States and was born from the cross between an Asian leopard cat (Prionailurus bengalensis) and a domestic cat. The result led to a beautiful golden coat with black spots reminiscent of leopards. For this reason, if we think of cats with leopard spots, the Bengal is likely the first that comes to mind.

Bengals are extremely active, energetic, and curious felines. They love to play with anything and can easily get bored if they spend a lot of time alone or are not provided with the stimulation necessary to maintain well-being. They are also cats with a strong propensity towards climbing. They like to monitor their surroundings from above, so it is advisable to provide them with towers or cat platforms.

Bengal cats are a generally healthy breed in general. They can be somewhat demanding with food, which has to be of good quality and very palatable for them to accept.

Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots - 1. Bengal

2. Egyptian Mau

Another cat breed with a characteristic spotted coat is the Egyptian Mau. In fact, they may be the original spotted domestic cat breed since they are one of the breeds from which the modern domestic cat originate. In addition to their beautiful mottled tabby pattern, they have large round eyes which are some of the most expressive in all cats. Their coat is often silver grey with dark spots, but can also be bronze.

The Egyptian Mau is a shy and quite sensitive cat. Their exceptional sense of hearing, along with their cautious nature, means they can be easily frightened by sudden loud noises. They need a calm environment, meaning they can have difficulty living in busy homes or those with rambunctious children. However, there are a very affectionate cat and will bond strongly with their human guardians. For all these reasons, these gray-spotted cats are the ideal companions for homely people.

Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots - 2. Egyptian Mau

3. Ocicat

You may have noticed that the spotted cat breeds in our list so far tend to look like wild cats such as leopards or tigers. The Ocicat is a domestic feline which looks particularly like a leopard. This is partly due to their expressive eyes, large ears and, in particular, their coat. The Ocicat's spotted coat is a result of American breeders in the 1960s. A chance mutation resulted in a coat similar to an ocelot (Leopardus pardalis) and the breed began from there.

The Ocicat is a feline with a confident and outgoing character. Despite its wild appearance, it is a sociable and playful animal that loves attention. The Ocicat is also very attentive and intelligent, so it is possible to teach them certain tricks. This training requires positive reinforcement and short sessions to avoid getting bored or frustrated.

They are a healthy breed that does not require excessive care, although it is important to provide them with enough stimulation on a physical, social and cognitive level. This will help avoid behavioral problems.

Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots - 3. Ocicat

4. Savannah

This spectacular breed emerged in the 1980s when a female domestic cat crossed with a male serval (Leptailurus serval), giving rise to a hybrid offspring we now know as the Savannah.

Savannah cats can vary widely in size, even within the same litter. This is a result of their hybrid genetics, but they are all considerably taller, longer and heavier than a typical domestic cat. In the same way, their character varies according to the individual. With proper socialization, Savannahs are usually friendly and loyal cats, although quite independent. They are also characterized by being very active and intelligent. Somewhat uncommon in domestic cats is the fact many love to play in the water.

The Savannah is a very special breed, but its characteristics and its particular genetics make it not a suitable companion animal for people without previous experience in the care and education of felines.

Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots - 4. Savannah

5. Japanese Bobtail

As the name suggests, the Japanese Bobtail originates from Japan. They are considered a symbol of good luck in their home nation. Their most initially remarkable feature is their short tail which is like a little pompom, similar to that of a rabbit. This cat breed with spots can present different colors and patterns, although the most characteristic is the calico Japanese Bobtail with black and tan spots on a white background.

The Japanese Bobtail can have long or short hair and specimens with heterochromia are relatively common. These are cats eyes of two different colors. They are a fairly independent and vocal cat, but also very sweet, sociable and versatile. This makes them a good companion for children and other animals. They are born explorers and enjoy going outside whenever they can. Like Bengal, they like to climb to high places where they can observe their surroundings.

They are a fairly healthy animal, but require frequent brushing to keep its coat in good condition and prevent it from ingesting hairballs. This is especially the case with the long-haired Japanese Bobtail.

Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots - 5. Japanese Bobtail

6. Munchkin

This spotted cat breed stands out for their short legs. They are the result of a genetic mutation which causes the bones of its limbs to be shorter than usual. Their way of walking is reminiscent of a ferret. Despite the length of their legs, munchkins are fast and playful cats. Although they are unable to jump as much as other cats, their intelligence helps them to navigate their environments freely.

As with the Bobtail, their fur can be short or long. It presents in many shades and patterns, including tabby and dappled. This is why we can find Munchkins with tiger spots, leopard spots or even some stripes. Calico specimens (with tan, black and white patches) are common in this breed. As with other cats, calico Munchkins will almost always be female. We explain why in this article on whether there are male calico cats.

The Munchkin requires frequent brushing and it is necessary to monitor their health status with annual visits to the veterinarian. Their characteristic mutation makes these animals more susceptible to spinal problems.

Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots - 6. Munchkin

7. Burmese

There are several white cats with brown spots that exist, but the Burmese is one of the most popular. The Burmese cat has a beautiful semi-long coat that is usually light in color on most of its body, except for the face, ears and the distal area of the legs and tail. These parts are darker, giving them a colorpoint appearance as happens with types of Siamese cats. Their paws, however, have white fur giving them the impression they have socks.

Burmese cats are familiar creatures and adapt easily to almost any environment. They can live without problems with other animals as long they are given the right care and a proper introduction is made. Many Burmese cats are quite vocal and tend to demand the attention of their guardians by emitting very varied sounds. They are also one of the calmest cat breeds.

The Burmese cat's coat needs quite a bit of care to prevent knots from forming or the cat ingesting hairballs when grooming. It is best to brush them with a brush suitable for semi-long-haired cats and do it at least three or four times a week.

Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots - 7. Burmese

8. Siamese

The elegant Siamese cat has a very recognizable appearance that highlights its slim and elongated form. They also have beautiful almond-shaped eyes and characteristic black patches on the face, tail and the distal end of their four limbs. The rest of their fur is usually cream in color. The tabby Siamese cat is known as the Lynx-Point Siamese. These cats can have spots on their fur, as well as the black spots on their extremities.

Although these cats love to curl up and rest in warm places, they are also very active and extremely playful. They are affectionate animals with their guardians. If they are well socialized, they usually prefer to live in the company of other cats with whom they can interact. They tend to get bored if they do not have enough environmental stimulation or if they spend many hours alone at home.

Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots - 8. Siamese

9. Balinese

The Balinese cat is closely related to the Siamese, as it is a breed that emerged from the selective breeding of Siamese cats that had longer fur. This is why the Balinese was known for a long time as ‘longhaired Siamese’ until it was finally recognized as a different breed.

The Balinese cat standard accepts a large number of colors, among which blue, chocolate, cream or reddish stand out. Some patterns include dark spots on the face, ears, legs and tail.

Despite the fact that today there is a clear distinction between one breed and another, the Balinese cat continues to be very similar to the Siamese in terms of temperament. They are an animal attached to its guardians, vocal, playful, intelligent and they need a lot of stimulation.

While no cat is completely devoid of potential allergens, they are considered a relatively hypoallergenic cat breed.

Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots - 9. Balinese

10. Ragdoll

This breed with semi-long hair has a very characteristic gray or black spot around its eyes, which are usually very light blue. It also often has areas of darker fur on its tail or on its back, while the rest of its coat is white or cream, although sometimes it can also have colored spots similar to those on its face.

The Ragdoll is a calm, peaceful and quiet cat. It usually tolerates the presence of other animals or children in the home very well. Although it is also independent, it is affectionate with those with whom it has enough trust.

The specimens of this breed are long-lived and generally in good health. As with any other breed with long or semi-long hair, the Ragdoll's coat must be brushed and groomed frequently to prevent complications.

Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots - 10. Ragdoll

Other breeds of cats with spots

Some breeds can sport various patterns and colors depending on the individual, including but not limited to dappled fur. We can find countless cats with colored spots, such as black and orange or black and white. Some of these spotted cat breeds are:

  • European Shorthair
  • Sphynx
  • Cornish Rex
  • American Shorthair
  • Eastern Shorthair
  • Kurilian Bobtail
  • Persian
  • Norwegian Forest Cat

Often the spots on the coats of these cats are part of their tabby markings. Take a look at oyur related article for more information on tabby cat breeds.

Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots - Other breeds of cats with spots

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Calico cats are truly nature's work of art, with their distinctive tri-color coat patterns that make each one a unique masterpiece.

There's something enchanting about the vibrant combination of orange, black, and white in calico cats. It's like they're wearing a coat of many colors.

calico cat seem to embody the playful and independent spirit of felines, and their striking coat patterns only add to their charm.
hi I'm having trouble finding out the exact breed of my previous cat I owned, sadly it passed away a week ago. I sent a picture of the cat I had. if u can tell me the breed that will be great thankyou so much
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We are sorry to hear your news. It seems like they were a mixed breed (European Shorthair) cat. We wouldn't be sable to tell you what their parents were.
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Domestic Cat Breeds With Spots