Happy Dog Names - Male And Female

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. January 27, 2019
Happy Dog Names - Male And Female

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Have you just adopted a new puppy and are looking for the most unique dog name? Choosing a name for a dog is a very exciting experience for all families. Here at AnimalWised we always recommend choosing the perfect dog name by always taking your dog’s personal character into consideration. Is your dog quirky, strong, loyal or cool? All of these things can factor into which name you decide to choose for your new pup!

Is your new puppy incredibly energetic, unique and happy? If so, you’ll love our ideas of happy dog names! Be that a male or female dog, we have a complete list of happy dog names just for you to choose from! Keep reading and discover our list of dog names that mean happy - male and female.

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  1. Dog names that mean happy: what to choose
  2. Happy dog names: male
  3. Happy dog names: female
  4. Cute dog names: male and female

Dog names that mean happy: what to choose

Before presenting you with our list of happy dog names, we want to go over some tips of how to choose the best name for your dog. When choosing the perfect name for your dog, there are some things which need to be taken into consideration. If you follow our tips below, you will be helping your dog by facilitating their training and learning process.

  • Opt for shorter names of two syllables (at most), giving your dog a chance of remembering their name more easily.
  • Choose a name that includes vowels "a", "e", "i". Dogs retain these vowels better than names that contain the vowels "o" and "u".
  • Take your dog’s physical and personal characteristics into consideration when choosing a name.
  • Avoid nicknaming your dog. If you choose a name for your dog, use only that one name to avoid confusion.
  • Avoid naming your dog after common objects, friends or family to avoid additional confusion when being called.

Now, keeping these tips in mind, it's time to take a look at our list of dog names that mean happy. If you have any more ideas or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to post them into our comments section below!

Happy dog names: male

Are you looking for the perfect male dog names that mean happy, if so you’ve come to the right place:

  • Alan: of Gaelic origin, means joy.
  • Vito: from Latin meaning to be full of joy or energy.
  • Hari: Arabic name meaning joy.
  • Vinod: of Sanskrit origin, means happy.
  • Kiano: of Kenyan origin, meaning cheerful.
  • Ayo: of Nigerian origin, cheerful.
  • Kazu: from Kazuyuki, a Japanese name that means happy.
  • Oshe: Hebrew name that means happy or lucky.
  • Onni: is of Finnish origin and means happy.
  • Thabo: African name that means happiness.
  • Dakari: of African origin meaning ‘the one that brings joy’.
  • Kasen: from Thailand and means happy.
  • Ratko: Slavic, means happiness.
  • Akela: Hawaiian, means happy.
  • Said: Arabic name that means happy.
  • Dayo: of Nigerian origin, full of joy.
  • Felix: comes from Latin and means happy.

If you still haven’t found the perfect dog name in this list, don’t worry! Take a look at our following articles for more of our best dog names for males:

Happy Dog Names - Male And Female - Happy dog names: male

Happy dog names: female

Have you just adopted a cute girl dog with an extroverted, playful and smiley personality? If so, you’ll love our list of happy girl dog names:

  • Joy: what better name for a dog than the word itself!
  • Ada: Hebrew, meaning happy and beautiful.
  • Gila: Hebrew, meaning joy.
  • Eda: happiness.
  • Abi: from Abigail, signifying ‘the one that brings joy’.
  • Nara: of Japanese origin, meaning happy.
  • Freida: of Hebrew origin, meaning happy.
  • Aylén: of Araucanian origin; cheerful.
  • Ditza: of Hebrew origin, meaning happy and content.
  • Glee: synonym of happy.
  • Rina: Hebrew, meaning joy.
  • Aine: of Irish origin, means happy and lucky.
  • Leti: short for Leticia, meaning happy.
  • Gila: of Hebrew origin, means joy.
  • Meave: of Irish origin, means happy.
  • Leda or Leyda: of Greek origin, means happy.
  • Simja: of Hebrew origin, means happy.
  • Yuki: of Japanese origin, means cheerful.
  • Kalea: Hawaiian, meaning happy and cheerful.
  • Rina: Hebrew name that means happy.
  • Luanna: of Hawaiian origin, means cheerful and happy.
  • Radka: Arabic name that means cheerful.
  • Joy: word in English that means joy.
  • Olina: Hawaiian, means joy or happiness.
  • Sanyu: of Japanese origin, meaning happy.
  • Suad: Arabic name meaning cheerful.
  • Keiko: of Japanese origin, meaning happy girl.
  • Anuli: of African origin, ‘the one that brings joy’.
  • Isel: from Gisel, meaning joy.
  • Eve: of Hebrew origin, meaning full of life and energy.
  • Bea: Beatriz, meaning both happy and lucky.
  • Sachiko: popular Japanese name that means happiness.

Have you found the best happy go lucky dog name for you pup? If not, don’t worry, we have some more options for you to choose from:

Happy Dog Names - Male And Female - Happy dog names: female

Cute dog names: male and female

If you’re dog is happy go lucky, we’re sure they’re incredibly cute too! Therefore, we just had to present you with our list of the cutest dog names - male and female:

Cute dog name: male

  • Monkey
  • Oreo
  • Duds
  • Bubs
  • Snoopy
  • Bud
  • Ollie

Cute dog name: female

  • Ellie
  • Muffin
  • Bubsie
  • Donut
  • Peach
  • Zoe

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Happy Dog Names - Male And Female