How far can a Kangaroo Jump?

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. October 2, 2016
How far can a Kangaroo Jump?

The kangaroo is the best known out of all marsupials; moreover, this very special animal has become the emblem of Australia, as that is their land of origin.

Kangaroos are known for the features that make them stand out from most other species. For example, kangaroos have a pouch that transports and nourishes their young, the "marsupial pouch". These animals also have a powerful musculoskeletal system through which they can achieve great speed and length while jumping.

You've surely wondered at some point how far can a kangaroo jump? This AnimalWised article will clear up your doubts.

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The musculoskeletal system of the kangaroo

The kangaroo is an animal of large proportions, and the only one that moves by jumping. This should not be surprising considering its anatomy, which has evolved perfectly for this method of movement.

This marsupial has very strong and well-developed hind legs, especially when compared to the small size of its front legs. The feet are so large in order to produce the momentum of the jump. Its long, muscular tail is also essential for giving the kangaroo the balance it needs during the jump.

The kangaroo achieves its jumps by moving its hind legs at the same time.

How far can a Kangaroo Jump? - The musculoskeletal system of the kangaroo

How fast can kangaroos jump?

The most comfortable speed for the kangaroo when hopping is about 20-25 kilometers/hour (13 to 16 miles/hour). However they are capable of speeds of up to 70 kilometers/hour (44 miles/hour).

Kangaroos can keep a speed of 40 km/hour (24/miles) for up to 2 km (1 mile and a half), but they are unable to go such a distance at higher speeds.

Although jumping like that may seem like a great effort for the kangaroo, it is the way of travelling that saves them more energy as compared to any other means of movement. In fact, kangaroos cannot walk well, and when it travels at low speeds it uses its tail as a tripod, along with its front two legs.

How far can a Kangaroo Jump? - How fast can kangaroos jump?

How long and how high can kangaroos jump?

The kangaroo moves forward a distance of 2 meters (6'6'') with each jump. However, when fleeing from a predator on flat ground without any obstacles, a single jump is able to cover a distance of 9 meters (almost 30 feet).

Kangaroo jumps can reach a height of 3 meters (9'10''), resulting in a sight like no other. Those who have been fortunate enough to observe this animal in its natural habitat are left amazed.

How far can a Kangaroo Jump? - How long and how high can kangaroos jump?

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How far can a Kangaroo Jump?
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How far can a Kangaroo Jump?

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