How Long After Deworming a Puppy Are the Worms Gone?

How Long After Deworming a Puppy Are the Worms Gone?

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Nowadays, many care givers are aware of the importance of deworming their puppies. Parasites not only harm the dog, but can also transmit diseases and affect other animals, even people. This is why keeping them under control is essential to caring for our puppy and household.

In this AnimalWised article we're going to be talking about deworming puppies and what to expect after deworming your puppy. We'll also answer the very important question of how long after deworming a puppy are the worms gone.

  1. The importance of deworming a puppy
  2. When to deworm a puppy
  3. Types of dewormers for puppies
  4. What to expect after deworming a puppy
  5. How long after deworming a puppy are the worms gone?

The importance of deworming a puppy

Puppies need internal and external deworming within the first weeks of their life. This way, we protect them (and us) from serious health issues.

Internal deworming will help against parasites that are located in the heart, respiratory system, intestines or even the eyes of our puppy.

External deworming will help against parasites located on our puppy's body. These include mites and fleas in different places on a dog's body. Read our article on external parasites to learn more.

Although adult dogs can fight off certain quantities of parasites, for puppies it can be fatal. Not only are these parasites an issue themselves, but they also transmit other serious diseases to our pets and even to us. This is especially an issue if we have children in our household.

For all reasons above, it's best to deworm your puppy so as to avoid all the issues mentioned above. Learn more in our article on the importance of deworming your dog.

When to deworm a puppy

Internal deworming in puppies begins at 2-3 weeks of age. As for external deworming, in general, it can begin when the puppy begins to leave the house. This is usually around when they are 8 weeks of age. But a single administration is not enough to keep them protected. Deworming must be repeated according to the established deworming schedule.

How often must we deworm our puppy?

Generally, dogs (puppies and adults) should be dewormed every month of the year against external parasites, since fleas and ticks are present all year long.

Regarding internal parasites, especially gastrointestinal worms, puppies should be frequently dewormed during the first months of life. Thus, from 2-3 weeks of life and until 2 weeks after weaning. The recommendation is to deworm them every 2 weeks.

From this moment up to 6 months later, deworming is recommended to be monthly. In adult dogs that have access to the outside, monthly deworming is also recommended. This way, the life cycle of internal parasites is broken.

Ask your veterinarian about your puppy's deworming schedule.

How Long After Deworming a Puppy Are the Worms Gone? - When to deworm a puppy

Types of dewormers for puppies

There are many options for deworming your puppy. Nevertheless, you will need a professional to properly guide you to choosing the best for your pet and their condition. Here are the two types of dewormers:

  • Common dewormers for external parasites: these act on the surface of the skin. You can find them as sprays or collars and only act on external parasites.
  • Oral dewormers for internal parasites: these dewormers are orally ingested. We need to make sure that our puppy doesn't vomit them out. These dewormers usually only work on internal parasites, however there are some that work for both internal and external parasites.

Contact your veterinarian to learn which medication is best for your puppy.

What to expect after deworming a puppy

After a couple of hours

If your puppy was administered edible deworming treatment, make sure they do not throw it up in the following hours. Your puppy may experience certain side effects, however, these side effects are often short lived. If you see any worrisome symptoms, contact your veterinarian for further instructions.

Once your puppy has digested the treatment, the worms will die and your puppy's digestive system will naturally excrete them.

After a few days

After a couple of days, you will see worms in your dog's faeces. Although unpleasant to the eye, it means that the treatment is working and your puppy is getting rid of the parasites. Again, if you see any abnormalities, it's best to contact your veterinarian.

How Long After Deworming a Puppy Are the Worms Gone? - What to expect after deworming a puppy

How long after deworming a puppy are the worms gone?

Although this will depend on the medication your veterinarian has chosen for your puppy, most medications won't take long to start acting. In most cases, the process begins after 12 hours of administering the medication. And you will continue to see worms in your puppy's faeces for a week. However, if your puppy had a serious infestation, you can expect to see worms in their faeces for 2 weeks.

If you see any abnormalities, contact your veterinarian.

This article is purely informative. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are suffering from any condition or pain.

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How Long After Deworming a Puppy Are the Worms Gone?