Irish Names for Cats and Dogs

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. August 29, 2017
Irish Names for Cats and Dogs

Are you thinking of adopting a dog or cat? If so, it's important that you take the time to research and reflect on the perfect name for your new companion, as this will accompany them throughout their life.

Currently, the most spoken language in Ireland is English, but "Irish", also called Gaelic or Irish Gaelic, is still an official language. If you are unfamiliar with Celtic languages, pronunciation may seem difficult at first. However, all names will convey a beautiful sound and a pinch of Irish essence.

AnimalWised have compiled a list of names from Irish mythology and other more modern names for your inspiration. Keep reading and discover our great Irish names for cats and dogs!


  1. How to choose the perfect pet name
  2. Irish names for male dogs and cats
  3. Irish names for female dogs and cats
  4. Unisex Irish names for dogs and cats

How to choose the perfect pet name

Regardless of the meaning and loudness of the chosen name, the truth is that we must consider some practical factors before choosing one of these Irish names for dogs and cats. These little tips will help you achieve good communication with your pet:

  1. The chosen name should be relatively short and easy to understand so you can remember it with little effort. The ideal is to opt for a name of no more than 2 syllables.
  2. Choose a unique name so that your dog or cat does not confuse their name with usual words in your vocabulary or with other people's names. Surely in our list you will find some!
  3. The name should be ideal for your dog or cat, so the meaning should be according to their personality or, conversely, can be an antonym for comedic effect.
Irish Names for Cats and Dogs - How to choose the perfect pet name

Irish names for male dogs and cats

  • Aengus: Strong, god of love and youth
  • Aidan: The Flame of Fire
  • Ainmire: The Great Lord
  • Banbhan: Piglet
  • Barram: Beautiful
  • Buckley: Boy, young man
  • Carraig: Rock
  • Cian: Ancient, Lugh's father in Irish mythology
  • Cillian: Battle
  • Colm: Driver
  • Conan: The Little Wolf
  • Cormac: Son
  • Dagda: God of agriculture and wisdom, druid
  • Damon: Docile, tame
  • Dempsey: Proud, splendid, glorious
  • Doyle: Dark and Strange
  • Eames: Protector
  • Eimhin: Fast, light
  • Eoin: Gift of God
  • Finley: Hero of the fair
  • Finnegan: Fair and white
  • Fintan: Mythological being of "Fintan mac Bóchra"
  • Flannery: Red skin
  • Giolladhe: Gold
  • Godfrey: Peace of God
  • Goídel: Mythological creator of the Gaelic language
  • Haley: Smart and clever
  • Hogan: Juvenile
  • Hurley: The tide of the sea
  • Kavan: Elegant, beautiful
  • Keenan: Old
  • Kieran: Dark-haired/black-haired
  • Lochlann: The home of the Norse
  • Lugh: God warrior, father of "Cú Chulainn"
  • Mannuss: Nice, good
  • Measure: Mythological hero
  • Morgan: Sea Wrestler
  • Nevan: Holy
  • Niall: Champion
  • Nolyn: Noble
  • Ordan: Green light
  • Padraig: Aristocrat, nobleman
  • Phelan: Cheerful
  • Pierce: Rock
  • Quingley: Shaggy, tangled, disheveled
  • Raghnall: Strong
  • Rafferty: Prosperous
  • Ronan: A Little Seal
  • Rory: Red King
  • Scully: The Proclaimer
  • Sean: The grace of God
  • Sheridan: Wild
  • Tyrell: Tyr, Norse Battle God
  • Tuan: Mythological figure of "Tuan Mac Cairill"
  • Ualtar: Wrestler
Irish Names for Cats and Dogs - Irish names for male dogs and cats

Irish names for female dogs and cats

  • Airlas: Solemn promise
  • Alaine: Beauty
  • Blair: From the field
  • Breana: Strong and honorable
  • Brigid: Exalted, goddess of spring, wisdom and fire
  • Boan: Goddess of the River Boyne
  • Caffara: Helmet
  • Ceire: Santa
  • Cessair: Of the first mythological leaders, pain
  • Ciara: The one with the black hair
  • Colleem: Young girl
  • Darcelle: Dark
  • Deirdre: Unknown mythological heroine
  • Duvessa: Black Beauty
  • Eavan: Fair, reasonable
  • Ena: Fire
  • Erin: Ireland
  • Ethina: Mythological heroine of jealousy
  • Fallon: In Charge
  • Fiona: Fair or White
  • Glenda: Santa
  • Gobinet: The One Who Brings Joy
  • Gormly: Sadness
  • Hiloair: Happiness
  • Islene: The Vision
  • Kelsey: Bravery
  • Kira: Black
  • Mairead: Pearl in the shape of a margarita
  • Meara: Happy
  • Morrigan: Goddess of destiny and doom
  • Muirne: Beloved
  • Neala: Triumphant
  • Noreena: Honorific
  • Oona: Corderita
  • Orla: Golden Princess
  • Padraigin: Noble
  • Quinn: Smart
  • Reagan: Impulsive
  • Ranalt: Ancient
  • Riley: Courage
  • Saoirse: Freedom
  • Siobhan: God is Merciful
  • Tara: King's Hill
  • Tagan: Beautiful
  • Vevila: Harmony
Irish Names for Cats and Dogs - Irish names for female dogs and cats

Unisex Irish names for dogs and cats

In addition to the names mentioned above, there are others of Irish origin based on geography and abstract concepts that fit both males and females. AnimalWised have chosen some names that belong to all corners of the island due to their sonority:

  • Ambros: Divine
  • Annaduff: From the Black Marsh
  • Aodhfin: White fire
  • Ardglass: Green Heights, County Down
  • Ballyclare: Town in County Antrim
  • Bailey: Popular Irish Cream
  • Branduff: Black Crow
  • Breanne: Strong
  • Caomh: Friendly, charming
  • Cory: Round Hill
  • Elly: Torch
  • Fahey: From the green field
  • Finglas: Clear stream, Dublin suburb
  • Glasnevin: Brook of the new born in Dublin
  • Gorman: Blue
  • Guinness: Popular Irish Beer
  • Keely: Beautiful
  • Kildare: Church of the oak, town of Kildare
  • Loughgall: Cabbage Lake, village of Armagh
  • Macushla: Dear
  • Mave: Joy
  • Shamrock: Clover
Irish Names for Cats and Dogs - Unisex Irish names for dogs and cats

Have you found the perfect Irish name for your dog or cat?

If not, don't despair, discover a complete list of short names for dogs, names for big dogs and names of famous cats. Remember that choosing the right name is crucial so that, for years, you can be happy every time you call your pet's name.

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Irish Names for Cats and Dogs