Japanese Names for Dogs - Male and Female

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By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. March 18, 2019
Japanese Names for Dogs - Male and Female

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If you are here reading this AnimalWised article, it’s because you’re interested in finding the perfect name for your dog! Have you just adopted a new pup and are looking to give it a suitable unique dog name? If you have adopted Japanese dog breed we believe that this list is especially perfect for you!

Whether it's an Akita Inu, a Japanese spitz or a Shiba Inu, we’re offering you an extensive list of over 60 Japanese names for dogs for you to choose from. Keep reading and discover our list of Japanese dog names for both males and females.

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Japanese names for dogs

Japanese is a language spoken by over 130 million people around the world. It is, however, prominently spoken in Japan.

The origins of this East Asian language and its many dialects (Ryukyuan) is believed to have been carried over by settlers from continental Asia and/or its neighboring Pacific islands. Japanese is currently spoken, not only in within its own Japanese archipelago, but also in many areas of Russia, the United States, North and South Korea, China, the Philippines, Mongolia, Taiwan, Peru, Brazil, Australia or Liechtenstein.

Thanks to the media, travel and social networks, the Japanese culture has spread to the West. Thus favoring us with a whole series of new vocabulary as well as new and incredibly interesting culture.

Japanese is an incredibly rich and intricate tongue and because of this, we couldn’t miss out on an opportunity to delve into this language. Discover our list of Japanese dog names with meaning below!

For more about Japanese dog breeds, you’ll love our Japanese dog breeds list.

Japanese Names for Dogs - Male and Female - Japanese names for dogs

Japanese names for dogs: choosing a dog name

Although dogs are very intelligent animals, their ability to understand words is limited. Therefore, before choosing a Japanese dog name, we recommend taking a look these tips for choosing the perfect dog name:

  • The name should be short and contain, at most, two syllables.
  • This name should be easy to pronounce to avoid any confusion.
  • This name should not resemble any of the dog’s training orders. One needs to try and avoid their dog from associating its name with an action.
  • We recommend opting for a name suitable to your dog’s breed, size and physical characteristics, be creative!
  • The most important thing is that you need to like your dog’s name, once your dog has learnt its name don’t change it, this can be incredibly confusing for a dog.

Have you just adopted a dog and need to train it? If so, you may find our following article helpful: how to teach a dog its name.

Japanese dog names: female

Here is our list Japanese names for female dogs with meaning that we love! When naming your dog, don’t forget to be creative and use their physical or personal characteristics as inspiration:

  • Aika - Love song
  • Akari - Light
  • Akemi - Beautiful, bright
  • Akira - Cheerful
  • Asami - Morning beauty
  • Ayaka - Colorful flower
  • Azumi - Safe place
  • Chikako - Wisdom
  • Cho - Butterfly
  • Dai - Great
  • Daisuke - Great assistant
  • Eiko - Splendid
  • Emi - Blessed are beauty
  • Haru - Spring, brightness of the Sun
  • Hikari - Radiant
  • Himeko - Princess
  • Hoschi - Star
  • Junko - Pure
  • Kasumi - Fog
  • Kiku - Chrysanthemum flower
  • Kohana - Small flower
  • Kohaku - Amber
  • Mariko - True
  • Minako - Pretty
  • Momoko - Peach
  • Naomi - Bella
  • Sakura - Cherry blossom
  • Sango - Coral
  • Sato - Sugar, very sweet
  • Shinju - Pearl
  • Sora - Sky
  • Sumomo - Plum
  • Takara - Treasure
  • Tomoko - Friendly
  • Uniko - Marine
  • Yasu - Seren
  • Yushiko - Good
  • Yuko - Funny
  • Yuri - Lily

None of these names suit your female dog? Don’t worry, we have more for you to choose from! Take a look at our list of names for female dogs.

Japanese Names for Dogs - Male and Female - Japanese dog names: female

Japanese dog names: male

Next, we have our list of Japanese names for male dogs with meaning. If you choose one of these names or have more ideas for Japanese dog names, please post them into our comments section below!

  • Akachan - Baby
  • Aki - Autumn, bright
  • Ayumu - Dream, longing
  • Choko - Chocolate
  • Daichi - Intelligent
  • Daiki - Valuable, outstanding
  • Eiji - Good governor
  • Fudo - God of Fire
  • Hajime - Beginning
  • Hayato- Brave
  • Heishi - Soldier
  • Hiroki - Great spark
  • Ichiro - First son
  • Inu - Dog
  • Isamu - Fighter
  • Joji - Farmer
  • Jun - Obedient
  • Kane - Golden
  • Katsu - Victory
  • Kenichi - Founder
  • Kin - Gold
  • Kori - Ice
  • Mamoru - Protector
  • Masato - Elegant
  • Nezumi - Mouse
  • Nobu - Faith
  • Puchi - Small
  • Raiden - God of thunder
  • Ronin - Samurai without a teacher
  • Ryuu - Dragon
  • Satoru - Illuminated
  • Sensei - Teacher
  • Shiro - White
  • Shishi - Lion
  • Tora - Tiger
  • Taka - Hawk
  • Takeshi - Fierce Warrior
  • Toshio - Genius
  • Yoshi - Good son

Still haven’t found the perfect male dog name? Take a look at our list of names for male dogs.

Japanese Names for Dogs - Male and Female - Japanese dog names: male

Japanese dog names

Did you like this list but still haven’t found the perfect unique dog name? We know choosing the best name for your pup can be a tricky process, so we have some more options and ideas for you to choose from:

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Japanese Names for Dogs - Male and Female