Chinese Names for Dogs

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By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: January 29, 2020
Chinese Names for Dogs

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Are you thinking about bringing a dog into your home? If this is the case, you'll probably have many things in your mind. Will your pet have enough space? Will you be able to spend much time with it? Having a dog is a great responsibility and as owners we must commit to covering all of its physical, mental and social needs. Once you have decided that it's the right moment to extend the family with the always unique and comforting presence of a dog, you should plan other questions that are just as important. One of the most complicated choices you have to make is choosing a name for your dog.

You will surely be looking for a name that adapts to your personal taste, but you probably want it to be unique. Choosing a name from a different language is a good way to get inspired. In this AnimalWised article we've compiled a wide array of Chinese names for dogs and their meaning. Stay with us and choose a unique name for your dog - even if you live in China and the names are more popular, they're still beautiful!

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  1. How to choose a good name for your pet
  2. Why choose a Chinese name for your dog?
  3. Male and Female Chinese dog names
  4. Have you found a name for your pet?

How to choose a good name for your pet

Whether choosing from our list of Chinese dog names or going for something completely different, there are some rules to follow. We don't just want to choose something that is unique or funny, it needs to be practically suitable. The basic guidelines for choosing the best name for your dog are:

  • The main aim of a name is to catch your dog's attention and make training easier. This is why it can't be something you struggle to pronounce or does not sound clear.
  • In order to help your dog learn fast, the name should not to be excessively long. It's best to choose a name than is two syllables long at the most. You may give them a longer name and call them by their nickname, but it is also very important to be consistent.
  • Although longer names are tricky, dog names that only contain one syllable can also make it harder for them to internalize their new moniker.
  • The name shouldn't be similar to any training order, as the dog may get confused. For example, if we call our dog "Bo", it can easily get confused with the order "no".

  • When we adopt a puppy into our home, we can give them a new name. If we adopt an adult dog, we should not choose a new name for them, Chinese or otherwise. We should only give them a name if they do not have one already. This often happens with abandoned or stray dogs.

Once you've chosen your pet's name according to these tips, you should also know it's not recommended to use a dog's name when you are angry, as your pet might associate its name to something negative.

Why choose a Chinese name for your dog?

If you're curious about Chinese dog names, you must know that Chinese is actually described as a language family, and it has many different varieties, including Hakka, Hui, Gan, Jin, Mandarin, Min, Ping, Wu, Xiang and Yue. The largest variety in range and number of speakers is Mandarin, which also includes different dialects. In fact, every variety has various other dialects. Cantonese is a form of Yue and is one of the most common languages in China

Chinese languages are ancient and inscriptions have been found from 1200 BC. Of course, this means that the different varieties have had time to develop in different directions. This is why foreign language students are taught Standard Chinese, which is mostly based on Mandarin and Cantonese.

The basic unit is the syllable. In Standard Chinese there are about 400 different syllables with which all the combinations are made. Differences in tone and pitch help differentiate words. Chinese is written with logograms. As you can see, Chinese is a very complex language. If you have some time to learn about it, it will be worth your while.

Another reason for choosing one of these Chinese dog names is due to the beauty of Chinese and Oriental culture. There are many characters from its literature, film, history and culture. Chinese dog breeds also point out how important dogs have been to this culture throughout history. The Chinese names for dogs that we've compiled can be used for both male and female dogs, so you have double the options to consider.

Chinese Names for Dogs - Why choose a Chinese name for your dog?

Male and Female Chinese dog names

Probably the most popular Chinese name for dogs is Wangcai. The name means ‘who brings prosperity to the family’. ‘Wang’ is also the syllable for a dog's barking, like ‘woof’ in English, and can be a common Chine dog name. This is why it's both a very good name for a dog and a pun. We also have some famous Chinese names which can be used for your dog. As long as you are respectful of Chinese culture, there are many great options to choose from.

Chinese names for dogs according to their appearance

  • Bai: White, pure
  • Dà: Big
  • Diandian: Spot
  • Fang: Beautiful, fragrant
  • Gengi: Golden
  • Jia: Beautiful
  • Jin: Gold
  • Jún: Handsome
  • Lan: Elegant
  • Mei: Beautiful
  • Nà: Graceful
  • Wei: Tall, robust
  • Xiao Bai: White
  • Xue: Snow
  • Xun: Fast

Chinese names for dogs according to their personality

  • Ah Fook: Good luck
  • Ai: Love, friendly
  • An: Quiet, peaceful
  • Ben Ben: Foolish
  • Chao: Leap, surpass
  • Chéng: True, honest
  • Dá: Clever, achiever
  • Fèn: Strive
  • Gang: Strong
  • Guiying: Brave, heroic
  • Hé: Harmony
  • Huá: Splendid
  • Huáng: Bright
  • Hui: Wise
  • Jiàn: Strong, healthy
  • Jù: Enormous
  • Jun: King
  • Lí: Reasonable, capable
  • Min: Clever, sharp
  • Nao Nao: Naughty
  • Níng: Serene
  • Nuan: Warm
  • Ping: Peaceful
  • Qiang: Energetic
  • Rú: Scholar
  • Sai Hu: Fast
  • Shu: Charming, virtuous
  • Tangtang: Sweetie
  • Xinyi: Joyful
  • Yong: Brave
  • Yú: Delightful
  • Zhong: Loyal

Names of Chinese celebrities and characters

  • Buddha
  • Chang'e: Goddess of the moon
  • Da Yu: Legendary ruler
  • Daoji: Folk hero
  • Dizang: God of hell in Chinese mythology
  • Eason Chan: Singer from Hong Kong
  • Fan Bingbing: Actress
  • Fushi: God of happiness
  • Gong Gong: Sea monster, dragon
  • Hou Yi: God of archers
  • Hua Mulan: Heroine of the Ballad of Mulan and the Disney film
  • Jackie Chan: Actor
  • Lei Gong: God of thunder
  • Meng Jiang: Folk heroine
  • Mushu: Mulan's dragon friend in the Disney film
  • Nüwa: Goddess who creater humankind in Chinese mythology
  • Pangu: Creator in Chinese mythology
  • Pu Yi: Last emperor of China
  • Sun Wukong: Monkey King in Journey to the West
  • Yu Di: Jade Emperor
  • Tian: God of heaven
  • Xihe: Goddess of the sun
  • Xuanzang: Hero of Journey to the West
  • Yinglong: Dragon god of rain in Chinese mythology
  • Zhao Wei: Actress

Other Chinese names for dogs

  • Bao: Jewel, precious
  • Boba: Sweet Taiwanese tea
  • Chen: Morning
  • Chun: Spring
  • Di Di: Little brother
  • Fú: Lotus
  • Hai: Sea
  • Hé: River, lotus
  • Hong: Rainbow
  • Hua: Blossom
  • Huáng: Phoenix
  • Jia: Family
  • Jiaozi: Dumpling
  • Kumquat
  • Li Ming: Beautiful light
  • Lín: Gem
  • Líng: Soul, bell
  • Mei Mei: Little sister
  • Qiu: Autumn
  • Róng: Glory
  • Tofu
  • Xià: Summer
  • Xiáng: Good luck

Some people may want to choose a Chinese name because they have a Chinese dog breed. If you are looking for Chinese Crested Dog names or Chow Chow dog names, you don't necessarily have to go for a Chinese name. This is why we provide even more names to choose from in the next section.

Chinese Names for Dogs - Male and Female Chinese dog names

Have you found a name for your pet?

If you have finally found the appropriate name among these Chinese dog names, it's time to take a look at the most important aspects of your dog's upbringing.

Now you must learn all about house training a puppy, the vaccination schedule for puppies and dogs and the basic commands to train your new pet.

If you still haven't found the right name for your dog, we recommend taking a look at our other lists. We have so many names, there will be at least something suitable for you and your new dog.

Do you have more ideas of Chinese names for dogs? Tell us in the comments section and we'll add them to our list. If you want to know more about Chinese dog breeds, you can also take a look at our video below:

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Chinese Names for Dogs