Korean Cat Names - Male and Female

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By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: July 19, 2022
Korean Cat Names - Male and Female

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Are you looking for a unique and original name for your newly adopted cat? If so, you will love our list of common Korean cat names with their meanings. We know that finding the perfect name for a cat in another language is not always easy, especially if you do not know the language well. This is why these ideas for cat names in Korean have you covered.

Have you just adopted a male or female cat? For more, discover our list of over 100 Korean cat names for both male and female cats.

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  1. Choosing Korean cat names for your cat
  2. Male Korean cat names
  3. Female Korean cat names
  4. Korean cat names with meaning

Choosing Korean cat names for your cat

Cats have the ability to learn only a limited set of words. They need to associate their Korean cat name with themselves. This is especially relevant when helping them to learn boundaries in the home and when we use positive reinforcement for training. This is one of the reasons why it is important to choose the best name for your cat, allowing them to identify it when they are called.

Choosing the perfect name for your cat can sometimes be tricky, but don’t worry. Here are some of our best tips to take into consideration when naming your cat:

  • Choose a short name: ideally, this cat name should contain a maximum of two syllables. This way your cat will be able to learn it well, without the confusion a longer name could cause.
  • Avoid colloquialisms: avoid using a name of a family member or one which you commonly use in your vocabulary, as it can confuse your cat.
  • Use characteristics as inspiration: all cats are unique and this uniqueness should be used as inspiration when naming your cat. Take into account your cat’s physical or behavioral characteristics.
  • Be original: be creative and spend a few days thinking about this name.

We don’t recommend changing a cat’s name during its life. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you are 100% happy with the name you will teach it from when it is young.

Korean cat names are particularly popular for many reasons. One of them is that they meet the above categories. There are many cute Korean cat names which can suit the personality of your cat. Many have only 1-2 syllables with hard consonant sounds which are easy for your cat to discern, especially if you live in an English speaking household.

If you have just adopted a cat, you may find our following articles useful:

Male Korean cat names

Are you looking for the best male Korean cat names? Some of the most common Korean cat names are associated with physical characteristics, but they can also be related to temperament and character. Find out some of cute Korean cat names for male cats:

  • Yepee: happy.
  • Taeyang: sun, ideal for yellow cats!
  • Shiro: white.
  • Saja: lion, perfect for very furry cats!
  • Yong-Gamhan: brave.
  • Sarangi: emperor, for ¡cats with a king's demeanor!
  • Min-Ki: intelligent.
  • Mi-Sun: kindness.
  • Makki: the smallest.
  • Kwan: ​​strong, ideal if your cat is active!
  • Kuying: respect.
  • Keyowo: cute.
  • Jung: just/fair.
  • Haru: nice.
  • Haenguni: lucky.
  • Dubu: tofu, ideal for plump cats!
  • Dong-Yul: oriental passion.
  • Dak-Ho: deep lake.
  • Dae-Hyung: honorable.
  • Chul-Moo: iron weapon.
  • Choi: governor.
  • Ching-Hwa: healthy.
  • Bokshil: fluffy, ideal for furry cats!
  • Bae: inspiration.
  • Hugyeon-In: guardian.
  • Gyosu: professor.
  • Haneunim: God.
  • Haemeo: hammer.
  • Hwaseong: Mars, perfect for cats with reddish fur!
  • Namja: man.
  • Mulyo: free, perfect for curious cats!
  • Jijeog-In: smart, ready.
  • Keolteu: cult.
  • Hyeonmyeonghan: wise.
  • Chingu: friend.
  • Haengboghan: full of happiness.
  • Seonlyang: kindness.
  • Jeonjaeng: war.
  • Him: strength.
  • Joh-Eun: nice.
  • Geonjanghan: robust.
  • Mesdwaeji: wild boar.
  • Yuilhan: only.
  • Bohoja: protector, perfect for cats that accompany you everywhere!
  • Seunglija: winner.
  • Seongja: holy.
  • Amseog: rock.
  • Kal: sword.
  • Mal: horse.
  • Isanghan: weird.
  • Abeoji: father.
  • Gongjeonghan: fair.
  • Deulpan: field.
  • Gachiissneun: worthy.
  • Goyohan: quiet.
  • Nongbu: farmer.
  • Eodum: dark, ideal for black cats!
  • Wain: wine.

Which one of these Korean cat names is your favorite? Post it into our comment section below, we’d love to know! And if you still haven’t found the perfect cat name for your male cat, don’t worry, we have some more options for you, read short names for cats (Male & Female).

Keep reading to discover also our list with more than 100 names for female cats!

Korean Cat Names - Male and Female - Male Korean cat names

Female Korean cat names

Some of the most beautiful Korean cat names are for female cats. You may also want a funny Korean cat name, something cute or simply something appropriate for your cat, you can use our list of female Korean cat names with meaning to find inspiration:

  • Young-mi: eternity.
  • Yoon: spoiled, ideal for a house's favorite!
  • Yeong: brave.
  • Yang-mi: pink, perfect for delicate and flirty kittens!
  • Goyang-i: cat.
  • Harisu: adaptation of the English expression hot issue!
  • Uk: sunrise.
  • Taeyang: solar.
  • Suni: kindness.
  • Jag-Eun: star.
  • Sun-Hee: kindness and happiness.
  • Sook: purity, perfect for white kittens!
  • Soo: gentle spirit.
  • Seung: victory.
  • Sarangi: charming.
  • Sang: mutual.
  • Myeong: bright.
  • Min-Ki: brightness and energy.
  • Kawan: strength.
  • Jin: beautiful.
  • Jae: respect
  • Byeol: star.
  • Iseul: dew.
  • Hye: full of grace.
  • Taeyang: sun, ideal for yellow kittens!
  • Haneul: sky.
  • Gi: rise
  • Eun: silver.
  • Eollug: spot, perfect for mottled coat cats!
  • Beullangka: white.
  • Ga-Eul: autumn, ideal for calico fur kittens!
  • Bom: spring.
  • Dalkomhan: sweet.
  • Seoltang: sugar, perfect for sweet cats!
  • Guleum: cloud.
  • Kkoch: flower.
  • Yeosin: goddess.
  • Chugbogbad-Eun: blessed.
  • Yumyeonghan: famous.
  • Ttogttoghan: bright.
  • Sunsuhan: pure.
  • Yeoja: woman.
  • Cheonsang-Ui: heavenly.
  • Geolchulhan: illustrious.
  • Chungsilhan: faithful.
  • Jayeon-Ui: natural.
  • Gwijunghan: beautiful.
  • Sundo: purity.
  • Insaeng: life.
  • Ganglyeoghan: powerful.
  • Ttal: daughter.
  • Pyeonghwa: peace
  • Yeong-Gwang: glory.
  • Gongjeonghan: fair.
  • Seungliui: victorious.
  • Keulaun: crowned.
  • Bich: light, perfect for bright-eyed cats!

And that’s it for our list of names for cats in Korean! Have you chosen one? If so, post them into our comments below and share a picture of your newly adopted cat!

Korean Cat Names - Male and Female - Female Korean cat names

Korean cat names with meaning

Still haven’t found what your looking for though? Take a look at our lists of:

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Korean Cat Names - Male and Female