Unique Kitten Names

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By Amy McCready, Animal rights journalist. Updated: May 3, 2020
Unique Kitten Names

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It can be pretty overwhelming choosing a name for your new pet. It often seems like every name under the sun has been taken before, and you will want nothing more than to choose a unique and appropriate name for your new furry friend. So, AnimalWised want to give you a few helpful tips to create a distinctive or unusual name for your kitten or cat. Have you just adopted a little bundle of fun? Or perhaps the new arrival has a very specific pattern on their coat? There are many different factors to bear in mind. Discover them in this article on finding unique kitten names for your male or female cat.

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  1. What should I name my kitten? TIPS
  2. Unique kitten names - female
  3. Unique kitten names - male
  4. Unique kitten names - unisex

What should I name my kitten? TIPS

In order to choose a unique name for your cat you must observe their character and analyze their appearance. Their name should complement them and their personality. A unique character deserves a unique name!

Normally cats take between 5 and 10 days to relate to their name, so you you will need to repeat it regularly when you call them. Bear in mind these basic tips:

  • Choose a name that is easy to remember and with clear pronunciation
  • Do not look for an excessively long name, it will make it much harder for them to learn
  • Try to find an original name so you do not confuse it with other words in your vocabulary

Does your cat make you laugh a lot? Are they a clown in animal form? What about a funny name for funny cats? Puns are always an amusing idea if you are prepared to say it frequently when communicating with your pet. A funny cat pun, for example, is Catsy Cline!

Perhaps you have a particularly beautiful and poised feline and want some elegant cat names, for example, Holly or Coco. Or maybe your cat is viviacious and you're on the hunt for some sassy cat names, like Babs, Toots or Scamp. Maybe they are simply you're best friend and you want to call them Buddy (especially good if you also like 50's rock n' roll artists like Buddy Holly).

What's your poison? Bourbon or Scotch make really great names for male cats, Champers for females. Or mix it up! There are no gender restrictions.

It is impossible to list cat name suggestions for every specific characteristic in the world. So, we've accumulated some of our favorite original and unique kitten names for male and female cats, to inspire you. Let's go!

Unique Kitten Names - What should I name my kitten? TIPS

Unique kitten names - female

Whenever you search for anything unique or original, you're unlikely to discover anything unique or original. The same people will be searching and discovering the same suggestions you have found. So, it's best to think about things that you like personally, or things your pet reminds you of.

Take your favorite song for example. Let's say it's Chiquitita by ABBA. Quite a cute name for a pet, no? You could also shorten it to Chiqui!

If you are struggling to think about your favorite interests or songs, here are some names from famous folk and famous songs that might spark some ideas!

Famous or iconic females:

  • Frida (Kahlo is also another option)
  • Jolie (As in...Ange)
  • Gaga
  • Marge
  • Cardi
  • Minaj
  • Britney
  • Ariana
  • Selena
  • Nico (Velvet Underground & solo singer)
  • Netta
  • Daenerys (Bit long, could be shortened to Daeny)
  • Amy (After the late Amy Winehouse)
  • Kylie (if they have a similar hairstyle)
  • Barbera (Streisand? Or Bush?!)
  • Harriet (Tubman, famous abolitionist)
  • Emmy or Emmylou (...Harris)
  • MIA (After the rapper, you can decide how to pronounce)
  • Blake (After the popular Hollywood actress Blake Lively)
  • Rosa (after the legendary Rosa Parks)

Famous female names in songs:

  • Jessie (Actually a song about a male - Jessie's Girl, Rick Springfield)
  • Marianne (Leonard Cohen - So Long Marianne)
  • Annalee (Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Song)
  • Martha (Tom Waits)
  • Jolene (Dolly Parton)
  • Roxanne (The Police)
  • Eleanor (Rigby)
  • Becky (you know which one)
  • Billie Jean (not my girl)
  • Angie (classic Stones song)
  • Matilda (Alt J)
  • Cecilia (Simon & Garfunkel)
  • Caroline (If your cat is sweet. Neil Diamond song)
  • Elise (The Cure)
  • Candy (Paolo Nutini)
  • Peggy Sue (Buddy Holly)
Unique Kitten Names - Unique kitten names - female

Unique kitten names - male

Now let's use the same guidelines for male cat names! Let us know if you can think of any better themes and we'll be happy to add them to our list!

Famous or iconic males:

  • Seinfeld (From the classic show!)
  • Bowie (Are you a fan of the late legend?)
  • Gambino (Donald Glover's alter ego)
  • Mr. Big (SATC wouldn't be the same without him.)
  • Abraham (...or Lincoln.)
  • Brad (If you are particularly fond of the famous actor.)
  • Grohl (What if I say I'm not like the others?)
  • Jagger (if they don't have hip dysplasia)
  • Quest (The Roots drummer)
  • Newton (Do you have a particularly intelligent cat?)
  • Mandela (If your cat is a peaceful soul.)
  • Bickle (surname of the protagonist in Scorcese's Taxi Driver.)
  • Bojack (We just hope your cat isn't as dark and troubled as this Horseman.)

Famous male names in songs:

  • Fernando (Another ABBA reference... I guess we're fans at AnimalWised.)
  • Ivan (The Clash song)
  • Julio (from the Paul Simon song... you know the one.)
  • Raoul (The Automatic song)
  • Shaft
  • Peter Piper (Or just Peter or Piper. A RUN DMC song.)
  • Stan (Eminem song)
  • Woody (from the Bob Dylan song)
  • Rusty (Tyler the creator)
  • Leroy (from the Frank Sinatra cover)
  • Hero (Enrique Iglesias was just stuck in our head.)
Unique Kitten Names - Unique kitten names - male

Unique kitten names - unisex

When it comes to unisex names, you have more room for creativity. We suggest you choose objects or places that are close to your heart.

Remember you can make up names too! Combine two of your favorite places and turn it into a unique and beautiful name!

For example: Berlin & Positano = Berlano!

Not your cup of tea? You could do as the South Americans do with their kids, especially if you're adopting a cat as a couple by combining your two surnames!

If your surname is Smith and your partner's name is Jacobs your kitten's name could be Smobs! Cute and unique, no?

We know how important it is to choose the right name for your pet, no matter if you have a dog, cat, rabbit, pig or horse! The most satisfying thing is being able to choose the name yourself. We love giving name suggestions, but our main goal is to inspire some thoughts and ideas in you!

Unique Kitten Names - Unique kitten names - unisex

We hope we inspired you today with our unique kitten names! Do you have any other great unique kitten names? Don't hesitate to leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Unique Kitten Names