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Laziest Dog Breeds - Low-Energy Dog Breeds

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: September 6, 2022
Laziest Dog Breeds - Low-Energy Dog Breeds

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When adopting a dog, it is wise to match your future pet with similar personality traits to yourself. There are several factors to consider in order to help pick the perfect dog for us. At the same time, we need to remember that each animal has their own personality, regardless of breed. For this reason, if you are a low-energy human, you might want to look at our list of low-energy dog breeds.

In this AnimalWised list of the top 10 laziest dog breeds, you can help orient yourself when selecting the dog for you. Among our proposals you will find large and small breeds of laid-back dogs.

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  1. Greyhound
  2. Pug
  3. Great Dane
  4. English Bulldog
  5. Saint Bernard
  6. Spanish Mastiff
  7. Basset Hound
  8. Shar Pei
  9. Akita Inu
  10. Bloodhound
  11. A note on low-energy dog breeds
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1. Greyhound

Many people are surprised to know that Greyhounds are one of the laziest dog breeds. Although one of the fastest and more aerodynamic breeds when running, their temperament means they do not require a lot of exercise and physical activity in general.

Greyhounds will still need plenty of walks and the ability to run off leash from time to time, but most are very laid-back animals who love to relax and enjoy themselves with their owners in a calm household. In fact, they will not fare well in noisy or disruptive environments. The Greyhound is a quiet and calm dog. They are so calm that they can often scare easily and be easily distracted if they think there is a threat.

If you have thought about adopting a Greyhound, we recommend you find an organization which helps rehome Greyhounds used in the racing industry. Many of these dogs are given up or abandoned after they are no longer able to race, so different groups can help them become a member of your family. It is best to avoid breeders so you can give a Greyhound in need a good home.

Laziest Dog Breeds - Low-Energy Dog Breeds - 1. Greyhound

2. Pug

In most cases we associate small dogs with nervous and even over excited behavior, but this is not the case of the Pug. They are a small dog with a sweet appearance and a peaceful and calm personality. They can have moments of excitement, but they have very low stamina, making them low-energy dogs.

Pugs enjoy the company of adults and children. Although they like to play and have fun, this is actually a lazy dog. Their quiet and laid-back attitude both outside and inside the home is partly due to their genetics. As a brachycephalic dog breed, Pugs can have trouble breathing in air for respiration. This means they cannot expend too much energy before they need a rest, so we cannot over-exercise them.

In addition to being one of the laziest dog breeds, the Pug is also among the 5 most wrinkly dog breeds in the world.

Laziest Dog Breeds - Low-Energy Dog Breeds - 2. Pug

3. Great Dane

If you have ever seen a Great Dane you will agree with me that it is a lazy dog despite their large size. The Great Dane walks slowly and does not require large amounts of exercise. A normal walking routine will be enough to keep our new pet happy. The rest of the time, they are most likely to laze around on the sofa or the enormous dog bed you'll need to buy.

Although they are a quiet dog, we must remember that their large size means you will need to have plenty of space. Although Great Danes can be a good apartment dog breed, this is only the case if you have a large enough apartment.

Laziest Dog Breeds - Low-Energy Dog Breeds - 3. Great Dane

4. English Bulldog

A dog which may be better suited to apartment living is the English Bulldog. Although they are not considered a small dog breed, they are very compact and heavy. They are also certainly another dog that deserves to be in this list of lazy dog breeds. They are a robust and burly dog that is very affable and attached to their owners.

Its build does not permit for excessive exercise and so we find in him a dog with which we can enjoy walking slowly and having a relaxed routine. Discover the other three types of Bulldog.

Laziest Dog Breeds - Low-Energy Dog Breeds - 4. English Bulldog

5. Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard is a good-natured dog that is very calm in character. Despite being one of the biggest dogs in the world, they are so tame that they can be the perfect dog breed for living with children. Such is its ability to protect the little ones in the house, they are considered by many to be like a nanny.

Although a relatively low-energy dog breed, they are not completely inactive. They have a great willingness to be trained, so teaching them basic dog commands will be really easy. If you have enough space for it, certainly the St. Bernard is one of the best options because it is a quiet, intelligent, loyal and obedient dog.

Laziest Dog Breeds - Low-Energy Dog Breeds - 5. Saint Bernard

6. Spanish Mastiff

This large and strong dog is one of the best livestock herding dogs. Despite their imposing size, the Spanish Mastiff has a gentle and affectionate character. They show great loyalty to their owners and they have a very calm temperament, even when surrounded by children.

Their relaxed, calm and serene attitude make it the ideal companion for all those who are not very active but prefer to have the company of a larger dog. They do not bark a lot and are instead balanced, noble and loving. They will offer the best of themselves without asking for anything in return. Give it the basic care it needs and you will have at your side a responsible and very faithful friend.

However, the Spanish Mastiff can be lazy whilst at home and a very sociable dog with members of the household, but can become somewhat territorial and distrustful with strangers. You should have some knowledge of dog training before deciding to get such a large dog. They will also need exercise when out walking and it is best to keep them mentally stimulated through training and education.

Laziest Dog Breeds - Low-Energy Dog Breeds - 6. Spanish Mastiff

7. Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is another perfect dog for living in apartments. They are quiet, affectionate, friendly and their favorite pastimes are eating and sleeping. Due to the short length of their legs, they are not fast dogs and prefer calm walks without rushing. They are a dog that enjoys walking at their own pace. Likewise, they are not characterized by being overly playful dogs, so Basset Hounds are not the best way to occupy children.

You need to have patience when training and pay special attention to the care of their long ears and sunken eyes. They are dogs that love to be at home with their owners, so if you provide them with all the care they need, the Basset Hound will thank you with affection and pampering.

Laziest Dog Breeds - Low-Energy Dog Breeds - 7. Basset Hound

8. Shar Pei

Indeed, the Shar Pei is one of the most laid-back and lazy dogs. They are known for being friendly, calm and somewhat independent. There is no need to exercise them too much and they do not usually get excited when faced with everyday stimuli that could cause other dogs to be startled. Neither are they particularly destructive.

Being a low-energy dog doesn't mean we can be lax in caring for the Shar Pei. Their wrinkly skin and propensity towards certain diseases means they need more health care than some other breeds. This includes paying special attention to their coat. They even have a disease which is particular to this breed known as Shar Pei fever. As with all the breeds on our laziest dogs list, their low energy levels doesn't mean we can ignore our responsibility of care.

Laziest Dog Breeds - Low-Energy Dog Breeds - 8. Shar Pei

9. Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is a dog of Japanese origin. Beautiful and extremely loyal, they are also very calm and patient, although often reserved with strangers. They are a great pet and will undoubtedly become our best friend forever.

While Akita Inus are relatively low-maintenance dogs in terms of amount of exercise, they will require sufficient education and cognitive stimulation. You must know have some proper training knowledge in order to care for this breed, a fundamental factor if you'd like to adopt this dog.

Laziest Dog Breeds - Low-Energy Dog Breeds - 9. Akita Inu

10. Bloodhound

As is the case with the Spanish Mastiff, the Bloodhound is also a large, but very calm and quiet dog. They accept training well and do not usually behave in an excited or destructive demeanor. They are tolerant and patient with children, other dogs and even strangers. They seem to show themselves to be relaxed and indifferent toward people they don't know. The Bloodhound is on the list of vulnerable native dog breeds in the UK, so they may be difficult to find for adoption from shelters.

Laziest Dog Breeds - Low-Energy Dog Breeds - 10. Bloodhound

A note on low-energy dog breeds

Every dog is different. Breed and related genetic factors can influence their energy levels and some physical traits mean they will conform to certain behaviors. For example, Pugs will never be able to jump as high as a Collie. Genetics is only one factor of many and there are no guarantees of behavior. Their socialization, training, experience, hormone levels and many other factors will influence how they are in your family.

One of the most important influences in how lazy or active a dog will be is their guardian. Although we may have a more sedentary lifestyle and choose a low-energy dog to suit it, we cannot ignore basic responsibilities of care. This includes providing sufficient exercise, avoiding obesity, engaging emotionally and providing lots of love and affection.

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Laziest Dog Breeds - Low-Energy Dog Breeds