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Are Akita Inus Dangerous Dogs?

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. September 25, 2016
Are Akita Inus Dangerous Dogs?
Akita Inu

Animal file: Akita Inu

Does the name Hachiko sound familiar to you?

Hachiko was a loyal Japanese dog that waited at a train station for 10 years for the arrival of its owner, who had died while working as a teacher. This dog's faithfulness went on to achieve worldwide fame, and it has a statue at the same station where it died. This story was made into an American film, which made the Akita Inu breed well-known all over the world.

The Akita Inu breed has some admirable features, with their loyalty standing out head and shoulders above the rest. This makes it especially surprising to see this breed's usual inclusion in so-called Potentially Dangerous Dogs lists.

But are Akita Inus dangerous dogs? This topic will be thoroughly explored in this Animal Wised article.

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  1. Why are Akita Inu dogs considered dangerous?
  2. Are Akita Inus aggressive?
  3. What is the Akita Inu's temperament like?
  4. Don't turn your Akita Inu into a dangerous dog

Why are Akita Inu dogs considered dangerous?

Much like Pit Bull dogs, the Akita Inu has a scissor-like jaw. This means that its bite is extremely powerful, and its jaw cannot be pried open until the dog decides to let go.

Another reason why the Akita Inu is considered a potentially dangerous dog is its physique. A male Akita Inu can weigh up to 65 kg (145 pounds) and measure up to 67 centimeters (26 inches) in height. The Akita Inu is an innate hunter, and this can lead to dangerous situations when it has not been properly socialized with other animals.

Are Akita Inus Dangerous Dogs? - Why are Akita Inu dogs considered dangerous?

Are Akita Inus aggressive?

There is no doubt that any attack carried out by an Akita Inu is dangerous, due to the sheer size of this dog. The next question that springs to mind is "do Akita Inu dogs have a propensity for attacking humans?"

No, they don't. Akita Inu dogs are prone to courageously defending the life of their human family, sometimes putting their own life on the line in doing so. Far from dangerous, this dog is extraordinarily loyal and brave.

With regards to their hunter instinct and territorial personality, these factors can be properly controlled through adequate dog training and good socialization. Even so, castration is recommended for males.

As for their body weight, it is completely absurd to think that the larger the dog the greater inherent risk posed by the breed; this isn't the case at all. There are really heavy Labradors and Golden Retrievers and nobody considers them to be dangerous. They obviously have a personality which is very different to that of the Akita Inu, but this doesn't mean that the Akita Inu has a dangerous or inappropriate character. In fact, as discussed below, any dog lover will surely fall in love with this breed's personality.

Are Akita Inus Dangerous Dogs? - Are Akita Inus aggressive?

What is the Akita Inu's temperament like?

So what is the character and temperament of this majestic Japanese dog like? Akita Inus are considered to be exceptional guard dogs in their origin region. This breed is also viewed as a symbol of prestige, strength and loyalty, and is also viewed as good luck.

In ancient times, it was said that a samurai warrior would be reincarnated as an Akita Inu in their next life if they died without honor. By doing so, he would be able to redeem himself by dying with honor and loyalty for their owner.

The Akita Inu is a very safe dog which instinctively protects its territory, food and human family. In addition, this dog is very friendly with people as long as it doesn't feel threatened, and is playful, loving and loyal with its owners.

It is a quiet, peaceful and patient breed, meaning that it remains unmoved by various external stimuli when they don't pose a genuine danger. When living with a family, the Akita Inu is a very happy dog that enjoys getting involved in its human family's daily routine.

Are Akita Inus Dangerous Dogs? - What is the Akita Inu's temperament like?

Don't turn your Akita Inu into a dangerous dog

Is the Akita Inu a dangerous dog? No.

Can the Akita Inu be dangerous dog? Yes, it can be very dangerous, but this doesn't depend on the dog. It depends on you.

The Akita Inu is a much-loved breed that we feel easily attracted to. However, regardless of how this spectacular dog makes you feel, it doesn't mean that you should shirk responsibility. Before getting an Akita Inu, ask yourself these questions honestly. If you have doubts, this isn't the dog for you, and the adoption will not be beneficial for either party.

  • Can I physically control a dog that can weigh over 60 kg?
  • Can I give my dog daily physical exercise?
  • Am I willing to conduct proper training and socialization, and do I have time to oversee this process?
  • Do I have enough character to be seen as the leader of the pack, and to be able to discipline my dog?
  • Do I have enough time to give my dog all the love and affection it's going to need in order to be properly balanced?
Are Akita Inus Dangerous Dogs? - Don't turn your Akita Inu into a dangerous dog

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Kevin Baskovich
Akita Inu's are not a dangerous breed. I had one for several years. I rescued him from the pound. He had been terribly abused. so at first was very scared of me. He would scream out when you touched him for the first week or two and kept his distance for the first couple months.. I made his bed in a private corner of the kitchen to give him his space. He would come to my bedroom door where me and the other dogs spent most of our time indoors. I would encourage him to come in and he would think about it for a minute then go back to his bed. One day after several months he was at my bedroom door and he hesitated for a minute then came in and laid his head on my lap. I moved his bed next to me and thats where he spent the rest of his life. He died a couple years later. He died by my side some time in the night. Despite having been so badly abuse, he never tried to hurt me nor any of my dogs. I miss and will always remember him.
I had a male American Akita who lived to be 12 years old he was a wonderful dog. He was very protective but not in a aggressive fashion if he didn’t know someone he would get himself in between you and the stranger lean into you to push you farther away from any possible threat! He was very playful (but in a mature not hyper way) and loving. The dogs (I also had a chow) and cats Would all play together and got along fine. Although he wasn’t too crazy over dogs he didn’t know. He was such a wonderful dog I can’t say enough about them
Administrador AnimalWised
Thank you for sharing your story Mindy and we are glad you were at least able to have 12 wonderful years with him!
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Are Akita Inus Dangerous Dogs?