Names of Famous Dogs

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By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: April 23, 2017
Names of Famous Dogs

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Many people turn to famous dogs when they have to choose a name for their new pet. This might be because they want to give them a name with history or meaning, or simply for the sake of naming their dog after a favorite celebrity. After all, dogs are loyal friends and deserve proper and unique names - so why not name them after a beloved film from your childhood, for instance?

Since humans and dogs have lived side by side for centuries, there are thousands of stories with dogs as protagonists that you can use as inspiration. Stay with us at AnimalWised and take a look at our list of names of famous dogs!

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  1. How to choose the right name for a dog
  2. Names of famous animated dogs
  3. Famous dogs from Disney
  4. Famous dogs from film and television

How to choose the right name for a dog

There are many practical guidelines that you can read and follow in order to pick a good name for your pet, but the truth is that most of us simply choose a name that we like and that transmits a good feeling.

We all have favorite cartoons, tales or movies that have left a mark in our childhoods, and it is very likely that they have shaped our love for dogs as well. This is why many dog owners name their pets after those characters; they get that warm feeling back, and the bond with their pets has something of nostalgia.

If you choose a name that transmits a warm and positive feeling, you can be sure your dog will realize and internalize it. Dogs are naturally intuitive, and they always know when we're calling them lovingly and when we're calling to scold them.

Names of Famous Dogs - How to choose the right name for a dog

Names of famous animated dogs

  • Santa's Little Helper: We all know and love the greyhound from The Simpsons, who was rescued from a owner that didn't want him because he couldn't win a race. He's a cowardly and unlucky animal - an underdog - but he loves his owners unconditionally.
  • Shiro: Shin Chan's faithful companion is a small, snow-white dog. He's an intelligent, obedient and polite dog, but he's frequently the victim of his owner's mischief who often forgets to feed him or walk him.
  • Brian Griffin: This dog is quite different from all the others in our list, since he's much more like a human. The dog from Family Guy is a sarcastic and sensible dog who can actually speak.
  • Balto: This story brings nostalgia, melancholia, tenderness and bravery. Balto is the protagonist of a movie inspired by real events about sled dogs who brought medicine to places that couldn't be accessed by other transports.
  • Rantanplan: The dog from Lucky Luke is not really clever, but he's lovable all the same. Although names three syllables long aren't really recommended, this one has a very special sonority. If you enjoy Westerns, for instance, you might get really good vibes from such a name.
  • Dogtanian: From the Spanish-Japanese cartoon Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds, this show followed the swashbuckling adventures of four brave and gallant dogs. It's a great choice for your dog's name, since it might inspire him to be corageous.
  • Snowy (Milou): Tintin's small but tireless companion, beloved by all comic fans.
  • Dogmatix (Idéfix): The diminutive dog of the fun and brawl-loving Gaul Obélix, who fell into a magic potion cauldron as a child. Idéfix is loving and curious.
  • Spike: Such adventurous babies as those from Rugrats must have a dog. Spike was so loyal he even let them ride him as if he were a horse!
  • Josef: Although he didn't appear in the books, Heidi's St. Bernard from the anime adaptation is beloved for his huge size, goodness and cuddly appearance.
  • Dino: The Flintstones' pet is actually a dinosaur, but he acts like a dog - he even carries a bone.
  • Odie: Garfield's friend is not that clever, but he's adorable. He doesn't speak and he's always panting with his tongue out, and he tends to be in the receiving end of the cat's jokes.
  • Snoopy: What can we say about him? Charlie Brown's beagle has made history, and he has been the favorite dog for many children throughout generations. Snoopy will always be a great name for a dog!
  • Scooby-Doo: The cowardly Great Dane is widely beloved because of his great and even scary size but loving and goofy personality.
  • Seymour: Frai's dog from Futurama was a street dog until he finally found an owner and a friend.
Names of Famous Dogs - Names of famous animated dogs

Famous dogs from Disney

  • Pluto: Mickey Mouse's old and faithful friend. Disney created this fun and loving dog back in the 1930s, and he's been a favorite for children ever since. This name will bring back many cherished memories to all those who grew up with him.
  • Goofy: Unlike Pluto, Goofy is more human-like and even wears clothes. Goofy has a peculiar personality; he's good, but he is often too innocent.
  • Scamp and Lady: The two dogs from Lady and the Tramp touched the hearts of many children. Scamp is a street mutt who falls in love with Lady, a pedigree Cocker Spaniel. They share unforgettable adventures that reflect class differences even among dogs.
  • Pongo and Perdita: This time Disney created a beautiful love story between two dogs and their respective owners. The protagonists of 101 Dalmatians fight to rescue their puppies from Cruella de Vil, who wants to turn them into fur coats.
  • Bolt: This famous television dog realizes he doesn't have the superpowers he believed he had.
  • Percy: The pug from Pocahontas is the villain's pet, but he's quite lovable all the same.
  • Slinky: The dog-toy from Toy Story is a funny dachshund with a slinky toy for a body.
Names of Famous Dogs - Famous dogs from Disney

Famous dogs from film and television

  • Beethoven: The famous - and enormous - St Bernard wreaked havoc in his home, but his faithfulness and goofy appearance is beloved by many children.
  • Hachiko: This real-life Akita Inu became famous because he visited his owner's grave for many years. He has a statue in his memory, as well as a movie.
  • Greyfriars Bobby: Similarly to Hachiko, this 19th Century Skye Terrier stood by his owner's grave for 14 years. He has a statue in Edinburgh.
  • Laika: The little Russian dog who traveled to space.
  • Rex: Perhaps the most famous German Shepherd in television, he's an intelligent and energetic police dog.
  • Lassie: The beautiful brown Collie, famous for her adventure series that went on for years.
Names of Famous Dogs - Famous dogs from film and television

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Names of Famous Dogs