Names of Famous Parrots

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: November 7, 2016
Names of Famous Parrots

Pets have become more famous than their owners in many occasions across media and history. Everybody knows the names of famous dogs like Laika or Beethoven, for instance - but do you know any names of famous parrots?

You've probably answered "no" - don't worry. Here at AnimalWised we've compiled a list of famous parrots that made history for some reason or other. No matter whether you're looking for a name for your pet parrot or you just want to learn some fun facts, stay with us. Ready to travel through parrot history?

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Alex, the talking parrot

All parrots can talk, but not as Alex did. Alex was an African grey parrot that surprised his caretakers and the world because he was able to identify and understand up to 150 words, distinguish colors and shapes and differentiating objects of all kinds.

Was it an isolated case? Was he more intelligent than other parrots? According to different studies, animal psychologist Irene Pepperberg's parrot had the best possible training, which made him able to get such communicative skills. He died at age 30 in 2007, and his last recorded words were "You be good, see you tomorrow. I love you."

Here you can learn how to teach your parrot to talk.

Names of Famous Parrots - Alex, the talking parrot

Sarah, the Facebook parrot

Do you know many parrots with a Facebook account? The answer is probably "none".

However, Sarah - a parrot that lives in the National Parrot Sanctuary in the UK - had lots of fans on her page. The organization takes in abandoned parrots and gives advice to parrot owners across the country.

Her carers thought that Sarah, the blue and yellow macaw, was so beautiful that she deserved to be seen by all Internet users. For some years, her account was hugely active, with many uploaded pictures and fans following every update. However, it must have been closed down recently.

Names of Famous Parrots - Sarah, the Facebook parrot

Snowball, the dancing parrot

If Sarah was the Facebook parrot queen, Snowball rules over Youtube. This cockatoo became famous thanks to his spectacular dancing on viral videos.

According to different studies, cockatoos have a great skill to follow a beat, and they're skilled enough to move to the music - and those videos prove it!

Names of other famous parrots

We could be talking about famous parrots all day long, and still we would have to leave some out. However, here go 7 more famous parrots:

  • Einstein: He can mimic the sound of lightsabers. You can see him in action here.
  • Paulie: The protagonist of one of the few films about parrots; she speaks perfectly and fluidly.
  • Fred: Another TV parrot who appeared in the old ABC series Tony Baretta. Probably one of the richest parrots ever, since his show was a huge success.
  • Gerald: Protagonist of Next, a novel by Michael Crichton. He was an African parrot who helped his friend, a monkey, with his math homework.
  • Fawkes: Alright, Albus Dumbledore's pet is a phoenix - but a red parrot will do for us muggles.
  • Poll: Pet parrot to US president Andrew Jackson. He spoke both Spanish and English.
  • Charlie: Winston Churchill's parrot. It's said he knew all possible offensive nicknames against Hitler and the Nazis.

Have we forgotten about your favorite famous parrot? Please, tell us in the comments section! And if you're looking for more names, take a look at our list of 50 unique names for parrots.

Names of Famous Parrots - Names of other famous parrots

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Good day
I'm struggling to name my male parrot of 16 weeks old. I hot him last week only can u help with a famous name
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Naeema,

We have lots of different ideas for names for pets. Some of them are animal specific such as our names for famous dogs. However, they may not be the most suitable for a parrot (unless in an ironic way). Instead, just search through our site for names. We have mythological names, Italian names or even names beginning with ‘A’. We also have some unique names which could be great for any animal, so maybe you would want to start with this:
Ari is a green cheek conure that is famous for being care for by a popular and great youtube animator named Jaiden (Jaiden Animations) he is sweet as is his owner and we all love him dearly!

Names of Famous Parrots
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Names of Famous Parrots

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