Removing Knots and Tangles from a Persian Cat's Coat

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. January 19, 2017
Removing Knots and Tangles from a Persian Cat's Coat

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One of the main characteristics of the Persian cat is their soft, long fur. But in order to keep their coat beautiful, shiny and healthy, you will have to put aside some time to care for it with brushing and regular baths. Persian cats can be quite snooty - they love to be groomed and show off a majestic coat, so you won't have any problems brushing them.

If your Persian cat has serious tangles, though, it can get difficult. Whatever the reason why, we at AnimalWised we'll give you some beauty tips on removing knots and tangles from a Persian cat's coat.

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Removing knots and tangles step by step

It is very important to follow the advice on caring for a Persian cat's coat to keep it soft and tangle-free. If you don't do this properly, knots may begin to appear. If this is your case, though, you can still remove them by following our step by step guide below.

You will need:

  • Comb or brush for long-haired cats
  • Dry conditioner

Removing knots and tangles from a Persian cat's coat:

Before you begin, especially if it is the first time you're doing this, you should know that cats are very special animals that won't always let you do what you want. Try to make intensive brushing a positive experience by giving treats to your cat so that they relax. Of course, be careful to cause the least possible pain.

  1. While stroking them, start to feel all over their coat without hurting them. The idea is to look for possible tangles in your cat's coat and identify the size of the knots.
  2. Apply dry conditioner on top of each knot and tangle and follow the product instructions. Let it act for the recommended time; the cat's fur will be softer and easier to manage.
  3. Carefully brush the animal's fur with the comb. This is the trickiest part, because cats don't usually tolerate their hair being pulled. Try to irritate your pet as little as possible.
  4. Start combing the outermost layer of the tangle. Never try to undo it from the inside. Pay attention to the direction of the fur so that you know which way to brush.
  5. It might be the case that you manage to undo part of the knot, but the interior, which is much drier, remains tangled. Reapply the conditioner.

At this point you should be able to remove the tangle in your Persian cat's coat without any problem. However, if you see that it is too tangled go to the next step.

Removing Knots and Tangles from a Persian Cat's Coat - Removing knots and tangles step by step

Should you cut away the knot or tangle?

If your cat's knots or tangles are impossible to brush, you'll have to cut them out. Don't worry, if you do it properly and carefully you can do it yourself at home, although if you're a little afraid to do so you can go to a professional cat groomer.

You will need:

  • Brush for long-haired cats
  • Scissors
  • Electric razor

Cutting a knot or tangle in a Persian cat's coat:

  1. If your cat has a single knot or the tangles are spread apart from one another, you can use the scissors. Start feeling the knot that you need to cut out to determine how far it is from the skin, and calculate what you're going to do.
  2. Find someone who can help! If your cat moves, using scissors can be very dangerous.
  3. Start cutting gradually. It's better to cut off less fur than end up hurting the poor animal. Start at the surface of the tangle and work inwards until the knot is practically cut out.
  4. Use a comb if you see that the knot can now be easily untangled.
  5. On the other hand, if your cat has too many tangles or the knots are too close to the skinyou can use an electric razor.
  6. Find someone who knows how to use this instrument. Even if you think it's easy, if you haven't done it before you could hurt your cat.
  7. Carefully shave off the knotted areas with the help of another person.

Now that you've managed to get rid of the knots in your cat's fur, you need to learn how to prevent your Persian cat's coat from becoming tangled again.

Removing Knots and Tangles from a Persian Cat's Coat - Should you cut away the knot or tangle?

Preventing tangles and knots

To prevent any knots from reappearing in your Persian cat's coat you need to brush and bathe them regularly. Please note that not all products are suitable for your particular situation.

Of course, you should only use cat-specific shampoo and conditioner. There are products with very particular characteristics, such as those designed for white cats, those that provide extra softness or give the coat an intense shine. Keep an eye out for the best option for your cat!

Bathe your Persian cat once every two to three months to prevent dirt building up and causing tangles in their beautiful coat. Here you can find a step by step guide on bathing a Persian cat.

Although it would be useful to have three types of brush - comb, brush and slicker brush - and to know how to use them properly, you can make do with a wire brush with protected tips. Brush your Persian cat's coat daily to keep it healthy and tangle-free. Don't forget any part of their body, and do it carefully and gently.

Removing Knots and Tangles from a Persian Cat's Coat - Preventing tangles and knots

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Removing Knots and Tangles from a Persian Cat's Coat -

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Pamela Owens
I brush my silver shaded chinchilla persian daily, but knots and tangling are still a problem. She also gets angry when you get near her rear. Very smart and knows when you are talking about her!
How would I identify my persian cat breed?
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Shayne,

Here we have just the article for you:
Hi, can you please kindly inform me of which breed my cat belongs to?
Thanks in advance
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Nadim,

Due to the shape of their head and other features, we think it is unlikely this cat is a Persian. They may have some Persian heritage which gave them their longer fur, but this could also be from another breed such as a Maine Coon. What we suggest is this might be a Domestic Longhair meaning they are of mixed heritage.
Nadim Edoo
thank you for your answer. Much appreciated.
Administrador AnimalWised
You're very welcome Nadim!
Nadim Edoo
Hi, I would be grateful if you can please help me to identify the Breed of my cat please.
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Nadim,

We would be happy to try. If you want to submit a photo, please do so and we can see what we find.
Please tell me what is this kitty breed..
Also wanna know what is this kitten breed? Thanks
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Cheerchit,

This is a Peke Faced ginger Persian cat and they are adorable.
Removing Knots and Tangles from a Persian Cat's Coat
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Removing Knots and Tangles from a Persian Cat's Coat

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