Tamil Names for Dog - With Meanings

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Tamil Names for Dog - With Meanings

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All of us who've ever considered adopting a pet have daydreamed about what we would name them. A dog's name is especially important, as it will be used in their training. Experts recommend choosing a name that's not too short or too long: 2 or 3 syllable names are better. Moreover, a dog's name must be relatively unique so that it doesn't get confused with commonly used words.

Many dog owners choose names from a different language or culture; if you do that, though, you must make sure you understand the name's meaning. What about a Tamil name for your dog?

Tamil is an official language of Sri Lanka and Singapore and it's also the first language of the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadi, as well as the Union Territories of Puducherry - formerly Pondicherry - and the Andaman and Nicomar Islands. There are around 60 million Tamil speakers in the world.

If you live in a Tamil-speaking territory or have Tamil heritage, choosing a Tamil name for your dog will make sure your loved ones understand its meaning and pay homage to your culture. If you live somewhere else, a Tamil name will sound unique and culturally rich. Want to learn more? Stay with us at AnimalWised and take a look at our list of Tamil names for dogs with their meanings!

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Tamil: A classical language

Tamil is the first language to have earned the classical language of India status by the Indian government in 2004. Tamil is believed to be the oldest surviving language in the Dravidian language family; inscriptions from the 6th Century BC have been found.

The Sanskritization of Tamil took place shortly after the Pallava age in the 9th Century CE. Modern Tamil has also seen numerous changes, but linguists highlight excellent grammatical continuity across different stages, which is not at all common in such ancient languages.

This classical language is written in Tamil script. This script is alpha-syllabic, much like the ones used by other South Asian languages like Hindi. The original Tamil script is believed to descend from an original Brahmi script, and it dates from the 3rd Century BC. However, Tamil started using a different script in the 7th Century with the rule of the Pallava dynasty.

Therefore, Tamil is as classical as Latin or Greek but also as modern as any contemporary language.

Tamil Names for Dog - With Meanings - Tamil: A classical language

Tamil names for dogs

Aadvay | ஆத்வாய is a name which means “unique” in Tamil. Another name with a similar meaning for your unique dog is Aadvik | அத்விக. For a beautiful-sounding name, consider Aadyant | அத்யஂத which means infinite.

If you are looking for unusual Tamil names, try Aadyot | ஆத்யோத which means praise. Aaghosh | ஆகோஷ is the perfect name for a “cheerful” pet. If your dog is a fiery and spirited chap or lass, consider naming them Aagneya | ஆக்நேய.

Aahaan | ஆஹாந means "dawn"; if your dog is as uplifting as the morning sun, this is the perfect Tamil name for them. If your dog is a source of joy, consider Aahlaad | ஆஹலாத which means delight, joy or happiness. Aahva | ஆஹவாis a great name which stands for beloved in Tamil.

A popular Tamil name dogs is Aakash | ஆகாஷ which means "the sky". Aamod | ஆமோத, a Tamil word for “happiness” is also a good choice. Aanantya | ஆநஂத்யா or “divine” in Tamil is perfect for your dog too.

Naathan | நாதந which means “gift from God” is the first choice if you hold your precious pet close to your heart. Naavinya | நாவீந்ய or “new” in Tamil is another great choice. Names such as Nabarun | நபரூண or "morning sun" and Nabendu | நபேஂது or "new moon" can also make for unique names for dogs, and they are creative and beautiful.

Nabhanyu | நபாந்யு means "eternal" and is another good Tamil name for dogs. If you have a brave and courageous dog, the right name is Nabhith | நாபித which means "fearless".

Ojaswin | ஓஜஸ்வீந means "lustrous" and is a great choice for your pet, as it's not a run-of-the-mill name. Ojjaswin | ஓஜ்ஜஸ்வீந is a variation which means "body strength". Omja | ஓம்ஜா or "born of cosmic unity" is a sublime Tamil name dogs. Oneesh | ஓநிஷ or "God of the mind" is another great name if your dog is very intelligent.

Paal | பால means “guardian” and is the best Tamil name for a guard or watch dog. Paalit | பாலீத means "precious" and it is another great choice. For your pet Golden Retriever or golden-colored dog, the best name is Paaraj | பாராஜ which literally means “gold” in Tamil.

For a deeply symbolic name, choose Paaras | பாரஸ which stands for the touchstone that turns iron into gold. A great name is Paarthiv | பார்திவ which means “Prince of the Earth”. How beautiful is that?

How to choose the best Tamil name for dogs

It is very important that you choose the right name for your dog, as your beloved pooch deserves a lot of love, affection, and a dignified name that fits their personality or appearance.

Dogs have unflinching loyalty to their caring owners, and your dog will always be there to protect you. The least you can do is choose a good name for them that matches their personality and reflects their best attributes - this way, everyone will get a good sense of what your dog is like as soon as you introduce them.

Have you found the best Tamil name for dogs in our list? If we missed your favorite, tell us in the comments section!

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