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The Best Light Up Dog Collars

Eduarda Piamore
By Eduarda Piamore, Expert in canine and feline psychology, education and training.. Updated: January 30, 2024
The Best Light Up Dog Collars

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The best light-up dog collars are those which provide illumination for the dog in the dark, but which are comfortable and do not pose the dog any health risk. In many ways, it is important to ensure you consider your dog's individual needs and then you can choose the right luminous dog collar for them. You may not have considered a light-up collar for dogs before, but it is important to know they provide certain advantages for both your dog and others. They become most useful at night because they create more visibility for the dog. This means we can locate them more easily if they are off leash, but it also means drivers, cyclists and others can be aware there is a dog present.

At AnimalWised, we provide the best light up dog collars. We look at different types of luminous dog collars such as LED, rechargeable, pendants and more.

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  1. Collars with LED lights for dogs
  2. Luminous bands for dogs
  3. Fluorescent dog collars
  4. LED pendants for dog collars
  5. How to choose the best light-up collar for your dog

Collars with LED lights for dogs

LED light-up collars for dogs are the most common option and this is for good reason. They offer a high level of brightness while using a minimal amount of space. They can also be adapted for color and are even offer different lighting modes. The most popular types of LED light-up collar have the light wrapped all the way around the neck. They are usually made of nylon or polyester, making them very robust.

Some of the most popular types of LED light-up dog collar include the following:

  • LaRoo LED dog collar: LaRoo's adjustable model is one of the most successful in its category, offering three power modes, charging via USB, up to 5 hour rechargeable battery life and visibility of up to 300 meters. The brand also produces luminous straps to accompany its different collar models. It is available on Amazon and you can buy the LaRoo LED dog collar here.

  • Vizpet LED dog collar: other brands choose to distribute the LED bulbs in two thinner strips that run along the entire collar. The Vizpet brand is a waterproof option with one strip of LED light that promises high visibility up to 500 meters. It is both fully luminous and fully adjustable, meaning you can use the same collar on different dogs if you wish. You can buy the Vizpet LED dog collar here.

  • Vizinite LED light up dog harness: this option is great since it provides both the luminosity of an LED collar, but the better security a harness provides over a dog collar. It is lightweight, rechargeable and even has fluorescent parts to add even greater visibility. Because it is larger, the LED is not one continuous light, but its large size means more of the dog is illuminated. You can buy the Vizinite LED dog hardness here.

  • MASBRILL LED dog collar: it is one of the best-selling luminous dog collars on Amazon. This is largely due to the fact it is a waterproof and very durable collar. It has three LED light modes and 8 hours of battery life, all at a competitive price. You can buy the MASBRILL LED collar here.

How to choose the best LED dog collar?

The first thing is to decide if you prefer a collar that has batteries or a built-in battery. This will be a matter of duration and autonomy (i.e. being away from a charger). Keep in mind that collars with USB charging will last less during a walk than those that run on batteries. If you do opt for the former, you will not have to worry about changing the batteries and in the long term you will have more autonomy.

It is also worth paying attention to the features reported by the manufacturer. As well as the charging time, remembering that consumption varies depending on the light mode. For example, constant illumination uses more battery than intermittent flashing. Manufacturers also specify the visibility of each product, i.e. from how far away the lights can be seen. Longer life combined with greater visibility is the best bet.

Learn how to ensure your dog is accustomed to their LED collar with our article on teaching a dog to wear a collar and lead.

The Best Light Up Dog Collars - Collars with LED lights for dogs

Luminous bands for dogs

For guardians who prefer a more minimalist style, luminous bands can be an option. They are made of polyurethane or silicone. The benefits include being very resistant, lightweight and produce minimal skin irritation in dogs. The difference is that they are not collars in themselves. They are placed round the existing collar to offer illumination. They provide added safety during a walk, but are removed when not in use.

These luminous bands for dogs have an integrated battery that charges via USB (almost imperceptible to the naked eye) and usually come in one size. All you have to do is cut off the excess to adjust them to the circumference of each dog's neck. Everything else is very similar to the LED light-up collars for dogs, including the recommendations for choosing the most advantageous model in the previous section.

As an example of this kind of luminous collar for dogs, you can use this link for a NOVKIN LED luminous dog band which offers a prime example of this kind of additional safety precaution for your dog.

The Best Light Up Dog Collars - Luminous bands for dogs

Fluorescent dog collars

Another type of luminous collar for dogs doesn't actually light up itself. These are reflective fluorescent dog collars which do not derive light from a source such as LED. Instead they are made from a fluorescent fabric which run the entire length of the collar. The appearance and manufacturing materials are very similar or identical to that of a traditional dog collar, but with the addition of highly reflective material which improves visibility.

Compared to luminous collars for dogs with LED lights, they are more economical and safer. They do not have built-in batteries, so won't have to worry about power consumption, battery life or charging time. These benefits do mean they have less visibility at long distances and require other sources of light to function.

The DDOXX airmesh reflective collars available on Amazon are a discreet and light option, made of nylon and leather. And if your furry friend can be a little tricky when taking their daily exercise, you can check out our article on tips to stop a dog pulling on the leash while walking.

The Best Light Up Dog Collars - Fluorescent dog collars

LED pendants for dog collars

If you don't like the idea of putting a light-up collar on your dog, you can choose to attach a light-up pendant. This is particularly good for those of us who already like the collar or harness our dog uses. It means we don't have to change anything radically, but simply add the pendant to the harness. It does mean the visibility does not extend to the entire length of the collar. Instead, the pendant hangs at the front of the collar.

You should also keep in mind that luminous dog pendants usually run on non-rechargeable button batteries. Although they have a good lifespan, most are not waterproof. For this reason, you should not use them to walk your dog when it rains heavily or in places where your dog will likely jump into a body of water.

Another disadvantage is that the pendants are usually small in size and can easily come loose from the necklace. This is either during more intense physical activity or during a game session with lots of interaction. Additionally, in a moment of boredom or overexcitement, your dog may play with the pendant on their collar and break it off. This is problematic as it can provide a choking hazard.

In these circumstances, there is a very high risk of suffocation or gastrointestinal symptoms resulting from the ingestion of a foreign body. This is especially common in puppies and particularly voracious dogs. We do not recommend using any small object on a dog's collar that can break off easily. A dog's inquisitive mind makes them problematic.

Attachable LED lights for dog collars

A generally safer alternative for these small pendants are attachable LED lights which are made of silicone or a similar material. This means they are both waterproof and much less likely to come loose or break off. These lights contain a set of rechargeable LED bulbs (USB) that allow you to choose between different types and frequencies of constant or intermittent lighting. They provide better visibility compared to other pendant lights. Despite being considered waterproof, it is probably best not to use them when submerged in water.

As an example, we can mention the LaRoo brand again. You can buy the LaRoo silicone rechargeable dog collar light here.

The Best Light Up Dog Collars - LED pendants for dog collars

How to choose the best light-up collar for your dog

As we have mentioned, one of the great benefits of using a collar of this type is helping you provide a good level of physical activity to your furry friend all year round. This means it can happen in winter when the availability of sunlight is significantly reduced. Choosing a bright accessory to increase visibility is a good idea, especially if you usually let your dog loose at some point during the walk.

You should keep in mind that not all models of light-up dog collars have the same structure or work in the same way. As we have seen, some have built-in LED lights, while others are made with fluorescent fabric. The differences in terms of manufacturing influence both the visual effect in low light contexts and the safety of use. Collars with LED lights for dogs usually have batteries or an integrated battery that are generally recharged via USB.

This makes them much more visible in the dark, but it also poses a greater number of potential risks. Poor management of batteries can have a harmful effect on human and canine health. These products have reactive, corrosive, flammable and explosive capabilities. They are made with potentially toxic materials, such as cadmium, mercury and lithium. They are considered dangerous waste in terms of public health and environmental preservation. It is vital we choose an option where the dog is unable to break the luminous collar.

In addition to evaluating these risks and benefits, it is also key that you think about your dog's personality and preferences when choosing the best light-up collar for them. Keep in mind that not all dogs adapt to this type of collar and many feel more comfortable using a harness. This is for various reasons, especially due to their lowered risk of physical harm.

Now you know the different types of LED collars for dogs, you may want to know about other ways collars can increase safety for your canine. You can do this with our article on tracker collars dogs.

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The Best Light Up Dog Collars