Tips for Bathing a Cat with Fleas

Olivia Grisham
By Olivia Grisham, Journalist specialized in animal care. Updated: May 20, 2020
Tips for Bathing a Cat with Fleas

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Fleas can become real torture when they attack your cat. Not only do they produce an unbearable itch, but they can also lead to disease and are difficult to eradicate. It's understandable that cat companions will want to get rid of the fleas as soon as possible.

In this AnimalWised article, we're going to help you learn about the different methods to eliminating fleas in cats so you can choose the most suitable for your cat. We will also give you tips for bathing a cat with fleas. Continue reading for more information!

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  1. The importance of baths
  2. Before bathing a cat to remove fleas
  3. Tips to bear in mind during bathing your cat
  4. And after the cat's bath?
  5. Home cleaning

The importance of baths

Anyone who has a cat at home knows perfectly well that it is complicated to make them become friends with the water. Instinctively, the cat will avoid getting wet at all costs, so you need some tricks to bathe them.

Although many veterinarians do not recommend giving periodic baths to the cat, because their comprehensive hygiene system is usually sufficient, there are occasions when it is necessary to give them a hand. Particularly when fleas invade. In this sense, an anti-flea bath can serve to rid your pet of these annoying parasites, or act as a booster in the process. If you use a shampoo for cats formulated for this purpose, we recommend speaking to your veterinarian about the most suitable brands. You may also be interested in a homemade anti-flea shampoo for cats.

It is highly important to note that kittens under 3 months old and without vaccines cannot be washed for any reason. Consult a specialist about the best way to remove fleas from kittens.

Before bathing a cat to remove fleas

Before bathing your cat, it is essential to equip yourself with everything you need. Two towels, a small bathtub, two smaller containers, flea shampoo for cats, an anti flea comb with ​fine teeth, treats for your feline or toys. You will use them as follows:

  1. Your cat will go to the small bathtub, as they would just get upset if you simply place them in the sink or shower. They know what happens there!
  2. Put one of the towels inside the bathtub so they can scratch it. The other you will use to dry them at the end of the flea bath.
  3. One of the small containers will serve to rinse the feline, the other you must reserve for the fleas.
  4. The shampoo and comb will eliminate most of the parasites.

Now that you have everything you need to bathe your cat with fleas, keep the following recommendations in mind:

  • Cut your cat's claws to prevent them from hurting you during the process.
  • Brush the fur to remove all dead hair and make your work easier.
  • A while before the bath, make sure your cat is accustomed to touching them behind the ears and around the legs.
Tips for Bathing a Cat with Fleas - Before bathing a cat to remove fleas

Tips to bear in mind during bathing your cat

Now, it's time for a bath! To make it as effective as possible so you can easily remove fleas from your cat, follow our recommendations:

  • Keep calm and speak to the cat with love, using a calm tone. It is normal for them to get nervous and try to escape, so you need to convey tranquility.
  • Keep the bathroom door closed to prevent escape attempts. If necessary, seek the help of another person.
  • Place two cotton balls on your cat's ears to prevent water from entering.
  • Fill the small bathtub with little warm water (you should not feel hot when you touch it) and introduce the animal's legs first.
  • When they are comfortable with wet legs, moisten other body parts with your hand, and you can gradually use one of the small containers to wet their coat further.
  • When the coat is fully wet, it is time to apply the anti-flea shampoo. The fleas will try to escape the head, so you should form a kind of collar around the neck with shampoo lather. This will prevent this from happening.
  • Perform a shampoo massage all over the cat's body, with emphasis on the head (eye, nose and ears care), neck and tail.
  • As you watch the fleas try to escape, grab them with your fingers or with the comb and throw them in the second small container, which you will have beside you with hot water to eliminate them.
  • When you get enough foam, use the comb to remove the fleas and drop them in the container with hot water.
  • When you finish, wash the coat of your cat very well so that there is no remaining soap.

And after the cat's bath?

Once the task of bathing your cat with fleas is finished, and all the parasites are eliminated, it is time to completely dry all the hair of your feline, so that they are neither wet nor damp. Then reward your pet with some cat treat or your favorite toy. Remember that positive reinforcement is essential to avoid associating the bathroom with something negative and to encourage good behavior for the next time.

Home cleaning

It is not enough to give a bath to your cat to eliminate fleas, as they are also living in certain spaces of your home. So, you should perform a deep cleaning in not only all areas where the cat is usually, but their bed, toys, litter box and even all furniture and carpets in the house.

  • To remove fleas and eggs, wash all your cat's items with hot water and steam the spaces of your house.
  • Wash the floor with water and vinegar, and use the vacuum cleaner to clean your carpets. If necessary, place natural repellents in different areas of the home.

Once you are finished, reward yourself with whatever you fancy. This is not the most pleasant of tasks but once it is complete you will feel incredibly accomplished. We also encourage you to take a look at our article about home remedies for fleas in cats. As there may be another method you could try. If you notice your cat continues to have them, consult with your local veterinarian.

This article is purely informative. AnimalWised does not have the authority to prescribe any veterinary treatment or create a diagnosis. We invite you to take your pet to the veterinarian if they are suffering from any condition or pain.

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Tips for Bathing a Cat with Fleas