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Tips to Make your Cat's Coat Shiny

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: November 22, 2017
Tips to Make your Cat's Coat Shiny

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Cats take meticulous care of their fur. They lick their coat to keep it clean, shiny and tangle-free. There are several tricks you can use to help them achieve a glossy shine.

However, you should note that unlike dogs, cats lick the hair in accessible areas of their body. If there are two cats, one will groom the other's more inaccessible areas, since that is a social activity for them. Therefore, you must make sure you don't leave any residue or products in your cat's fur, as it may poison the cat.

This AnimalWised article will reveal the tips to make your cat's coat shiny - and maybe even your own.

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  1. Brushing your cat regularly
  2. A good diet
  3. Homemade remedies for your cat's coat

Brushing your cat regularly

Brushing your cat for 5 minutes on a daily basis is the most economical (unless your time is money) and effective way of making your cat's fur shiny. This simple action gets rid of dead hair and dirt, as well as removing all stains and tangles.

It will also show your cat affection, and it will make it happy. This way, you'll positively reinforce its behavior and its trust of you.

Moreover, frequently brushing your cat will prevent possible trichobezoars (hairballs in the stomach) in the future, which can be very distressing for cats. Here you can find guides on the best brushes for long-haired cats and the best brushes for short-haired cats.

Tips to Make your Cat's Coat Shiny - Brushing your cat regularly

A good diet

Food rich in Omega 6 and Omega 12 will greatly improve the quality and shine of your cat's fur. Salmon, trout, sardines, herring and tuna are great foods for enriching your cat's fur. Here you can find a homemade fish recipe for cats.

However, you should never give your cat raw fish or with bones. A light boil or a quick grill will remove any trace of anisakis or any other parasite or bacteria. You are advised to feed your cat fish or wet fish-based food once a week.

Make sure you know the basic nutritional requirements for cats as well as the forbidden foods you should never give them.

Tips to Make your Cat's Coat Shiny - A good diet

Homemade remedies for your cat's coat


For centuries, beer has been used as a cosmetic for hair for both people and animals. This is because it nourishes the hair roots and the hair itself, making it more flexible, soft and shiny. However, the beer that you will use on your cat should be absolutely alcohol-free.

Applying it is very easy: After you have bathed and briefly rinsed your cat, use a sponge to apply lukewarm beer all over its body except for the face and genitals. Massage it in with your fingers so that the beer is evenly distributed on the skin.

Wait for about three minutes and then give your cat a good rinse with water to completely remove the beer. Finally, make sure your cat is dry, and then brush or comb its fur thoroughly.

Tips to Make your Cat's Coat Shiny - Homemade remedies for your cat's coat


There are two ways of using eggs as a cosmetic for hair: the yolk and the white. Both are nutritious for hair, but they work better apart than if used together.

The yolk is very nutritious and much stickier, tending to darken the hair and make it very bright. The egg white is less dense, removes dirt better and tends to lighten hair, giving it a glossy shine. Therefore, you should use the yolk for cats with short, dark hair. The white can be used for cats with long, light hair.

Mix the yolk or egg white using a whisk along with a glass of lukewarm water. Once the cat is bathed and after a light rinse, apply the mixture on your cat's coat using a sponge, avoiding the face and genitals. Massage your cat using your fingers so that the skin and hair are well and thoroughly nourished.

Allow the mixture to react for 5 minutes then thoroughly rinse the cat leaving no sticky egg residue. Make sure your cat is dry and comb or brush it through. You must remove the excess mixture and make sure there is none left.

Tips to Make your Cat's Coat Shiny -


Honey can also be used as a hair nutrient. Well-nourished hair is healthy hair, and it becomes shinier and more resilient as a result.

With an electric whisk, mix half a litre of lukewarm water with one level tablespoon of honey. Then proceed to apply this mask to your cat in the same way you would the previous yolk or egg white mixture.

Make sure you rinse your cat thoroughly at the end because honey is very sticky. Any remaining mixture can be stored in the fridge.

Tips to Make your Cat's Coat Shiny -


Keratin is a protein. It constitutes as the main component of human and animal hair, as well as nails and claws.

Keratin can be found in liquid form, but using it in this form is not advised for people who are not experts in the field; only professionals have the necessary skill to use this product, which is very rich in sulphur. There are many shampoos which incorporate keratin in their formula, with the appropriate pH for the dermis of a cat. Ask around in your local pet store.

Tips to Make your Cat's Coat Shiny -

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Tips to Make your Cat's Coat Shiny