Types of Podencos or Warren Hounds

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. August 29, 2023
Types of Podencos or Warren Hounds

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Podencos, also known as warren hounds, are a group of ancient dog breeds hailing from the Mediterranean region, embody a unique blend of history, functionality, and distinctive traits. With roots dating back thousands of years, these dogs have evolved as skilled hunters and loyal companions. Their sleek and athletic builds, marked by features like upright ears and expressive eyes, highlight their agility and keen senses.

This AnimalWised article describes 8 distinct types of podencos. It also delves into their main characteristics and features, and sheds light on some lesser-known variations within the breed.

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What are Warren Hounds or Podencos?

Warren hounds, also known as podencos, are thought to have originated in Europe, but their roots can be traced to ancient lands such as Egypt, Phoenicia, and diverse regions across Asia as well. These dogs have a rich history that spans across continents, contributing to their unique characteristics and diverse heritage.

Their size can range from small to medium, often covered in short or medium-length fur. A distinctive feature of warren hounds is their slender yet muscular and compact body, combining grace with strength in a unique way.

These breeds emerged from specific roles, finely tuned for hunting expeditions or adeptly tackling vermin control. Their small stature is a valuable asset in such activities, granting them agility and access to burrows and holes that larger dogs might struggle with.

With their keen senses, Podencos are vigilant and make effective watchdogs. They are often quick to detect unfamiliar sounds or intruders, making them reliable guardians. Many Podencos have a playful side. They enjoy interactive play and mental stimulation, which can help keep them engaged and happy.

How many breeds of warren hounds exist?

Presently, international canine federations officially recognize 8 distinct warren hound breeds, each with its own allure. However, the story doesn't conclude there. Beyond these established breeds, an additional 8 varieties await formal acknowledgement.

Below, we examine the variety of warren hounds, focusing both on the well-known pedigrees and the lesser-known types that form the tapestry of the Podenco breed.

Portuguese Podengo or Portuguese Warren Hound

The story of the Portuguese Podengo reaches back to ancient times, an era when Mediterranean breeds found their way onto the Iberian Peninsula through the trade routes of Phoenician merchants. This breed's origins intertwine with the historical exchange of cultures and animals in this region.

Standing around 20 to 30 cm (8 to 12 inches) tall at the shoulder and weighing approximately 4 to 13 kg (9 to 28 pounds). Its frame is defined by a balanced combination of strength and agility, essential traits for its historical role as a skilled hunter.

The breed's coat comes in three varieties: smooth, wire, and long. The smooth variety features a sleek, close-lying coat, while the wire variety has a coarse, protective outer layer and a soft undercoat.

This breed is characterized by its intelligence and curiosity. The Portuguese Podengo's inquisitive nature often drives it to explore its surroundings with enthusiasm.

Types of Podencos or Warren Hounds - Portuguese Podengo or Portuguese Warren Hound

Podenco Canario or Canarian Warren Hound

The Canary Podenco, a dog originating from the Canary Islands in Spain, carries with it a rich history intertwined with ancient civilizations. While the exact civilization that introduced this breed remains uncertain—whether it was the Phoenicians, Egyptians, or Greeks—one thing is clear: this breed has a heritage spanning around 7,000 years. Over this extensive time, the Canary Podenco has become a specialized rabbit hunter, honing its skills for this specific task.

Standing at about 51 to 64 cm (20 to 25 inches) tall and weighing approximately 20 to 25 kg (45 to 55 pounds), the Canary Podenco possesses a smooth and short coat adorned in a combination of white with varying shades of orange and red.

It features a keenly developed nose, finely attuned for hunting purposes. Its ears are also notably larger compared to other hound breeds.

Known for their intelligence and adaptability, Canary Podencos are quick learners. Their agile minds and natural curiosity mean that they thrive in environments where mental stimulation is provided.

Types of Podencos or Warren Hounds - Podenco Canario or Canarian Warren Hound

Ibizan hound

Originating from Ibiza, Spain, the Ibizan Hound embodies the island's history. This breed, with its sleek physique, signifies both form and function.

Standing at about 57 to 70 cm (22.5 to 27.5 inches) in height and weighing approximately 20 to 29 kg (45 to 65 pounds), it features large, upright ears and a medium-sized frame, blending elegance and agility.

The Ibizan Hound's roots are intertwined with its role as a hunter, excelling in chasing rabbits. Available in smooth or wirehaired coats, it comes in shades of red and white.

Beyond appearance, Ibizan Hounds are known for intelligence and independence. Their curiosity drives exploration, while they remain loyal to companions. Rooted in their hunting heritage, they possess keen senses and a friendly nature, making them adept hunters and cherished family members.

Types of Podencos or Warren Hounds - Ibizan hound

Podenco Andaluz

The Podenco Andaluz, from Andalusia, Spain, is a breed with a rich heritage. Originally bred for hunting, the Podenco Andaluz has a natural instinct and agility that make it an adept tracker. Its intelligence shines through as it navigates various terrains.

This dog, characterized by its slender build, showcases both elegance and athleticism. It stands at around 41 to 53 cm (16 to 21 inches) tall and weighs approximately 18 to 25 kg (40 to 55 pounds), possessing a medium-sized frame that harmonizes grace and agility.

This medium-sized dog possesses a slender yet muscular build and often features large, erect ears that lend it an attentive appearance. Its coat can be short or wirehaired, coming in an array of colors.

Personality-wise, this breed is known for its independence and loyalty. While it can be reserved with strangers, it forms deep bonds with its family. Its energy and drive require outlets for physical activity. The Podenco Andaluz embodies its history as a skilled hunter, but also proves to be a devoted and engaging companion.

Types of Podencos or Warren Hounds - Podenco Andaluz

Podenco Valenciano or Xarnego Valenciano

The Podenco Valenciano or Xarnego Valenciano originates from the Valencian Community in Spain. With a history that likely extends for centuries, this dog has been a part of the local heritage and traditions of the Valencian people.

It stands at around 41 to 53 cm (16 to 21 inches) tall and weighs approximately 18 to 25 kg (40 to 55 pounds), possessing a medium-sized frame that harmonizes grace and agility.

This medium-sized breed showcases a balanced and athletic build, often with a coat that is short and dense, offering protection from various weather conditions.

Bred historically for hunting, the Podenco Valenciano boasts remarkable agility and endurance, making it an exceptional tracker. Its keen senses are put to good use in its role.

The breed's hunting heritage often results in a strong prey drive, requiring dedicated effort to establish a dependable recall. Training a consistent "drop it" and "leave it" command is likely essential as well.

Types of Podencos or Warren Hounds - Podenco Valenciano or Xarnego Valenciano

Cirneco dell'Etna

Originating from the Sicilian region of Italy, specifically from the slopes of Mount Etna, the Cirneco dell'Etna is a distinctive breed with a history that spans back centuries. This breed's roots can be traced as far back as ancient times, with evidence of its existence dating back to around 2,500 years ago.

Its medium-sized build, typically standing at 43 to 51 cm (17 to 20 inches) in height and weighing around 8 to 12 kg (17 to 26 pounds), is marked by distinctive prick ears and a sleek short coat, reflecting both its hunting prowess and adaptability to various environments.

Historically, this breed played a vital role as a skilled hunter, specializing in tracking and capturing small game in challenging terrains. Its agility and determination made it an ideal companion for navigating difficult landscapes.

Temperament-wise, the Cirneco dell'Etna embodies a unique balance of independence and loyalty. While maintaining its independence, it forms strong bonds with its family, displaying unwavering loyalty. Its keen alertness also makes it an excellent watchdog.

Types of Podencos or Warren Hounds - Cirneco dell'Etna

Pharaoh Hound

Tracing its roots to ancient Egypt, the Pharaoh Hound emerges as a breed of distinction with a lineage that spans back thousands of years. This dog's origins can be pinpointed to the times of the pharaohs, with depictions on ancient artifacts that reveal its presence in the royal courts of Egypt. Dating back to at least 4,000 years ago, the Pharaoh Hound's lineage intertwines with the rich tapestry of Egyptian history.

With a sleek and athletic build, standing around 53 to 64 cm (21 to 25 inches) in height at the shoulder and weighing approximately 20 to 25 kg (45 to 55 pounds), it features a reddish coat that's both short and glossy, accentuating its elegance.

Historically revered for its hunting skills, this breed excels in chasing small game with speed and precision. Its remarkable agility and keen senses enable it to navigate diverse terrains adeptly.

In terms of temperament, the Pharaoh Hound is known for its independence, yet it forms strong bonds with its human family. It showcases loyalty and affection, along with an alert nature that makes it an effective watchdog.

Types of Podencos or Warren Hounds - Pharaoh Hound


The Maneto, originating from the Iberian Peninsula, is a distinctive breed known for its compact size and spirited personality. Standing at about 20 to 25 cm (8 to 10 inches) tall at the shoulder and weighing around 7 to 10 kg (15 to 22 pounds), its short legs and well-proportioned body give it a unique appearance that sets it apart.

Historically, the Maneto was a skilled hunter, particularly adept at flushing out game from dense undergrowth. Despite its diminutive stature, its determination and agility in pursuing small prey were unparalleled.

Personality-wise, the Maneto is full of energy and enthusiasm. It possesses a curious and friendly nature, often forming strong bonds with its family members. Despite its small size, it's quick to alert its household to any potential threats, showcasing its protective instincts.


Types of Podencos or Warren Hounds - Maneto

Other types of Podencos or Warren hounds

The FCI, AKC, and RSCE recognize a variety of hound breeds, but there are many more outside these organizations. These lesser-known types of Podencos contribute to the rich tapestry of canine diversity, each with its own unique history and qualities. Here are a few such breeds:

  • Perdigueiro Galego: hailing from Galicia in Spain, is a versatile hunting dog with a remarkable nose and a keen ability to locate game.

  • Cretan Hound or Kritikos Lagonikos: native to Crete, the Cretan Hound is cherished for its agility and exceptional tracking skills.

  • Podenco Enano del Hierro: originally from El Hierro, a Canary Island, the Podenco Enano del Hierro may not have gained international recognition, but its small size belies its formidable hunting abilities.

  • Barrocal Algarvio: originating from the Algarve region in Portugal, stands as a testament to local breeding expertise.

  • Podenco Paternino de Huelva: rooted in Huelva, Spain, may lack official recognition, but its role as a skilled rabbit hunter is deeply ingrained in local history. Renowned for its speed and agility, it remains a cherished partner for those who appreciate its unique talents.

  • Podenco Orito: while awaiting recognition, has made a mark on its homeland, the Canary Islands. Revered for its agility and loyalty, it exemplifies the enduring bond between these islands and their canine companions.

For more insights into other Spanish dog breeds, complete with their distinct characteristics and accompanying images, delve into this additional article.

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