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Walking Your Dog in the Rain

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. October 19, 2017
Walking Your Dog in the Rain

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Your dog may find walking in the rain annoying because they usually end up very wet. It is very important to know what to do if they are scared, however some dogs have fun and enjoy the walk.

This AnimalWised article will explain how to walk your dog in the rain so that you both have a pleasant and relaxing time with one another. We'll give you some tips to avoid you dog getting wet and feeling uncomfortable.

Read on to learn about the health problems that your dog may suffer from, after being in the rain, some interesting tips you need to know, along with some advice and the necessary equipment you should use.

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  1. My dog won't go out in the rain because they are scared
  2. Problems associated with being wet
  3. Tips for walking dog in the rain: before, during and after
  4. Necessary accessories

My dog won't go out in the rain because they are scared

Dogs (in general) are not great lovers of rain and bad weather. Their natural instinct encourages them to seek refuge in safe places. This, along with the terrifying noise of thunder, results in a scared and fearful dog by your side that does not want to walk down the street.

Our first tip is to never force them, quite the opposite, try to make it a positive experience. Use treats to persuade your dog to voluntarily leave the house when its raining. Guide them to the door with tasty treats such as Frankfurter sausage, for example. Don't force them but at the same time avoid being overprotective. You must act with a positive, normal and pleasant attitude. As if the rain doesn't exist.

You should try to accustom them to the rain and even have a good time with them when it rains, whenever you can. Act as if nothing is different, using positive reinforcement and distractions are definitely the best tools to achieve a steady and calm walk in the rain.

Walking Your Dog in the Rain - My dog won't go out in the rain because they are scared

Problems associated with being wet

If your dog is completely healthy, they won't get sick from contact with water. However, sensitive, elderly or very young dogs can be affected by different health problems caused by being wet, especially in winter:

  • Pneumonia: If the environment is particularly cold, your dog may suffer from pneumonia when exposed to unpleasant temperatures. You must protect them from hostile environments.
  • Problems with their paw pads: Even if your dog has hard and resistant pads, the truth is that it is a very delicate area that usually doesn't get your attention. Forgetting to remove moisture from this area may encourage the development of fungi or sensitivity. Regularly check the soles of their paws to make sure they are healthy and dry them with a towel after each walk in the rain.
  • Knots in its fur: If your dog has long fur, frequent contact with water can lead to the appearance of knots. Comb your dog regularly.
  • Skin problems: As you know, dogs have a natural protective layer that covers their dermis. Excessive contact with rain can cause dryness.

All these problems can be prevented and treated effectively. Moving on, AnimalWised will give you some tips and tricks as well as tell you the necessary accessories to avoid these problems so you can still enjoy walks with your best friend, hassle free.

Walking Your Dog in the Rain - Problems associated with being wet

Tips for walking dog in the rain: before, during and after

As we've mentione, you should know that dogs, by natural instinct, do not like a rainy environment, they tend to prefer shelter. Especially those who are afraid or have insecurity problems with water and thunder should not be forced to leave the house if they don't want to. It is preferable to wait for the rain to stop to go for a walk.

If your dog is willing to go outside but does not seem enthusiastic about it, try to make a walk in the rain fun and enjoyable. Give them treats and praise, this can help. You should keep a positive attitude.

After the walk you must always dry your dog, paying close attention to the delicate areas such as their chest and paw pads. You can occasionally use a hairdryer, although even if the rain is heavy, it is recommended to use a towel so their skin won't be dried excessively.

It's normal for them to smell a little bad, but that doesn't mean you should bathe your dog regularly as you can harm their dermis. It is preferable to spend time brushing them, to use a suitable perfume for dogs or use a shallow, dry foam bath.

We recommend using a hypoallergenic dry cleaning soap that you can find in pet shops to also eliminate odour, dirt or tangles.

Finally we advise you to never leave your dog outdoors in the rain, especially without regular supervision. Dogs must be treated with respect and affection, remember that they are like little children: delicate and wonderful.

Walking Your Dog in the Rain - Tips for walking dog in the rain: before, during and after

Necessary accessories

Equipping and protecting your dog during walks in the rain is a perfect option to keep them dry. The truth is that dogs do not have as many options as humans, but there are still some small items that can help:

The first and most popular is a stormguard, but not all of them will work. You must find one suitable, convenient and comfortable for their size, (so they have freedom of movement), which is breathable and warm and is also completely waterproof.

Personally I would recommend the one that my two dogs have. I like how it hugs their chests but also allows them to urinate without discomfort. It covers all of their body well and hardly any water gets through. It is also very warm. Remember that ones like these can be found in big pet shops.

There are also a lot of fun options on the market such as umbrellas for dogs, but you should really try to find things that protect them from the cold, that won't annoy them or make them uncomfortable when walking down the street. Think carefully about it.

As mentioned before, a dog's paw pads are very delicate and you should avoid them being wet for a long period of time. If you notice your dog is uncomfortable or annoyed by this problem, don't hesitate to buy some dog boots. Although originally intended for snow, the truth is that they work wonders for dogs with sensitivity problems, for example. You can also buy these in large pet shops. These particularly work well because they are anti-slip.

Walking Your Dog in the Rain - Necessary accessories

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Hi, I have a very lively shih tzu who does not mind walking in the rain. We have kept his coat long and I would like to learn the best way to care for his beautiful coat in the winter, especially after a rainy walk or when it is wet on the grass. I understand that blow drying frequently is bad for their skin. So do I just towel dry him? But then he stays wet for a couple of hours and that can't be good either. I do dry his ears after a walk.
My dog Saber is a cross GSD/Siberian Husky, he loves the bad weather. I have a rain coat for him but he hates it. I use it though just to save all the towels it takes to dry him off.
he loves to splash in the puddles and play in the rain, dogs will be dogs. We all get wet in the rain sometimes it’s just part of life. Even more so
here in the UK.
Administrador AnimalWised
With a GSD/Husky mix, we can imagine there's a lot of hair to towel off!
Richard Turner
How do i explain rain to my dog?
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Richard,

Is your dog afraid of the rain? Your dog won't ever be able to understand the ‘concept’ of rain. However, they will be able to know that it won't harm them. If your dog is timid, then you need to show them that the rain will not do them any harm by using positive reinforcement. It is also believed that dogs are more concerned with the noise rain makes when hitting the ground than the rain itself. For this reason, you should take the dog out when it is drizzling rather than when it is gushing down and slowly get them used to being in the wet. They will start to pay little attention to the rain and will start to enjoy running through puddles soon enough.
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Walking Your Dog in the Rain