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Why Do Cats Raise Their Butts When You Pet Them?

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: September 7, 2023
Why Do Cats Raise Their Butts When You Pet Them?

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When a cat lifts their tail when you pet them, it is usually a very positive sign. It implies the cat is receptive to the interaction and wants to receive affection. Moreover, lifting their butt when you pet them is a way for cats to provide their own affection. Cats communicate with both other cats and humans in different ways, but body language is one of the most important methods. At AnimalWised, we ask why do cats raise their butts when you pet them? Although it will depend on the context of the situation, it usually shows that you have a strong bond with the cat and that they enjoy interaction with you.

  1. Cat tail communication
  2. They are in heat
  3. They love you
  4. They trust you
  5. They enjoy the sensation

Cat tail communication

A cat's tail serves as a vital tool for communication in both inter-species (with humans) and intra-species (with other cats) interactions. The tail is an extension of a cat's body language, conveying a wide range of emotions and intentions.

Cats use their tails to express their feelings. The position, posture, movement and curvature of the tail all play a significant role in this communication. For instance:

  • Tail position and posture: a cat may hold its tail upright and puffed when agitated or fearful, while a straight-up tail indicates contentment and confidence. A low, quivering tail signifies excitement, often in anticipation of hunting or play.

  • Tail movements: slow swishing can indicate mild irritation, while rapid swishing or lashing suggests stronger irritation or aggression. Flicking or twitching tails are signs of curiosity or playfulness, sometimes accompanied by anticipation.

  • Tail curvature: an arched back with a curved tail typically indicates fear or aggression, as the cat tries to appear larger. On the other hand, a lowered tail with the tip curled forward is a sign of relaxation and contentment.

  • Tail tapping: cats may tap their tail gently or wrap it around a person's arm to seek attention or affection. This behavior is friendly and affectionate toward humans.

  • Tail fluffing: fluffing the tail is an attempt to appear larger and more intimidating, often seen in defensive postures when the cat feels threatened.

  • Tail piloerection: when a cat's fur along the tail stands on end (piloerection), it signifies extreme fear or agitation, making the cat appear larger to potential threats.

In interactions with other cats, tail cues are crucial for establishing dominance, signaling submission and conveying friendliness. Understanding a cat's tail signals can improve communication and help prevent misunderstandings.

What a cat does with their butt when they interact with a human is also important. We need to consider the broader context, including other body language and vocalizations, as individual cat communication styles may vary. For this reason, we look at the reasons cats lift their butt when you pet them:

They are in heat

A female cat may raise her hindquarters and exhibit this behavior when you pet her because she is displaying signs of receptivity to mating during her heat cycle. This behavior is primarily related to their hormonal changes and the instincts associated with reproduction.

When a female cat is in heat, she releases pheromones and exhibits various behaviors to attract potential mates. One of these behaviors is elevating her hindquarters when touched or petted. Raising the hindquarters is a way for a female cat to signal to male cats that she is in estrus and ready to mate. It allows her to present her genitals more prominently to potential mates.

This does not mean that a cat wishes to mate with us when they lift their butt. They are simply in a state of agitation due to reproductive hormones. When we pet them at the base of their tail, they instinctually respond. It is exacerbated by the frustration of not being able to mate with a male cat.

In addition to the biological aspect, some female cats may also seek more attention and interaction from their owners when they are in heat. They may display this behavior as a way to solicit affection and comfort during a time when they may be feeling more anxious or agitated due to their hormonal changes.

Although the cat does not harm us when she is in heat, her behaviors can be problematic. Their hormone production also causes them emotional frustration and pregnancy can lead to kittens which are difficult to rehome. There are many benefits of neutering a cat, so we recommend spaying the animal in this case.

Why Do Cats Raise Their Butts When You Pet Them? - They are in heat

They love you

When a cat raises their butt when you pet them, we will need to look at the context of the action. If the cat also rubs against your legs, head butts you or generally shows reception to the petting, it is a clear sign they want to give affection as they receive it.

Cats have their own form of communication which mainly uses body language. While a cat won't pet another cat with their paws like we do with our hands, they will rub against them as a sign of affection. Lifting their butt helps to show their guardian that they enjoy the interaction. It is a form of encouragement and many cats can continue to do it for a long time.

They trust you

Similar to giving and receiving affection, cats lifting their butts when you pet them are also displaying a clear sign of your bond. It suggests that they trust and feel comfortable with their guardian. Cats are generally cautious animals, and they expose their hindquarters, a vulnerable area, only when they feel secure and safe. It's a positive sign that the cat has formed a bond with their human.

Cats often reserve their most vulnerable behaviors for those with whom they have a close and positive relationship. This is the case when they lift their hindquarters, but it can also be seen in other behaviors such as when a cat exposes their belly to you. Cats which do not trust you are more likely to stay at a safe distance, let alone let you pet them in a sensitive area.

Discover the places cats like to be petted most in our related guide.

Why Do Cats Raise Their Butts When You Pet Them? - They trust you

They enjoy the sensation

The nerves near a cat's hindquarters and tail area play a role in their response to being petted. They can contribute to the behavior of raising their hindquarters when petted. Cats have a high concentration of sensitive nerve endings in this area. When you pet them there, it can trigger various sensory sensations and responses:

  • Sensory stimulation: the sensitive nerve endings in a cat's tail and hindquarters make this area highly responsive to touch. When you pet a cat in this region, it can create pleasurable sensations for the cat, which may lead to a heightened response.

  • Pleasure and relaxation: any cats find gentle petting around their tail and hindquarters enjoyable and relaxing. The stimulation of these nerves can create a sense of comfort and contentment for the cat.

  • Communication: raising the hindquarters when being petted in this sensitive area can be a way for the cat to communicate their positive feelings. It indicates that they are comfortable with the touch and may be seeking more interaction.

It's important to note that not all cats will react the same way to petting in the tail and hindquarters area. While some may raise their hindquarters and exhibit positive responses, others may have different preferences or sensitivities. Always pay attention to your cat's individual cues and boundaries during petting to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for them.

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Why Do Cats Raise Their Butts When You Pet Them?