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10 Weird Things that Cats Do

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: October 31, 2017
10 Weird Things that Cats Do

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There is no denying that cats are very special and interesting creatures, who can become the best companions of our lives. However, their curious behavior can be a little hard to understand.

The social interactions of cats and the manner in which they express emotions may be somewhat strange. However, this is very typical of cats and it makes them unique within the animal kingdom. Finally, most of these behaviors are sweet and even amusing. Are you a cat fan and would you like to know the reason why your cat loves to sleep in a box? AnimalWised invite you to read the following animal article where we will introduce 10 weird things that cats do.

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  1. Rubbing their head against you
  2. Spontaneous jumps
  3. Bringing home dead animals
  4. Intense glares
  5. Smelling your face
  6. Resting in strange places
  7. Their favorite place: Your chest
  8. Kneading with their paws
  9. Fighting with your feet
  10. Making weird sounds when they see birds
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Rubbing their head against you

This act is a way of your cat creating an instant of connection with you. And of course, for a human being there is nothing more tender than when a cat rests their head on yours. Your cat does this in an attempt to give you your facial pheromones and show you how much they trust you. It's their way of saying either goodbye or that they feel safe by your side.

Spontaneous jumps

This behavior shows both the great ability and agility of cats, as well as how spontaneous they can become. This rushing desperately and bouncing off couches and beds is nothing more than an exercise routine. This may come as a surprise, but a cat can run up to 48 km per hour. If your cat doesn't leave home at all, it is perfectly normal to drain their energy through these unexpected jumps. They are all athletes!

To help them channel their energy, you can choose to play with them and use fun and original cat toys.

10 Weird Things that Cats Do - Spontaneous jumps

Bringing home dead animals

Although you love your cat, it can scare you when they suddenly bring a dead bird home and drop it on your feet - this is another of the rare things that cats do. According to specialists in animal behavior this can be due to several reasons:

  1. They to share their prey with you. Just as you share your home and your food with them, so will they. Your cat recognizes that you are part of their family.
  2. They are grateful for the love you give them and brings you their prey as a gift.
  3. They are self-prizing and the catch is a trophy symbol that says, "Look what I've accomplished."

More information about this behavior can be found in our article " Why do cats bring dead animals home? ".

10 Weird Things that Cats Do - Bringing home dead animals

Intense glares

This is very typical. You turn around because you feel that someone is staring at you and there you find your dear cat glaring at you. You don't know what they are thinking or how they will act in the moments after. Well, your cat does not want to hypnotize you to control your mind, but they probably just want to get your attention - so you give them food and affection.

10 Weird Things that Cats Do - Intense glares

Smelling your face

Cats are curious by nature. They love to smell everything, especially the objects of their affection, in this case your face! Carefully sniffing your face is a very peculiar thing but they love it. There is no transcendental explanation, simply through scent they can get to know you and recognize you. If your cat wants to smell your face, let them do so. It is a positive behavior towards you.

10 Weird Things that Cats Do - Smelling your face

Resting in strange places

Cats are fascinating creatures, for them it is more interesting to sleep on the keyboard of your computer than on a delicious and cushioned bed. No matter how uncomfortable or cold it may be. Boxes, books, sinks, showers... it is very likely that more than once you will arrive and they will be deeply asleep in one of these places. Often, just because you are nearby. They want to be close to their favorite person, you are their symbol of relaxation.

10 Weird Things that Cats Do - Resting in strange places

Their favorite place: Your chest

Still on the topic of affection, one of the favorite places for cats is to rest on the chest of their human. No scientific reason has been found for this gatuna fixation. However, the hypothesis is more emotional. Your cat enjoys connecting with you through the beats of your heart and the warmth of your chest. It is the place where they can feel more secure and protected.

10 Weird Things that Cats Do - Their favorite place: Your chest

Kneading with their paws

Perhaps all cats were bakers in a past life, either way, it is very common to see them move as if they are kneading things. According to experts and without much explanation, this behavior means that they are happy. Itreminds them when they were babies and kneading to get the milk from their mothers. Usually it is accompanied by a loud purr or meowing.

10 Weird Things that Cats Do - Kneading with their paws

Fighting with your feet

This is the kind of attack that you shouldn't be worried about. When your cat tries to fight with your feet it is because they want to play with you. They are attracted to the movement of your limbs that can switch from fast to slow in a second. Also, jumping and attacking them back is another rare thing that cats love. For them it is a lot of fun.

Making weird sounds when they see birds

This is practiced by all cats. They will remain looking out the window, watching some bird flying outside. While this occurs they often make strange sounds with their teeth and their tail moves animatedly. This means that your cat is preparing their next hunt. They are practicing some special and more effective bite to attack birds and rodents. It can be a clear sign of excitement, but if they cannot get out it can become a sign of frustration at not being able to reach their prey.

10 Weird Things that Cats Do - Making weird sounds when they see birds

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10 Weird Things that Cats Do