12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy

By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: February 26, 2019
12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy

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Cats are very special animals, full of curious behaviors that may seem like crazy attitudes for humans, but which, in general, respond to a survival instinct that they preserve from their life in the wild.

When living with a cat you quickly start picking up on the things that they like: sleeping next to you, a delicious meal, lying in the sun or being stroked, among others. However, have you ever thought that there are many things that they also hate with all their strength? Keep reading to discover the 10 things that make cats go crazy on Animalwised!

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1. Contact with water

A few drops of water falling on their body are capable of causing a pretty crazy reaction in your cat: a fast escape, a leap worthy of an Olympic competitor, are among the main reactions.

The enmity between cats and water is well known, so there are many theories about what motivates this attitude. Some experts say that, since these felines are native of desert zones, during their evolution they did not have much contact with this vital liquid, contrary to what happens with some of their relatives, like the tiger of the humid forest.

Others, on the other hand, assure that the respiratory system of the domestic cats is extremely delicate, which is why when they get wet they run the risk of catching a cold if they do not manage to dry quickly, which could trigger a more serious disease, such as pneumonia.

It is also important to note that cats do not need to bathe, they clean themselves, so we should only bathe in case of extreme dirt or in the presence of parasites.

However, experience tells us that a cat that is used to playing in water since they are kittens, as is the case those who regularly bathe their pets, will not repel water. Before doing this, make sure that your cat has all its vaccines up to date, and consult with your veterinarian about the ideal frequency and the most suitable products for grooming.

12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy - 1. Contact with water

2. Noisy surroundings

Cats are silent by nature. Except during their heat period, and the moments in which they try to communicate with humans, they rarely emit a single noise, even when walking. Perhaps that is why they are so irritated by loud, strong and insistent sounds, which makes cats go crazy, especially if they hear them suddenly, as they immediately turn to a state of alert that indicates they may be in danger.

However, when you live in a city it is very difficult to remain isolated from all kinds of sounds, such as car horns or traffic noises, which is why it is so important to get your cat used to these sounds so that they remain calm when they hear these stimuli. By doing so you will avoid them suffering periods of stress or anxiety.

12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy - 2. Noisy surroundings

3. Strong smells

A cat's nose is much more developed than that of the human being, a fact that makes them much more sensitive to all kinds of odors, both when detecting the presence of another feline or an open can of their favorite food, for example , as when perceiving something that is unpleasant and repelling.

In this sense, there are certain aromas and fragrances that will cause exaggerated reactions, such as racing, jumping and the wrinkling of their nose. Among these aromas we'd like to mention citrus fruits, such as lemon, orange, and grapefruit, perfumes, alcohol, smoke, onion, vinegar, cigarettes, tea, coffee and liqueurs, among others. For more information, do not miss the smells that cats hate most.

12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy - 3. Strong smells

4. Don't ignore me, human!

Cats are independent animals, that want to have their freedom and that their space should be respected. However, it is false that they do not enjoy being with humans or that they don't care about us, on the contrary! Cats love to watch what you do, follow you everywhere and take a nap with you, among many other things.

That is why if there is something that really drives your cat crazy it is to feel that you do not pay attention to them or that you ignore them, which is why they'll do anything to catch your attention, as long as you notice them, from meowing insistently to knocking down something off the table, for example.

12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy - 4. Don't ignore me, human!

5. A visit to the vet

In general, cats do not enjoy a visit to the vet but, if you haven't got your cat used to it since they were kittens, when you need to go it can be a really traumatic experience for you and for them, because the nervousness that comes from being in an unknown place, surrounded by strange people and other animals, and are prodding them all over, it is possible for them to transform it in such a way that it is difficult for you to recognize your sweet companion in that feline beast.

Your cat only needs to feel safe, so it is advisable to get them used to the visit to the veterinarian from a young age and, even, to go to the doctor a couple of times before the first check-up, so that they become familiar with the place and the specialist, and avoid thism becoming another of the things that drives your cat crazy.

12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy - 5. A visit to the vet

6. Taking medicine

Whether syrup or pill, medical treatment can become a real torture if you do not do it correctly, causing reactions of rejection in your cat such as drooling (in the case of syrups, trying not to swallow), vomiting of the pill or refusal to swallow it.

There are different ways to apply a medical treatment so that it does not become a martyrdom for your or an exasperating situation for you, you just have to be patient and do it in the right way. To do so, do not miss our tips to give a pill to a cat.

12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy - 6. Taking medicine

7. Lack of hygiene

Without a doubt, another of the things that drives a cat crazy, is that there is nothing that they loathe more and that makes them stress and even irritate them more than dirt, especially if it is concentrated in the spaces where they usually hang out like their bed, their litter box and their food and water containers.

A food container with leftovers that has a bad smell, a litter box that has not been cleaned and still has traces of feces or accumulated urine, a bed full of dirt, will provoke cat-like anger and unwanted behaviors, such as depositions in unsuitable places and insistent meows.

12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy - 7. Lack of hygiene

8. Excessive hugging

Cats have their own way of showing affection. Wanting to spend time with you, sleeping next to you, presenting something they have hunted, showing their belly so you can scratch it, are just some of them. However, it is also true that they hate receiving affection in a forced way, so if you try to force them it is possible that they may respond by scratching or simply moving away to a place where they can rest in peace.

12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy - 8. Excessive hugging

9. The staring game

You've surely noticed that cats rarely communicate with each other using meows. For cats, the most important thing when relating to their peers are body gestures and, above all, their sight.

When you want to establish eye contact with a cat, avoid focusing on looking at them in the eye, as they will interpret it as a threat and make you feel uncomfortable, causing unwanted reactions in them. On the contrary, the most advisable thing is to blink several times and move the head slowly from one side to the other, thus using the feline language itself.

12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy - 9. The staring game

10. Very cold food

Time to eat is among cats' favorite time of the day, that's why if the food is not satisfactory, this can be a real problem for them, being another of the things that makes cats go crazy. Like larger felines, domestic cats do not usually eat carrion or animals that are already dead, so they generally hate food that is too cold.

Ideally, the food should be at room temperature, or even a little warm. If you have a microwave, about 15 seconds will be enough to get the right feed; never serve it hot.

12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy - 10. Very cold food

11. Catnip

Among the things that also make cats go crazy but they also like, is the popular catnip. It is a plant of the same family as mint, which is capable of causing a reaction of significant pleasure in most cats, which can then turn into short periods of intense hyperactivity.

This is precisely the reason many feline toys are filled with this herb worshiped by cats, it is a way to give your furry companion a gift that you know will delight them.

12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy - 11. Catnip

12. Chasing a toy

Despite its domestication, a cat's instinct remains in many ways, and one of them is its hunting side. Chasing and hunting is one of their favorite entertainments at home, which will make them jump and run as you may have never seen them do before.

You can get a toy in pet stores that are especially designed for this purpose, from mice filled with catnip to stuffed animals tied to a thread that you will be pulling and moving, or you can make one yourself at home for your cat to have fun with.

12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy - 12. Chasing a toy

13. Observe birds

From the comfort of the window of your house or apartment, perhaps the cat will be able to observe the coming and going of the birds and wildlife that are outside, and any human who realizes this will notice the peculiar attitude that their feline companion adopts.

When they observe birds, cats seem to be hypnotized, because it is very difficult to distract them from this contemplation. In addition, many of them emit a sound similar to a gurgle, on which experts still do not agree. Some suggest that it is reserved only to attract birds and others that it is a sign of frustration at not being able to hunt.

12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy - 13. Observe birds

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12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy
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12 Things that Make Cats Go Crazy

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