Mythological Names for Dogs

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Mythological Names for Dogs

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If you like mythology, ancient history and its deities you've come to the right place to find the most original and unique name for your pet. Using an extravagant and exotic name is ideal for dogs with personality. Remember you must use names that are fairly short and are easy to learn whilst also being difficult to confuse with other common words in your vocabulary. Next, you'll find adapted mythological names for dogs.

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Viking or Nordic mythological names for dogs

Nordic or scandinavian mythology is what we relate to the ancient Vikings which come from northern Germanic people. It's a mixture between religion, beliefs and legends. There wasn't a sacred book or a truth delivered from the gods to men. It was spread orally and in the form of poetry.

  • Nidhogg - Dragon that lives in the roots of the World.
  • Asgard - High heaven religion, where the gods live.
  • Hela - Guard of the dead.
  • Dagr & Nótt - Day and night.
  • Máni & Hati - The moon and the wolf that chases it.
  • Odin - The most noble and important god.
  • Thor - Thunder god with iron gloves.
  • Bragi - Wisdom god.
  • Heimdall - Son of nine damsels, guards the gods and hardly sleeps.
  • Höor - Mysterious blind dog.
  • Vidar - Melancholic and sad, this god solves any conflict.
  • Váli - God of archer soldiers.
  • Ull - Close combat god.
  • Loki - Unpredictable god, creates chaos and fate.
  • Vanir - Sea, nature and woods god.
  • Jotuns - Giants, wise and dangerous beings for men.
  • Surt & Hrym - Giants that leaded the forces of destruction.
  • Valkyrie - Beautiful, strong and warrior women, they brought heroes fallen in battle to Vallhala.
  • Vallhala - Asgard's room, governed by Odin, it's where the brave rest.
  • Fenrir - Giant wolf.
Mythological Names for Dogs - Viking or Nordic mythological names for dogs

Dog names from Greek mythology

Greek mythology has many myths and legends dedicated to their gods and heroes. They answer to the world's nature and origins. It was the religion of Ancient Greece and we can find many figures that were dedicated stories that were transmitted orally.

The twelve Olympians:

  • Zeus: King of gods, heaven and lightning.
  • Hera: Marriage and family goddess.
  • Poseidon:Lord of the sea, earthquakes and horses.
  • Dionysus: God of wine, celebrations and ecstasy.
  • Apollo: God of light, the sun, poetry and archery.
  • Artemis: Virgin goddess of hunting, giving birth and animals.
  • Hermes: Messenger of the gods, god of business and thieves.
  • Athena: Virgin goddess of wisdom.
  • Ares: God of violence, war and blood.
  • Aphrodite: Goddess of love and lust.
  • Hephaestus: God of fire and blacksmiths.
  • Demeter:Goddess of fertility and agriculture.

Other names that remind us of Greek mythology and ancient Greece are:

  • Troy - Famous ancient city where the famous war was held between Trojans and Greeks.
  • Athens -The most important "Poli" in Greece.
  • Magnus - In honor of Alexander the Great, conqueror of Persia.
  • Plateau - Important philosopher.
  • Aquilles - Hero warrior and demi-god.
  • Cassandra - Cursed priestess.
  • Aloades - Giants that challenged the gods .
  • Moirai - Owners of life and destiny of men.
  • Galatea - a heart-stealer.
  • Hercules - Strong and powerful demi-god.
  • Cyclops - Name that mythological giants were given.
Mythological Names for Dogs - Dog names from Greek mythology

Dog names from Egyptian mythology

Egyptian mythology carries the beliefs of Ancient Egypt from the pre-dynastic era to the arrival of Christianity. More than 3.000 years of development gave birth to deities depicted as animals and dozens of gods later on.

Main deities:

  • Ra, Amun, Isis, Osiris, Horus, Seth, Maat, Ptah, Thot.


  • Deir El-Bahari, Karnak, Luxor, Abu Simbel, Abidos,
  • Ramesseum, Medinet Habu, Edfu, Dendera, Kom Ombo.

Some of the most important Pharaohs:

  • Narmer, Zoser, Keops, Kefren, Amosis, Tutmosis, Hatshepsut,
  • Akenathonn, Tutankamun, Seti, Ramses, Ptolomeus, Cleopatra.

Other interesting names:

  • Horus - Falcon
  • The "Guardian of the necropolis" or Desert Jackal - Dog
  • Sobek- The Nile crocodile.
  • Nun - Heaven and house of the gods.
  • Nefertiti - Queen of Egypt during Akenathon's reign.
  • Geb - Earth of men.
  • Duat - Kingdom of the dead where Osiris governs.
  • Opeth - Ceremonial, a festival.
  • Anubis - Protector of and guide to the underworld, depicted with a dog's head.
  • Thebes - Capital of Ancient Egypt.
  • Athyr - Death of Osiris
  • Tybi - Isis' appearance
  • Neith - Early Egyptian goddess of war and wisdom
  • Nile - River that gives Egypt life.
  • Mithra - Deity that took the throne from Persian deities.
Mythological Names for Dogs - Dog names from Egyptian mythology

Dog names from Roman mythology

Roman mythology is basically based on the myths and cults from Greek mythology.

Main Roman gods:

  • Aurora: Goddess of Dawn.
  • Baccus: God of wine.
  • Belona: Minor goddess of war.
  • Diana: Goddess of hunting and witchcraft.
  • Echo: Nymph who was cursed by Zeus.
  • Flora: Goddess of flowers.
  • Janus: God of the beginning.
  • Jupiter: Main god.
  • Mars: God of war.
  • Neptune: God of the seas.
  • Pax: Goddess of peace.
  • Pluto: God of hell and wealth.
  • Saturn: God of time
  • Vulcan: God of fire and metals.
  • Victoria: Goddess of triumph.
  • Venus: Goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

Roman emperors:

  • Augustus, Tiber, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, el Cesar.
  • Galba, Otho, Vitellius, Titus, Pius, Marcus Aurelius, Commodus, Severus.

Other names related to Roman mythology:

  • Liber & Libera - Minor gods of agriculture that give us the words Insitor (sowing) and Mesor (harvest)
  • Crete - Cradle of the Roman empire.
  • Curia - Oldest Roman assembly.
  • Magna patriam - Great homeland.
  • Sidera - Sky.
  • Vixit - Unnoticed.
  • Bellaque - War
  • Iniuria - Advantage
Mythological Names for Dogs - Dog names from Roman mythology

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