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Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. Updated: June 29, 2021
Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?
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In many cases, pit bull dogs are considered dangerous. This not only encourages a clear bias but also leads us to assume that there are good and bad dogs and we are not responsible for their actions.

But fortunately there are many lovers of this breed. Just like any other, this dog deserves a home, a good environment and a family willing to take on everything that a pet can bring.

What is certain is that sufficient information is needed before welcoming a dog that has specific needs. So, this article will try to dispel any doubts you may have on whether the pit bull is a dangerous dog.

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  1. Potentially dangerous owners
  2. Pit bull behaviour
  3. Before welcoming a pit bull...
  4. Should I get a pit bull?

Potentially dangerous owners

Pit Bulls are banned in 12 countries around the world: New Zealand, Brazil,Belgium, Canada, France, Finland, Denmark, Poland, Norway, and the U. S. territory of Puerto Rico. This could be an out and out ban, or a ban on selling, importation or similar restrictions.

There is also a legislation in several countries that aims to promote and establish certain behavioural guidelines. It specifies that dogs included on the list should only walk with a muzzle, a short leash and under the responsibility of the owner, which also must obtain an administrative license involving another series of requirements.

Ensuring that the owner is responsible, healthy and committed to the needs of the animal is necessary when referring to a muscular dog with a genuine character. But the term dangerous dog is a serious mistake, as some owners are truly dangerous to society. Let's not forget that dogfighting, for example, is still part of our reality, albeit illegally.

Why then do we wonder if the pit bull is a dangerous dog so much? We judge them simply by their physical qualities, among which we can appreciate a developed musculature and great athletic ability.

Some small dogs like the Yorkshire Terrier or Pekingese can get really grumpy and may even bite someone, just like any other dog that is not properly educated. So this can lead us to think that what makes a dog more dangerous than others are their physical qualities. This is obviously because a muscular and powerful dog bite does not equal that of a small dog.

Therefore the main difference lies in the physical characteristics and the owner - the key to determining the dog's behavior.

Are Pit Bulls Dangerous? - Potentially dangerous owners

Pit bull behaviour

We tend to think that pit bulls are naturally aggressive, but nothing could be further from the truth. Pit bulls are balanced, attentive, loyal and intelligent.

They also have a great concern for learning, which is perfectly complemented by a their tendency to obey.

Like many other dog they are playful with their family and like to exercise and have leisure time each day. Obviously, they desire affection and need to be cared for like any other dog in all aspects including physically, socially and mentally.

Are Pit Bulls Dangerous? - Pit bull behaviour

Before welcoming a pit bull...

The pit bull is not a dangerous dog so such statements should not influence your decision to welcome a pet with these physical characteristics. However, before you commit you should keep in mind the following:

  • This is a dog that needs constant exercise, so you must have ample space and the owner must be able to discipline the dog and provide all the walks and games they need.
  • If you have young children, you also need to take necessary precautions, not because the pit bull is aggressive, but because they are big and when playing with a younger family, adult supervision is needed.
  • As long as they get enough love they are sweet dogs with people, but sometimes this is not the case with animals if they were not socialized properly when they were a puppy.

If your lifestyle is compatible with this dog's habits, do not hesitate to consider adoption. You should know that there are many homeowners who are surprised by the nobility and charisma of this breed.

Are Pit Bulls Dangerous? - Before welcoming a pit bull...

Should I get a pit bull?

If you've finally decided to welcome a pit bull dog as a new member of the family, you should know what care puppies require. Just like when you start dog training tasks we suggest you know and use positive reinforcement during the learning process.

Regardless of the technical aspects, first and foremost your pet needs a name (which is key for training). To make your decision easier, you can have a look at our selection of pit bull dog names.

Are Pit Bulls Dangerous? - Should I get a pit bull?

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I just want to point out that pit bulls are not actually banned in New Zealand, I don't know where you got this info but its incorrect
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Luke,

Pitbulls are banned from entering New Zealand, this has been clarified in the article. They are also more restricted than other breeds, requiring muzzling in public and may even need to be neutered. They are considered a menacing breed in the country, but guidelines can vary depending on region and jurisdiction.
Owners must be policed and hard against testosterone induced raising these beautiful animals for selfish reasons for aggression. I would consider adopting, but a lot of homeowner insurers won't write you a policy. There reputation causes ownership problems that are just too hard. My homeowner association wont even allow one. Just damn
Administrador AnimalWised
Hi Neal,

Thanks for your comment. We know there is a lot of debate about these animals and we understand the reasons why they have their reputation. However, the quantifiable evidence-based research (as opposed to misinformation, anecdotal evidence and hearsay) points towards human interaction factors being the major causes of aggression. We hope in the future there will be greater policing of animal abusers or, at the very least, humanity takes a few steps forward for the betterment of both animals and themselves.
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Are Pit Bulls Dangerous?