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At What Age Does a Yorkshire Terrier Stop Growing?

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. July 5, 2018
At What Age Does a Yorkshire Terrier Stop Growing?

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The Yorkshire Terrier has been popular for a long time and this popularity doesn't seem to be decreasing. While some may think of them more as an accessory than a dog, doing so is to miss just how intelligent and companionable are these dogs. While they originate in England in the 19th century, the breed as it exists currently has developed a lot since then. They are adorable, with a friendly disposition and beautiful silky fur.

However, as it is a small dog breed, it can be difficult to know just when a Yorkie has stopped growing. Knowing the adult weight and size of a Yorkie can help you determine their age, although it is not always as simple as taking these measurements. AnimalWised investigates at what age does a Yorkshire Terrier stop growing? In doing so, we'll know how best to take care of their needs.

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  1. Background of the Yorkshire Terrier
  2. When does a Yorkie stop growing?
  3. When is a Yorkshire Terrier an adult?
  4. Is the Yorkshire Terrier a toy breed?

Background of the Yorkshire Terrier

Although it is not exactly clear which breeds were selected for the breeding of Yorkshire terriers, we know that at some stages they used the Clydesdale, Waterside and Paisley Terriers. The first officially recognized Yorkshire Terrier breed dates back to 1870. They have small ears and a small face, but long fur.

It was formerly known as an exhibition dog, but was originally used as a ratter in mills. While developed in Yorkshire, they do come from Terriers bred in Scotland. A lot of this has to do with workers coming down from Scotland to work in Northern English mills during the Industrial Revolution. Nowadays, they are a wonderful companion animal which is more often a beloved pet than an actual working dog.

They are happy and playful with a size conducive to apartment living. Despite their size, they are very intelligent and can be stubborn at home. However, their small size can also make it difficult to know when they have actually stopped growing.

When does a Yorkie stop growing?

At the time of their birth, Yorkshire Terriers are very small. Some only weigh as much as 200 grams. However, during their first seven months of life the puppy experiences an accelerated period of growth. They continue to growth between this time and 15 months, although this period of growth will be slower. At this stage, they will go from a few hundred grams to 1 kg for some and up to 2 kg for others.

Part of this growth period includes a change in their coat with develops in both color and texture. At birth, they are almost completely black with small areas of bronze. After six months the black slowly turns into a brighter bluish or silver tone. Additionally, the texture becomes silkier, softer and longer. This is one of the most common features of the Yorkie.

At What Age Does a Yorkshire Terrier Stop Growing? - When does a Yorkie stop growing?

When is a Yorkshire Terrier an adult?

A Yorkshire will be considered an adult dog between two and a half and three years of age, after which they should stop growing. At this stage they will weigh between 3 and 3.2 kilograms. Some can even reach as much as 4 kilos, but this is unusual and you should be careful in case obesity is an issue. Their life expectancy is between 9 and 15 years.

The height of an adult Yorkshire Terrier varies between 30 and 40 centimeters (12 to 16 inches). This means they will remain relatively small compared to other breeds. When they reach adulthood, their fur adopts the tone they will have for the majority of their lifetime. This will be shiny black in most parts with bronze on their head, legs and, occasionally, their abdomen. They may develop some grey in their d olage.

Is the Yorkshire Terrier a toy breed?

Called the Yorkshire Terrier Toy or Teacup dog, you may have seen cute videos of these diminutive Yorkies on YouTube or similar social platforms. In average, they are so small they are half the weight and height of a normal Yorkshire Terrier.

However, some question whether this breed actually exists or if it is a stunt created to go viral online. No official kennel club or dog association recognizes this breed. However, they do indeed exist. Whether they should is a different matter.

These dogs are bred from smaller examples of the regular breed. Breeding persists until you get these dogs which are so small, they can fit into your jacket pocket, even when a fully grown adult. While undoubtedly cute, there is a sinister side to this 'designer' breed. Breeding dogs to be this small means they have genetic deficiencies which can lead to serious health problems. The quality of life of the dog is seriously compromised and is, in essence, cruel.

The problems with teacup dogs range from malformation of the bones (leading to spinal problems in particular), neurological disorders and even an inability to walk properly. Also, the breeding itself is dangerous as females can have potentially life threatening birthing issues.

To avoid these type of anomalies, ensure you adopt an adult Yorkshire Terrier from a reputable breeder. Bet yet, adopt from a shelter to help abandoned pets to find a home. Breeders of any dog should know what they are doing before they even consider mating dogs. This means knowing the breeding pair's lineage to the best of their ability.

At What Age Does a Yorkshire Terrier Stop Growing? - Is the Yorkshire Terrier a toy breed?

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At What Age Does a Yorkshire Terrier Stop Growing?