Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. August 23, 2023
Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs

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Mixed-breed dogs, also called crossbreeds or hybrids, showcase a fascinating tapestry of traits that can be as diverse as their individual appearances. It is through their appearance, temperament, health traits, and adaptability that these dogs provide a fascinating insight into the wonders of genetic diversity.

The following AnimalWised article explores 15 best mixed breeds accompanied by their defining characteristics and origins.

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  1. American Bully
  2. Frenchie pug
  3. Goldendoodle
  4. Labradoodle
  5. Peagle
  6. Peekapoo
  7. Puggle
  8. Shorkie Tzu
  9. Yoranian
  10. Yorkiepoo
  11. Zuchon
  12. Other mixed-dog breeds
  13. Is crossbreeding dogs prohibited in certain cases or regions?
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American Bully

The American bully breed finds its roots in the United States, where it emerged as a crossbreed between the American Pit Bull Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. This blend was further influenced by distant relatives like the English Bulldog and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

The goal in creating this breed was to combine the strength and muscularity of these parent breeds with a friendly, loyal, and affectionate nature.

What makes the American bully particularly endearing is its adaptability. This dog can thrive in various environments and suit different lifestyles. Whether in a cozy apartment or a spacious house, the American bully finds its place. This adaptability is thanks to its balanced needs for both physical exercise and mental stimulation.

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Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs - American Bully

Frenchie pug

Originating in France, this unique mixed-breed dog is the result of crossing the French Bulldog with the Pug, also known as the Carlino.

A distinctive feature of this breed is its pointed ears, setting it apart from its parent breeds. Its overall appearance tends to be compact and sturdy, although variations exist, with some individuals boasting a pug-like short muzzle coupled with the body structure of the French Bulldog.

Endowed with a keen sense of vigilance, the French Bulldog-Pug mix assumes the role of a dedicated watchdog. Its loyalty knows no bounds, making it a true companion to its human family members and extending its warm welcome to any visitors who cross its path. This mixed breed thrives on affection, showering its loved ones with boundless love and warmth.

What truly distinguishes this breed is its exuberant and sociable nature. The French Bulldog-Pug mix is marked by an innate cheerfulness that radiates through its interactions. This disposition enables it to forge playful connections not only within its human household but also with other small children and fellow furry companions. Early socialization is key, as it equips these pups to gracefully navigate various social scenarios as they mature.

Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs - Frenchie pug


The fusion of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, often referred to as the Poodle, gives rise to a captivating mixed-breed dog that traces its origins to both North America and Australia. This intriguing amalgamation of lineages is a testament to the shared history and connection between the inhabitants of these distant continents.

The Golden Retriever and Poodle, two remarkable breeds, blend harmoniously, bridging the geographical gap to continue a bloodline that was kindled by mankind. The shared purpose of creating these mixed breeds was to seek the ideal fusion for guide dogs, animals of utmost importance. Additionally, their exceptional attributes extend to making them wonderful companions within the family dynamic.

A striking feature of these mixed breed dogs is their variability in size, offering small, medium, and large options. This diversity caters to a range of preferences and living situations. An interesting facet tied to the Poodle's fluffy coat is the often-touted reference to Goldendoodles as hypoallergenic dogs, making them a favorable choice for individuals with allergies.

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Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs - Goldendoodle


Hailing from the United Kingdom, this mixed-breed canine gem derives its lineage from the Labrador Retriever and the medium-to-miniature Poodle. This enchanting blend of parentage has gifted rise to a dog that has found its calling as a guide, assistance, and even therapeutic companion. Notably, these mixed breeds carry the bonus trait of being hypoallergenic, a feature that amplifies their appeal.

While not officially classified as a distinct breed by any authoritative organization, the popularity of this Labrador Retriever-Poodle mix speaks volumes about its sterling qualities. This mixed breed's versatility shines through as it takes on roles that encompass guiding and aiding individuals, as well as providing much-needed therapeutic support.

Mirroring previous examples, this mixed breed dog also spans the spectrum of sizes, accommodating large, medium, and small variants. Its legs, just like its endearing fluffy tail, contribute to an utterly irresistible appearance. This crossbreed's visual appeal is deeply marked by its round and plush limbs, creating a distinctive fluffy charm that captures the hearts of many who come into contact with it.

Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs - Labradoodle


Also referred to as the Peagle Hound, this lovable mixed breed is a cross between the Beagle and the Pekingese. These dogs come with a charming blend of sociability, confidence, playfulness, and intelligence, making them a perfect addition to any family. They effortlessly mingle with children, inviting cheerful interactions.

What adds to their appeal is their intriguing diversity in size and appearance. Some inherit the Beagle's droopy ears while sporting the Pekingese's flat snout and wrinkled face. Their fur is equally varied, ranging from short and soft to long and dense.

In essence, the Peagle Hound embodies the merging of two breeds, resulting in a unique combination of traits that make them wonderful companions. Their adaptability to family life and their visual variety showcase the beauty that arises when different breeds come together.

Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs - Peagle


The details surrounding this emerging crossbreed are somewhat scarce, but what has been gleaned is that it originates from the union of a Poodle and a Pekingese. These mixed breed dogs often present as petite, shaggy, and occasionally a tad cantankerous. Yet, their endearing appearance often overshadows this occasional grumpiness.

Beneath their exterior, this breed boasts a remarkable affectionate streak and a propensity to form strong bonds with their human companions. They have an inclination towards seeking warmth and closeness, to the extent that some might deem them overprotective. If blessed with the intelligence attributed to the Poodle lineage, these crossbreeds showcase an impressive ease in learning. Their quick grasp of tricks and commands makes them a breeze to train.

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Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs - Peekapoo


Originating in the United States, specifically from the state of Wisconsin, the delightful crossbreed of Beagle and Pug gives birth to a charming new dog breed. Renowned for its endearing humor and undeniable cuteness, this breed has captured the hearts of many. Its distinct blend of lineages contributes to its exceptional personality.

Across the board, this breed showcases admirable social skills, forging harmonious interactions not only with children but also with fellow canines. This inherent sociability makes it an excellent addition to families seeking a companion who effortlessly mingles with all members of the household.

While the breed tends to exhibit a touch of resistance when it comes to training, their willingness to learn should not be underestimated. When approached with positive reinforcement and a supportive learning environment, they display an aptitude for picking up tricks relatively swiftly.

Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs - Puggle

Shorkie Tzu

This friendly mix of Shih Tzu and Yorkshire Terrier, also known as the Yorki Tzu, has gained popularity in the United States. With a silky and straight coat, this mixed breed showcases a variety of physical traits, including colors, structure, and personality. These variations are a result of inheriting genes from both parents to varying degrees.

Known for their sociable, affectionate, and loving attitudes, these mixed breed dogs bring a vibrant and colorful presence to households. Their intelligence and good-natured disposition make them a great choice as a pet. With the right guidance, they can be easily trained and make wonderful companions.

Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs - Shorkie Tzu


The Pom Yorkie, a new mixed-breed dog originating in the United States, is the result of crossing a Pomeranian with a Yorkshire Terrier. This playful and affectionate crossbreed has a wonderful rapport with children, making it an ideal family companion. Despite its Pomeranian heritage, the Pom Yorkie surprises us with a distinct personality, setting it apart from the usual perception of the Pomeranian's sweetness.

Also known as a Pom Yorkie, this breed brings together the best of both worlds. It combines the Yorkshire Terrier's silky, long coat with the Pomeranian's fluffy, bushy tail. This fusion results in a unique and endearing appearance that captures the essence of both parent breeds.

Its playful and affectionate nature, combined with its distinct physical features, makes it a delightful addition to households seeking a loving and charming companion.

Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs - Yoranian


Also recognized as the Yorkapoo or Yoodle, this mixed-breed dog has its roots in the United States. The Yorkapoo emerges from the union of the Yorkshire Terrier and the Toy Poodle. This crossbreed embodies a joyful disposition, thriving when offered both social and intellectual engagement. Their adaptable nature allows them to comfortably reside in small apartments, and they make excellent playmates for their human companions.

One characteristic that accompanies the Yorkapoo is a propensity to bark when they experience distress or solitude. This vocal expression is their way of communicating their feelings, which can be managed with the right care and attention.

Their endearing qualities make them an excellent choice for families seeking an affectionate and adaptable canine friend, ready to share both playful moments and quiet companionship.

Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs - Yorkiepoo


Commonly referred to as the Sichon, this endearing mixed-breed dog is the result of crossing Bichon Frise and Shih Tzu parents. Adored for their teddy bear-like appearance, these dogs necessitate regular grooming to maintain their charming looks.

The Sichon bears a somewhat stubborn streak in its personality, although this aspect can be managed with appropriate training. Craving attention, they find prolonged periods of solitude challenging.

With American origins, the breeding of the Sichon is a testament to the creativity in crossbreeding. Their irresistible teddy bear appearance, coupled with their affectionate nature, makes them a popular choice for those seeking a companion. While their stubborn side might require patience and training, the reward of their loyal and endearing companionship is certainly worth the effort.

Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs - Zuchon

Other mixed-dog breeds

Transitioning from the most popular mixed-breed dog breeds, let's delve into the realm of other beloved crossbreeds that have captured the hearts of dog enthusiasts:

  • Cavachon: this breed is a blend of the Bichon Frise and the Cavalier King Charles breeds. They inherit the Bichon Frise's affectionate nature and the regal charm of the Cavalier King Charles.

  • Chug: as a fusion of the Chihuahua and the Pug, the Chug introduces a playful twist to the mix. These pint-sized bundles of energy combine the spirited nature of the Chihuahua with the charming squishiness of the Pug.

  • Cockapoo: the Cockapoo results from the cross between a Poodle (often a Standard or Miniature Poodle) and a Cocker Spaniel. This blend fuses the Poodle's intelligence with the Cocker Spaniel's friendly disposition, resulting in a versatile and delightful companion.

  • Lurcher: the Lurcher is a captivating breed born from the union of a Collie and a British Greyhound. Their striking appearance is marked by a mix of the Collie's intelligence and the Greyhound's elegance. These dogs often exhibit a remarkable combination of grace and athleticism, reflecting their heritage as both herders and runners.

  • Morkie: the Morkie is a charming crossbreed that melds the Maltese Bichon's elegance with the spunky energy of the Yorkshire Terrier. These adorable companions showcase a spectrum of sizes, reflecting the range of their parent breeds.

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Is crossbreeding dogs prohibited in certain cases or regions?

Crossbreeding dogs is generally allowed, but regulations and considerations vary. Breed-specific laws, ethical concerns, health considerations, and registration differences should all be taken into account.

Certain regions have breed-specific laws, while ethical concerns and health issues can arise. It is also crucial to keep in mind that the registration process for crossbreeds may also differ from purebreds.

Responsible breeding and adopting from shelters are important aspects to consider. It's crucial to research thoroughly and prioritize the well-being of the dogs involved before pursuing crossbreeding.

Continue reading to discover the numerous benefits and advantages of welcoming a mixed-breed dog into your life.

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Best Mixed-Breeds Dogs