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Do Cats Absorb Negative Energy?

Ameera Mills
By Ameera Mills. Updated: December 14, 2023
Do Cats Absorb Negative Energy?

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Cats are animals which possess unique and distinctive character traits and behavioral patterns. So much so, that there are many myths surrounding the feline species with some stating that cats can absorb negative or bad energies. One of the main examples of these is the popular saying and belief that black cats bring bad luck, which is in fact both untrue and unjustified.

There are many suspicions which state that cats hold spiritual powers so strong that many believe them to be guardian animals. But is it true that cats can absorb negative energy? At AnimalWised we have analyzed the origins of this statement and decided to explain to you; why these myths originated an what they really mean.

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  1. Can cats perceive negative energies?
  2. Do cats absorb negative energy?
  3. Are cats spiritual protectors?
  4. Do cats have healing powers?
  5. Are you thinking about adopting a cat to absorb bad energy?

Can cats perceive negative energies?

Cats are incredibly sensitive to environmental stimuli. This sensitivity influences their interaction with other cats, humans and other animals. With such sensitivity, it is believed by some their perception extends to negative energies.

You have likely heard that cats can detect fear in people and there is some truth to this belief. Cats can perceive the energy and mood not only of other cats, but also of other animals and even people. This perception is based on their use of non-verbal communication. Cats pick up on body language and gestures, but they also use their olfactory ability to smell pheromones and pick up on hormone secretion.

When a person is stressed, anxious or afraid, they will display various signs. Cats can pick up on the body posture of a person that is afraid, but they can also smell adrenaline secretion and other fear hormones.

When people speak of cats and energy vibrations, the concept is more physiological than spiritual. Cats use an adaptive response directly related to their survival instincts. Cats are uniquely perceptive. For this reason, if your cat is hiding from you or another person, it may be because they are sensing some behavioral or physiological change which causes them to stay away.

Do cats sleep where there is bad energy?

These ‘bad energies’ or ‘negative vibrations’ are often spoken about as a spiritual concept. This is a somewhat controversial issue since they are yet to be quantified by science. There is no proof that cats do absorb negative energy or can pick up on the bad energy of others.

We can say that a person who does not like a cat, will bely their feelings through their body language, behaviors and hormone production. These are what the cat can detect. For this reason, they may not want to sleep near this person or spend any time with them. In other cases, the person may have directly or indirectly given the cat reason to perceive them as a threat.

Do Cats Absorb Negative Energy? - Can cats perceive negative energies?

Do cats absorb negative energy?

It is no coincidence that in many cultures such as ancient Egypt, cats were considered to hold healing powers and were said to be capable of absorbing bad energies. This ancient Egyptian belief is once again supported by practical interpretations of their behaviors.

Cats are very hygienic animals, licking themselves all day to remove dirt and dead hair. Not only are they incredibly hygienic for themselves, but they will lick anyone they consider family, including their human guardians. Moreover, cats are known to rid areas of vermin such as mice and rats. This was an important reason for ancient civilizations to encourage their domestication.

With these factors in mind, it is no wonder they were considered able to heal and absorb negativity. They helped protect us from the disease carried by vermin and had the ability to self clean. This lead the ancient Egyptians to represent their goddess of healing as a feline. The goddess Bastet or Bast was also symbolic of human and home protection, helping to create harmony in the home, just as a cat could do.

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Are cats spiritual protectors?

In many cultures, such as in China and Japan, cats are considered spiritual guardians. In these cultures, cats are symbolic of good luck. A very popular example is the Japanese cat, known as a maneki-neko. This is a popular figurine that is said to remove bad spirits and attract good fortune. In these cultures, cats are popular legends and strongly rooted in popular culture, thus favoring their respect and promoting cat adoption.

Whether a cat is a spiritual protector depends on your own personal views on spirituality. Their symbolism can vary according to culture and individual. It is known that feline imagery has been included in many spiritual and religious practices. These are often reactions to their true feline nature which has been filtered through a spiritual or mystical ideology.

Do Cats Absorb Negative Energy? - Are cats spiritual protectors?

Do cats have healing powers?

Cats do not have magical healing powers which can cure our illness. There is some spurious evidence to suggest that the vibrations of their purring can help rebuild muscles fibers and other tissue, but this is inconclusive. It is unlikely that a cat's purr can provide any significant aid in healing trauma or similar injuries.

The perception of cats as healers has more to do with their ability to detect illness than treat it. As we have explained, the sensitivity of cats means they can alert us to possible problems we may have. For example, they may be able to smell hormonal changes which imply an illness which results in hyperthyroidism. It will be difficult for them to communicate this, but changes in their behavior might alert us to a problem.

Even if a cat is able to detect a physical health problem, it doesn't mean they are able to let us know. For this reason, the healing power of cats tends to be more emotional or spiritual. When we are feeling sad and low, a cat will often come up to provide us with attention.

The simply act of letting us pet them is an important healing tool in cats. Petting cats has been shown to reduce stress and can be very beneficial for those of us with anxiety issues. In this way, cats can help us to heal when we are emotionally unwell. This is scientifically quantifiable, although it doesn't mean cats can cure complex mental health disorders. It does mean they can help boost our mood.

Do Cats Absorb Negative Energy? - Do cats have healing powers?

Are you thinking about adopting a cat to absorb bad energy?

Incredible as they may seem, cats are simply living beings. They are not able to absorb good or bad energy in any mystical way. For this reason, if you are considering adopting a cat solely with the intention of absorbing bad energies, we suggest you reconsider doing so.

Cats are extremely sensitive and loving animals, but they are not a goof luck charm that can be used like rubbing a horseshoe. If you choose to adopt a cat, it should be for the love and passion that you feel towards these animals, but never as a way to get rid of a magic spell or curse. The magic of cats is in their incredible feline nature and the multiple benefits they can provide to humans in terms of physical health and mental well-being.

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Do Cats Absorb Negative Energy?