Using the term disability is a purposefully general one. Every human is an individual with their own particular needs. When it comes to dogs, everyone wants the same thing - a companion to enrich their lives. However, if you are a person who has specific assistance requirements (such as being a wheelchair user, requiring regular therapy or having particular learning difficulties) then you may be looking for a dog breed which will best suit your lifestyle.
The best dog breeds for people with disabilities are not necessarily those which require less attention or training. They are generally dog breeds which are able to keep an even temper, don't necessarily need as much exercise as other breeds or who have a reputation for being easier to train. However, this will depend on the nature of a person's disability, whether they be mentally disabled, have different physical requirements or whatever the individual case may be. Whatever the dog breed, it is important to know that their breeds need to also be met. For this reason, dogs can be wonderful companion animals for people with disabilities.

10 breeds