Egyptian Names for Dogs and their Meanings

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. September 3, 2017
Egyptian Names for Dogs and their Meanings

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In ancient Egypt, the people had a special love for animals. So much so that they even mummified them when they died, so that they could pass on to the afterlife. Dogs were considered a member of the family in all social strata.

There are paintings depicting this love for dogs and in many tombs of the Valley of the Kings, colored leather collars have been discovered. In addition, the Egyptians were polytheistic people, worshiping many gods who embodied different qualities. Considering that you adore your puppy like the Egyptians worshiped their gods, would it not be nice to name your dog with a historic name that represents their greatness?

In this AnimalWised article we will show you some Egyptian names for dogs and their meanings, so you can pick the one that is most suited to your pet. If you do not find a name you like, we advise you to check our names section on AnimalWised. We have a range of articles suggesting fantastic names for your pet!

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Egyptian names for male dogs

Here is a list of the most popular Egyptian gods and their meanings to find the Egyptian name that best fits your male dog:

  • Ra: ... the god of the sun, of the origin of life and of heaven. This name is perfect for a powerful dog, as well as for one who loves to lie down and sunbathe
  • Bes / Bisu: ...the god of goodness, who protected homes and children from evil. He was represented as a small, plump god, with a mane and his tongue out, chasing away evil spirits through his ugliness. It is an ideal name for a plump and very noble dog that children love.
  • Seth / Set: ...the god of the storm, war and violence. They were a dark god representing brute force. This name is good for naughty dogs that get angry easily.
  • Anubis: ... the god of death and the Necropolis. He was depicted as a man with a black jackal or dog head. This Egyptian name for dogs is perfect for a quiet, black, enigmatic and reserved dog.
  • Osiris: ... the god of resurrection, of vegetation and agriculture. It is a perfect name for a dog that likes fields and the countryside. In addition, Osiris was killed by his brother and later his wife, Isis, resurrected him. So it is also a good name for a rescued dog, who has gone through trauma and has been "revived" by their new family.
  • Toth: ... a magician, the god of wisdom, music, writing and the magic arts. They said that he was the creator of the calendar and that he was the time gauge. This name is best for a quiet dog with extraordinary intelligence.
  • Min / Menu: ... the lunar god of fertility and male sexuality. It was represented by an erect penis. It's a funny name for a dog that wants to mount everything!
  • Montu: a warrior god with a hawk head who protected Pharaoh in battle. It is a perfect name for strong dogs, guardians, and protectors of your family.
Egyptian Names for Dogs and their Meanings - Egyptian names for male dogs

Egyptian names for females

And if your furry companion is female, here is a list of names of Egyptian goddesses and their meanings, perfect to name your new partner:

  • Bastet: ... the goddess of cats, of fertility and protector of the home. It is an ideal name for a mommy dog ​​or for one that gets along very well with cats.
  • Sakhmet / Sekhmet: ... the goddess of war and revenge. She was a deity with great anger and if she managed to calm down, she could help her followers vanquish their enemies. It is a name for a dog with a strong character, who is angered easily but is very loyal to their owner.
  • Neit: ... the goddess of war and hunting, as well as wisdom. She was depicted carrying a bow with two arrows. This Egyptian name for dogs is perfect for an animal with hunting instincts, who loves chasing birds or anything else in the park.
  • Hathor: ... the goddess of love, dance, joy and music. If your dog is all energy and a bundle of happiness, the Egyptian name Hathor, is perfect.
  • Isis: In Egyptian mythology, this name meant "throne". She was considered the queen of the gods or the great mother goddess. This name is ideal for a powerful female dog, the most important of the herd.
  • Anukis / Anuket: ... the water goddess and protector of the Nile, making it a perfect name for dogs that love to swim and bathe in water.
  • Mut: ... the mother goddess, the goddess of the sky and the origin of everything created. For those dogs who have been great mothers.
  • Nephthys: known as "the lady of the house", was the goddess of darkness, night and death. She was said to accompany the dead to the afterlife. The name of Neftis suits a female dog of black fur, mysterious, quiet and silent.
  • Maat: symbolized justice and cosmic harmony, defended the truth and cosmic balance. This goddess helped Ra in his struggle against Apofis (an incarnation of evil), that is, in the struggle between good and evil, so that good always reigned. It is a perfect name for a faithful and loyal dog that defends their owners.

And if none of these Egyptian names for dogs convince you to name your new companion, do not miss Afrikaans names, Disney names, Zulu names and plenty more on AnimalWised.

Egyptian Names for Dogs and their Meanings - Egyptian names for females

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Egyptian Names for Dogs and their Meanings