Russian Dog Names and Their Meaning

Anaëlle Laurent
By Anaëlle Laurent. August 13, 2020
Russian Dog Names and Their Meaning

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Have you recently adopted a dog? Naming your dog is one of the most important things to do once you've adopted them. If you like Russian names or simply have a Russian breed dog, you're probably looking into Russian dog names.

In this AnimalWised article, we're going to give you a long list of the best Russian dog names and their meanings, for both male and female dogs! Keep reading to find the perfect name for your dog!

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  1. How to choose a good a good name for your dog
  2. Russian dog names - male
  3. Russian dog names - female
  4. Russian cities as dog names
  5. Soviet space dog names

How to choose a good a good name for your dog

The most basic tip to choose the perfect name for your dog is to find a simple, meaningful name that's easy to pronounce. It's always best to choose a name that reflects your dog's looks or personality.

A dog's name is a key tool in their socialization process and training, so their name will not only need to be attractive to the ear, but also practical. It shouldn't be longer than 2 or 3 syllables long, nor sound similar to words you will use everyday.

If you have a fascination for Russian names or perhaps your dog is a Russian breed, you're probably interested in giving them a Russian dog name. Below, we include a long list of the best Russian dog names, for male and female dogs!

Russian Dog Names and Their Meaning - How to choose a good a good name for your dog

Russian dog names - male

  • Aleksandr: Defender of men
  • Alexai: Defender
  • Alyosha: Diminutive of Aleksandr
  • Anatoly: Sunrise
  • Bazhen: Wish
  • Bliny: Pancake
  • Boris: Wolf or fighter
  • Chekov: Playwright; character in Star Trek
  • Daniil: Russian version of Daniel
  • Dima: Diminutive of Dmitriy
  • Evgeni: Well-born
  • Fyodor: Gift of God
  • Gena: Noble
  • Grisha: Diminutive of Grigoriy, watchful
  • Igor: Warrior
  • Illia: My lord is God
  • Ivan: God is gracious; folk hero
  • Kirill: Lord
  • Koshei: Folk villain, Koshei the Deathless
  • Kostya: Diminutive of Konstantin
  • Kotik: Kitten
  • Kremlin: Government building in Moscow
  • Lev: Lion
  • Lyubov: Love
  • Makar: Blessed
  • Maksim: Greatest
  • Marlen: Marx-Lenin
  • Milan: Dear
  • Misha: Diminutive of Mikhail
  • Mstislav: Vengeance and glory
  • Myshka: Little mouse
  • Nikita: Victor
  • Nikolay: Victory of the people
  • Oleg: Blessed
  • Pasha: Diminutive of Pavel
  • Pasternak: Author
  • Pavel: Small, humble
  • Pushkin: Author
  • Pyotr: Stone, from War and Peace
  • Rasputin: Historical character
  • Romanov: Dynasty of czars
  • Ruslan: Lion, from Ruslan and Ludmila
  • Rybka: Little fish
  • Sasha: Diminutive of Aleksandr
  • Solnyshko: Little sun
  • Stanislav: Standing in glory
  • Stroganoff: Beef with sauce
  • Timur: Iron
  • Tolstoy: Author
  • Valentin: Strong, vigorous
  • Vladimir: Famous ruler
  • Vladislav: Rules in glory
  • Volya: Will, freedom
  • Yaroslav: Fierce and glorious
  • Yuri: From Doctor Zhivago
  • Zakhar: God remembered
  • Zolotse: Gold

Russian dog names - female

  • Alina: Beautiful
  • Aliona: Light
  • Alyonushka: Diminutive of Yelena, folk heroine
  • Anastasia: Resurrection
  • Anna: Russian version of Hannah
  • Anya: Diminutive of Anna
  • Baba Yaga: Witch from Russian folklore
  • Bronislava: Protection and glory
  • Darya: Possessing good
  • Dasha: Diminutive of Darya
  • Dunya: Well-pleased
  • Ekaterina: Pure
  • Elena: Russian version of Helen
  • Elizaveta: Russian version of Elizabeth
  • Evgenia: Noble
  • Faina: Light
  • Fedora: Gift of God
  • Galina: Calm
  • Irina: Peace
  • Isidora: Gift of Isis
  • Karenina: From Anna Karenina
  • Katenka: Diminutive of Ekaterina
  • Katya: Diminutive of Ekaterina
  • Koshka: Cat
  • Ksenia: Hospitable
  • Kseniya: Hospitality
  • Lara: Citadel
  • Lena: Diminutive of Yelena
  • Lubov: Love
  • Ludmila: Favor of the people
  • Manya: Diminutive of Maria
  • Margarita: From The Master and Margarita
  • Maria: Russian version of Mary
  • Marina: Of the sea
  • Masha: Diminutive of Maria
  • Mila: Dear
  • Morevna: Folk heroine Marya Morevna
  • Motya: Diminutive of Matrona, lady
  • Nadezhda: Hope
  • Natalia: Christmas
  • Natasha: Diminutive of Nataliya, from War and Peace
  • Nina: Grace
  • Oksana: Praise for God
  • Oksana: Foreigner
  • Olga: Holy, blessed
  • Pashka: Sweet eaten at Easter
  • Polina: Little
  • Rada: Pleased
  • Raisa: Relaxed
  • Rufina: Red-haired
  • Serafima: Fiery one
  • Siberia: Cold region in northeastern Russia
  • Slava: Glory
  • Sonya: Diminutive of Sophia, wisdom
  • Svetlana: Light, star
  • Tatyana: From Eugene Onegin
  • Toma: Diminutive of Tamara, palm tree
  • Ukha: Soup
  • Valeriya: Strong
  • Vasilisa: Folk heroine
  • Vera: faith
  • Yelena: Torch
  • Yelizaveta: My God is an oath
  • Yulia: Russian version of Julia
  • Zoya: Life

Russian cities as dog names

Russia is a beautiful country with many beautiful city names. Maybe you could name your dog after one of these Russian cities:

  • Abakan
  • Altai
  • Baikal
  • Brosno
  • Caspian
  • Elbrus
  • Ivanovo
  • Kazan
  • Kremlin
  • Kyzyl
  • Moscow
  • Omsk
  • Onega
  • Oufa
  • Riazan
  • Samara
  • Sochi
  • Tver

Soviet space dog names

Lastly, you can also name your dog after the Russian dogs that helped pave the way for human space exploration. These include:

  • Albina
  • Bars
  • Belka
  • Bobik
  • Chernushka
  • Damka
  • Dezik
  • Dymka
  • Kometka
  • Kozyavka
  • Krasavka
  • Laika
  • Lisa
  • Lisichka
  • Malyshka
  • Modnitsa
  • Mushka
  • Otvazhnaya
  • Pchyolka
  • Pushok
  • Ryzhik
  • Shutka
  • Smelaya
  • Snezhinka
  • Strelka
  • Tsygan
  • Tsyganka
  • Ugolyok
  • Veterok
  • Zhemchuzhnaya
  • Zhulka
  • Zvyozdochka
Russian Dog Names and Their Meaning - Soviet space dog names

We hope you found the best Russian name for your dog! If not, we recommend that you look into our other dog name lists, such as Star Wars dog names or mythological names for dogs.

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Russian Dog Names and Their Meaning