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How Cat Air Purifiers Get Rid of Cat Hair to Help Cats and Owners

Josie F. Turner
By Josie F. Turner, Journalist specialized in Animal Welfare. June 11, 2024
How Cat Air Purifiers Get Rid of Cat Hair to Help Cats and Owners

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Especially if we live with longhaired cats, the presence of wayward hairs can be a great annoyance. This is exacerbated to infuriating levels during shedding season when hairs fly all around the home. In addition to a messy home, cat hairs also raise more serious issues related to health and well-being. Many cat guardians spend a lot of time cleaning up these hairs by hand, but AnimalWised highlights another Meow Buddy in the form of a cat air purifier. Find out why cleaning cat hairs is only the first of many benefits as we explain how cat air purifiers get rid of cat hair to help cats and owners.

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  1. Collects stray hair
  2. Protects health
  3. Reduces odors
  4. Environmental enrichment
  5. What air purifiers are recommended for dealing with cat hair?

Collects stray hair

Not all air purifiers are the same, with different models offering various services. A W-cat air purifier is specially adapted to not only purify the air of contaminants, but to do so in a way that benefits both pet and owner. This is what makes it a Meow Buddy. Cat air purifiers have special filtration devices which collect stray cat hairs as it draws in the air for purification. This can minimize the amount of hair which otherwise collects on sofas, carpets and other furnishings.

How Cat Air Purifiers Get Rid of Cat Hair to Help Cats and Owners - Collects stray hair

Protects health

Stray cat hair produces health risks, especially for those who are sensitive to the Fel d 1 protein which causes allergic reactions. While those with severe allergies should not live with a cat, those with mild allergies can minimize reactions by reducing the amount of cat hair which contains Fel d 1 in the home. A cat air purifier with hair collection and filtration capabilities can be a very useful tool in this minimization.

It is not only those with allergies to felines who benefit from a cat air purifier. Asthma sufferers are also at risk when there is cat hair around, potentially resulting in an attack. Even those without preexisting conditions can be at risk of respiratory problems if there is a lot of cat hair in the environment.

While cat air purifiers can help protect our health, it is important to recognize the benefits to the cat. Any help in removing stray cat hairs from the home reduces the risks of developing hairballs, as well as the chances of developing allergies or infections from an unclean home. These can result in various gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea, also affecting the hygiene of the home. Dust and other allergens to which the cat is sensitive collect on hair, so removing them is advisable for both owners and cats.

Reduces odors

Air purifiers are designed to increase the quality of the air in a given room. While this is mainly to benefit our health, the removal of bad odors in the home is an important benefit for many of us.

Since the quality of air purifiers differ, some are better at removing odors than others. A quality cat air purifier will be designed as a Meow Buddy to not only to remove stray hairs from cats, but also the many odors they can produce in the home.

While cats are generally very hygienic animals, their feline behaviors can produce smells in the home which are distracting. Their food can produce a strong odor, especially when it is a type of wet food. This is enticing for the cat, but it can be overly pungent to us.

The real foul odor culprit when it comes to cats is their litter box. Although it is much better than the cat going wherever they please, the cat’s litter box can be a source of seriously bad smells. For those of us that live in apartments or small houses, it may be difficult to distance ourselves from the cat’s litter box. A cat air purifier can drastically minimize these odors.

Some cats may be more prone to bad smells than others. Examples include elderly cats and those with skin problems. Both these cat groups may be influenced by immunity issues. Others may be prone to gastrointestinal diseases. Cat air purifiers not only help to minimize their smells, they can also help maintain their health by bolstering their immunity.

How Cat Air Purifiers Get Rid of Cat Hair to Help Cats and Owners - Reduces odors

Environmental enrichment

Another characteristic of a good Meow Buddy is that it serves its environment in a practical way. Cats are known for their curiosity and they will explore anything that provokes their interest. Since air purifiers use electricity, they create sounds which can entice the cat. The cat may also want to play with the device or use it as a resting area if possible.

A good cat air purifier will provide environmental enrichment, but it will not cause them any harm. This means it needs to have modes where it does not create sound disturbances for the animal. It should not have any parts which could cause a health risk and it should not otherwise interfere with their lives in a negative way. Ideally, they should provide positive experiences for the cat in their home.

How Cat Air Purifiers Get Rid of Cat Hair to Help Cats and Owners - Environmental enrichment

What air purifiers are recommended for dealing with cat hair?

As we have stated throughout, the best air purifier for cats is one which benefits the cat and does not pose any risk to their health and well-being. This means they should be able to purify the air, collect hair and minimize any disturbance in the home.

A cat air purifier that meets this remit perfectly is the W-Cat Air Purifier from Wisesky. This cat air purifier is ergonomically designed to meet both the needs of the cat and owner in their home.

The W-cat air purifier has a hair-grabbing filtration system which uses electrostatic material to collect hair from the air with a disposable filter once it is full. This is in addition to its H13 HEPA filtration system which, combined with an activated carbon filter, removes 99.97% of airborne particles. These carbon filters also remove airborne pollutants such as smoke, cooking smells and, of course, pet odors. An added layer of protection comes in the form of its UVC three-dimensional sterilization technology which uses ultraviolet light to kill germs.

The Wisesky cat air purifier eliminates odors thanks to its advanced HEPA technology, decomposing various airborne compounds which not only smell, but which can cause health problems for cats and owners. This provides a sterilized home which can better ensure your cat’s health and well-being.

This W-cat air purifier is specially adapted to be safe for cats. It has a quiet mode to prevent the animal being stressed by the noise, something which is particularly helpful at night. It has a protected power cable to stop the cat damaging it and the filtration system is designed so that a cat cannot get their paw, tail or any appendage stuck. It is also designed in such a way to be attractive to cats and many will love lazing on top of it since cats love resting at height. It is made even more cost effective with free filters for the first 200 customers. For all these reasons, it is an ideal Meow Buddy for anyone with cats.

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How Cat Air Purifiers Get Rid of Cat Hair to Help Cats and Owners