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How to Get Mats Out of a Yorkie's Hair

María Besteiros
By María Besteiros, Expert veterinary assistant and canine/feline hairdresser.. September 22, 2021
How to Get Mats Out of a Yorkie's Hair

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When caring for a longhaired dog, there are certain precautions we need to take in terms of coat care. However, even when we brush them enough and ensure their coat is well-groomed, it is easy for some dogs to get mats or tangles in their hair. The Yorkshire Terrier is a breed noted for their beautiful coat, but they are one such dog. Mats are not only aesthetically displeasing, but they can create health problems for your dog. They can promote general bacteria, as well as encourage parasites. For these reasons, it is important to detangle a Yorkshire Terrier's coat as soon as we see a mat.

At AnimalWised, we show you how to get mats out of a Yorkie's hair. This way to can best ensure they look good and maintain their well-being at the same time.

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  1. Yorkshire Terrier coat
  2. Caring for a Yorkshire Terrier's coat
  3. How to remove mats from a Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire Terrier coat

The quality of our dog¡s coat is determine by many factors. These include grooming, but nutrition, health status, genetics and activity levels are also important. Diet requires feeding them quality food which provides their correct levels of nutrition. If the coat's condition starts to wane, it is an indicator there is an issue with their general health. A healthy coat is a healthy dog.

A Yorkshire Terrier's coat is glossy, fine, straight and long. It can come in a variety of colors, but those which deviate form the standard dark grey/black back and rich tan on their head and underside. Colors which deviate form this pattern are considered undesirable and may be linked to certain genetic disorders. Although no dog is completely hypoallergenic, the Yorkshire Terrier is considered suitable for caregivers with low mild dog hair allergies.

Before we show you how to get rid of mats from a Yorkie's hair, we are going to explain how to prevent tangles in the first place.

How to Get Mats Out of a Yorkie's Hair - Yorkshire Terrier coat

Caring for a Yorkshire Terrier's coat

To properly care for a Yorkie's coat, we need certain accessories. These include brushes, combs and canine hygiene products such as shampoo and conditioner. Our veterinary clinic or groomer can recommend the best options for our dog as different animals will have different needs. Yorkie hair can be easily damaged, so we need to ensure it is handled correctly with the appropriate accessories.

Before bathing our Yorkshire Terrier, we need to brush out any knots. This is because wet dog hair is more difficult to detangle. We should apply a moisturizer or an antistatic conditioner to ensure the hair doesn't clump together. Hydration is essential to ensure we don't damage the hair.

After we apply the moisturizer, we need to pass over their coat with a soft brush. We need to brush the entire coat, otherwise mats will form closer to the skin which are more difficult to detangle. Once we have used the soft brush, go over with a dual-use comb and pay attention to areas such as behind the ears, legs and belly. These areas are more prone to mats.

For bathing, we will need to use a shampoo suitable for dogs, ideally one recommended by our vet or groomer. We need to apply it all over, but not excessively. If the dog is very dirty, we can wash them again during the same bathing session. After bathing, we need to apply a dog hair conditioner. Some require rinsing, whereas others may be applied before drying their hair. It is very important their entire coat is dried completely.

In long-haired Yorkshire Terriers, we must spend some time every day brushing to ensure that we keep the coat healthy and tangle-free. It is important to accustom the dog to this activity from puppyhood, since it is the best way to maintain a healthy coat. We can start with short sessions that increase as they get used to it.

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How to Get Mats Out of a Yorkie's Hair - Caring for a Yorkshire Terrier's coat

How to remove mats from a Yorkshire terrier

Whether due to lack of care, inappropriate care or any other reason, we can find the Yorkie's hair becomes matted. Let's see how to detangle the hair of our Yorkshire Terrier:

Knots are clumps of matted hair that usually form behind the ears, in the armpits, under the tail, on the thighs or between the paws. The first thing we have to do is hydrate the mat. This moisture helps to untangle and prevents the hair from being damaged by the friction that we are going to exert in removing the tangle.

For this step there are different products on the market. We can use both conditioners and specially formulated detangle products. Let it act for a few minutes and try to undo the knot with our fingers. If this doesn't work, so it carefully with a comb or even with a slicker brush. We can also use a detangle comb, a tool that divides knots or matted areas into smaller threads. The more external the mat is located, the easier it will be to undo it.

In knots very close to the skin we must take special care not to injure them. If we pull the knot, we will also pull the skin. Pulling hard can break the skin and create a wound. We can protect them by placing a comb between the skin and the knot to serve as a barrier. If the tangles are very extensive or stuck to the skin, there may be no other solution than to cut out the mat with scissors. In very difficult knots, you may even need to shave with electric clippers. In this case, it is best to consult our dog groomer, who will help us solve this problem without damaging the animal's skin.

Now you know to get rid of mats in a Yorkshire Terrier's coat, you may want to think about styling them. Find out how this is done in our article on 10 Yorkshire Terrier haircuts.

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How to Get Mats Out of a Yorkie's Hair